Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Keith Olbermann

In a bit of a departure from my usual Friday night offerings, I can't help but bring you my breakdown of Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons in the World" from tonight, as it is truly a spectacle to behold.

It’s been an amazing week in the news, dominated by the tragedy of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. There has been some excellent reporting by all of the networks I’m sure, although I do not watch all the networks due to a lack of time. I also do not wish to have their political desires forced down my throat, which is exactly what happens every time someone turns on MSNBC, whose slogan "The Place for Politics” should be reworked. Perhaps “The Place for Blatant Lies and Misrepresentation” would be a better fit.

I decided to channel-surf during the commercial break at about the: 45 minute mark of "The Factor" and see what my favorite leftist whacko Keith Olbermann had to say. I must say, I was not disappointed; Olbermann was in full-on hate mode on a Friday evening, as is displayed by the following video:

Most of all, it is painfully obvious that Olbermann thinks the entire world needs to devote every waking second to coverage of the earthquake. While it’s certainly an important subject, his attempt to deride FNC and its hosts for covering important American news and politics is simply petty and childish.

Before he even gets to one of his “Worst Persons” he is obviously showing signs of delusional paranoia, as he clearly attempts to deflect upon FNC his and Chris Matthews behavior from the 2008 Presidential election. Also, accusing FNC of “forcing” Palin to become president is comical, especially considering the fact that she has clearly stated she doesn’t even know if she’s considering a run for office of any kind.

I really didn’t need to see any more, but like that experience of driving by a really bad wreck, I just couldn’t look away.

For his choice of second runner-up, he went after Sean Hannity. Occasionally I am willing to give Olbermann credit for his takes on Hannity, as occasionally Sean is a little over the top and has been known to stretch the truth just a bit. Not this time. Hannity is exactly correct in the statement that everyone is watching the Senate race in Massachusetts but obviously Olbermann and the leftists he speaks to do not want anyone watching Martha Coakley self-destruct. (Notice I spell-checked Massachusetts! lol)

First runner-up this evening is Glenn Beck. Olbermann attempts to discredit Beck by saying that Beck can’t grasp the world around him, and then bashes Beck for ignoring Haiti. Again, it’s an important subject… but FNC in its news division did an amazing job of covering the story and Beck’s show is an opinion forum. Someday Olbermann might realize that his is the same… oh, never mind. Olbermann is so dishonest he tries to discredit Beck's TV show, but then uses clips from his radio show...

What’s worst about Olbermann’s attempt to shine light on the supposed evil of Beck, though, is that Olbermann doesn’t even present facts honestly, taking his quotes from Media Matters and then editing them further, taking them even more out of context. Beck is not so much criticizing Obama for reacting quickly to the tragedy in Haiti as he is trying to understand why domestic issues do not warrant such a response from the president.

Here is the Media Matters clip of Beck, which when heard complete as a discussion with co-host Pat Gray actually comprises a logical conversation that anyone with common sense would agree with:

And last, but not least… winner of tonight's contest is Bill O’Reilly.

In my opinion O’Reilly has had the best coverage of all regarding the issue in Haiti. This is not due to minutes spent per hour or overwhelmingly heart-wrenching video, but because of brutal honesty that is sorely needed and will not be presented by anyone from the mainstream media. Here is his ‘Talking Points Memo’ from Wednesday, in case you missed it:

Additionally, here is the segment Olbermann tries to use against O’Reilly – again, notice how completely out of context the discussion is presented during Olbermann’s segment, as compared to what really takes place.

But most important of all is the simple fact that Keith Olbermann once again proves he has no brain and his research staff is clearly Media Matters. I offer as proof this cached link to the Media Matters webpage.

Keith Olbermann: if he were not so pathetic, I'd say he deserves to be named "Worst Person In the World."


Bungalow Bill said...

Don't you think the only reason every single second of the day is being devoted to a place few Americans cared about last week is simply because Obama needs to accomplish something, and in this tragedy, he can actually add something to his resume before the first year is up?

Soloman said...

