Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Political Earthquake - AP Projects Brown Winner in Massachusetts Special Election

Massachusetts has sent shock waves across America this evening, as at 9:22pm EST The Associated Press projected Scott Brown the winner of the special election for the People's Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy.


tammy said...

happy dance!

Z said...

Boy, I haven't been this happy in a while....FABULOUS!!
and thanks for coming by.......I'm sorry I haven't been around visiting much since I lost my Mr Z.. He'd have been so happy tonight, too ..

all the best to you, S.


jadedfellow said...

God Bless the wisdom of "We the People". Now it is time to hold him accountable to what he claimed to represent. Elect them and hold them responsible will be the true change we seek..

RightKlik said...

So awesome!

What a great day!


Teresa said...

This is a political earthquake!!

This is aweome!!!

This is both a momentous and historic election.

YEAH!!! Brown Wins!!!

Pedaling said...


Soloman said...

All - what a great night... and jaded, I agree. We must always hold them all accountable.

Brown gave a great speech, including his message about giving enemy combatants rights and trials. Very glad to hear his stance on that. He's good.... spoke to independents everywhere about how it's the business of the people that matters most.

Let's hope he brings good energy to the good reps we do have there, and starts a much needed reform.