Bill -

Normally I'd say it's simply due to the humanity of the situation, but given the nature of the coverage (at least on MSNBC) I'd say you might be on to something.

Like I mentioned, I haven't paid too much attention to all the other networks. FNC has done a very good job of "just the facts" coverage.

MSNBC certainly has overdone their prime-time coverage, as shown by the link to I offered... but that's also got a lot to do with the fact that right now the left does not like the political news happening here in the U.S.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

So let me get this straight. While you and that old lady from Milwaukee were watching his show, he was complaining about FOX not covering Haiti. So, he was covering FOX not covering Haiti while he was not covering Haiti. I'm getting dizzy.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Solomon, How you been? I hope your vacation was fun with the nieces and nephews. THis is a great post.
At the risk of being very un-PC, yeah like I care, but anyway,
I'm SICK of hearing about haiti, and BB is on to it too.
It's all an act to prop up obummer, steal more of our money, and have millions more illegals flood the country and vote for his jerks! I can't stand it and
the timing is awful too.
I do feel bad for the people that got hurt, of course,
but the way they are handling this is horrible.

The_Kid said...

Worst Persons in the world are opposing news people ????????????
How about guys who rape, torture then kill 12 year old girls. Or tyrants who commit mass murder and genocide?? I'll stop here, you can see where I'm going.

To say KO has shit for brains would be so much of a compliment I'd have to run off an puke. My God, how does excrement like this find their way into becoming a voice of a 'news' outlet. He is beyond words, which is good because I wasn't going to stop myself from typing profanity.

We should sue these people for cruel and unusual punishment.

I don't listen to Beck much, but I caught this bit coming back from lunch on Friday.

Beck is describing how some bimbos on msnbc are railing on Palin who Beck had asked who her favorite founding father was, saying that she had to think too long about it, then one of the bimbos says "Abraham Lincoln! No Brainer!' I'm paraphrasing.

God help us.

btw - My picks would be Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin

The_Kid said...

As far as Haiti, we've sent them 300 BILLION over the last 10 years. 300 million a year.

What has that money done for the people of Haiti? The 'people' of Haiti have seen none of that money, it is money laundering by the US Government. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to move taxpayer money into a politicians offshore bank account is to split it with some asshole dictator who is holding a whole country full of people hostage, and call it Aid.

But here again, opposing news people are the worst people in the world.

Fredd said...

Haiti - money down a rat hole. You may as well burn it rather than send it, the results are almost the same as far as helping the run of the mill Haitian goes.

The only difference in sending the money vs burning it would be that the Haitian ruling thugs' Mercedes dealers, yacht brokers and Caribbean real estate agents would benefit some on commissions.

Soloman said...

Odie - now I'm confused. I didn't think old ladies in Milwaukee watched Olbermann.. just college kids in Berkeley. Ha!

Soloman said...

Hey Bunni - good to see ya!

Had a great time with the family. Tough to leave.

Been sick this week so I've been slow to getting my blogging stride back, but I'm working on it. I agree -

I'm now a sadly a bit tired of Haiti - I'm glad for football this weekend, and I'm glad for Fox News exactly because they didn't devote 24/7 to covering it. That's what CNN is for, and they historically do that type of news well.

FNC is about politics, and there's important politics at stake. Of course.. don't tell the leftists that.. lol!!

Soloman said...

Kid - I see you took the "we should sue" idea and made a post of it.. lol...

funny, isn't it - they bash Palin for not knowing what they can't even discuss with proper information.

Olbermann's "Worst Person" segment is clearly a joke... even when he intends it to be serious.

Soloman said...

Fredd - I know I am not personally contributing a penny, outside of what is being spent through our tax dollars.

In my opinion, we should offer them help only to find survivors and bury their dead. Then we should get the hell out.

Smita Tewari said...

try not to be so judgemental!

The_Kid said...

Soloman, Yea, I remembered the epileptic story and put the two together instantly. hahaa

Smita - Kumbaya baby ! World Peace.

Soloman said...

Smita - thanks for the laugh!