Friday, January 22, 2010

Hitler finds out about Scott Brown Victory


The Conservative Lady said...

This Hitler video is a one-size-fits-all. It's great!

Urban Pink said...

Why are you guys so attracted to fascism? Does watching a reenactment of Hitler give you pleasure? I've rarely seen such detachment from historical horror.

Soloman said...


I love these Hitler clips - you're right. They do seem to be so one-size-fits-all.

Soloman said...

Urban Pink -

First I'd like to ask you, who are these "you guys" you speak of? There are (is) only one of me here.

I won't speak for my other readers, unless they are family. I know they (family) are not "attracted to fascism" at all. There's no "detachment" at all... it's called humor, you might be familiar?

Political correctness with be the death of America. We need to be able to make jokes without being shunned.

Speaking of detachment.. are you a "progressive?" I'm guessing you might be, given your comments on my blog...

If so, you support a government that takes control of corporate entities (ie. GM, Chrysler, the banking industry) and wishes to control speech (ie. Fox News is not "real news") and sees some in our society as less desirable than others (Janet Napolitano's report on those who own firearms and go to church), and you wish to have a redistributive policy enacted over our fiscal wealth in this nation...

Wouldn't that be nationalism, or economic Fascism.. and Socialism.. hmm... National.. Socialist.. N..A..Z..I... I'm just sayin'...

You're welcome to post here any time, because I saw your comment in my Glenn Beck post and you ask a good question. However, I'd ask that you please not step on my turf and throw childish insults around before thinking, because either I or one of the "you guys" I hang with here are bound to take you to task, and trust me... I'm the nice one around here...

Urban Pink said...

You and Glenn Beck make a lot of assumptions about what it means to be a progressive. I am an American liberal. When I said "you all" I meant you and the Conservative Lady. My observation that you and she are attracted to facism is evidenced by you both finding Hitler funny. I don't. Nor do most people who's ancestors were victimized by him. Do you find Stalin funny, Mao, etc.? They were facists too. Glenn Beck does not define Socialism, Facism or Progressivism correctly. In fact, he is trying to redefine these terms while he uses elements of facism (nationalism, hatred of liberals, women, and more I'm certain) in his rhetoric. I did not support the government taking control of corporations, that can be facism. And I did not support Bush's fascist tactics either. I do nor wish to control speech or suppress public documents and court trials--many conservatives do. Do you? I also do not want corporations funding our government officials. Do you? Don't make assumptions.

Soloman said...


I and Glenn Beck are not making assumptions about anything. We are simply addressing history, and taking historical and current persons at their word.

Hillary herself claimed that she does not consider herself a liberal, but instead a "Progressive, in the vein of early 20th century Progressives." Her words, not mine or Beck's.

Barack Obama uses the term Progressive all the time. He recently addressed Congress and said "To my Progressive friends on the left."

These people you adore in the American political landscape are associating themselves with an era and facet of history that is not attractive. Are you familiar with the truth of Woodrow Wilson, the man whose policies Barack Obama is essentially copying? Are you familiar with what kind of a racist he was, and the fact that he was in favor of eugenics? Same goes for FDR, and many other Progressives that Obama and Hillary worship.

Again - these are their own words, not mine.

And regarding Hitler - my great-grandfather fled Europe during the era of WWI because of Jewish persecution - so don't you dare come here and tell me what it's like to have ancestors that have been put down by tyrannical people. My great-grandfather fled the very people you worship - Progressives.

I take no light interest in Hitler, but I am also not so shallow as to be unbearably politically correct. Can't you see that every time that clip is used, the right is actually mocking Hitler while showing the association of the current leftist ideology to Hitler-like politics?

If you support Obama, then you do indeed support government taking control of our economic engine. This is exactly what he did with his takeover of GM, and it is exactly what he wishes to do with our health care system. Progressives are Fascist - they believe the government can do everything better than the free market. They wish to enforce control of thought and speech (thus the interest by the left in the "fairness doctrine").

As I read your sentence attempting to state that Glenn Beck does not define Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism correctly, I notice you state at the end (I'm certain). This tells me all I need to know - which is that you do not know. You are taking talking points from leftist media as truth.

Educate yourself. As you said - don't make assumptions.

Urban Pink said...

I am open to educating myself, thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge. Even my husband pointed out I didn't quite get fascism defined correctly (he says fascism has more to do with the people's cooperation, not a government take-over) I'm sorry your family suffered from Jewish persecution. I am Jewish and feel very badly whenever I hear about Jewish crimes; they do not reflect our religious beliefs. My great grandfather fled from German nazism. I do not worship people or ideologies.

I have defined the limited definition of Progressivism (egalitarian, reform-oriented policies) in another post. Actually, most of the progressives/liberals I know do not like Obama right now, so what do you make of that? I do not believe Obama and Clinton support Eugenics, although they continue to support war with Afghanistan which mystifies me (I think they are securing oil pipelines there) when our enemies (and our oil) are so obviously elsewhere. I think they love the free market and their rewards for Wall Street and their attempt to save GM evidence that (Clinton did a lot for investors). But I do believe I see evidence of global warming in the world and would like our country and the world to put less toxins in our air and water (does that seem nutty to you?). So in that arena and other safety and health issues, I support government regulation of industry. I'm not happy with our welfare system. I think it could be more progressive (work for childcare, school for food stamps, etc.) but that actually costs more money and I don't know of any plans to help the poor on the conservative side. I guess I'd just rather see us all focusing on solutions together than on fighting each other's inborn worldviews. Do you dislike the Family Leave Act Clinton implemented? That's progressive. I'm not familiar with the Fairness Doctrine yet, I'll get back to you. But I don't support the suppression of speech, even Glenn Beck. He can say what ever he wants, and I'm free to ask his fans why they like a liberal-hating bully.

Soloman said...


Wow, you're all over my blog and I'm going to have a tough time keeping up, but I'll try to cover some basics in each post.

Quite simply - What I make of Progressives not being happy with Obama right now is that they feel he has become a shill for neo-cons and Wall Street.

To some degree I get that, because he has been involved in situations that make him appear in ways that he does not really wish to be, and I think he is working against his core beliefs. He did not want to give money to Wall Street, but they got him elected - defines that rather clearly.

He also would pull all our troops around the world if he could, but he's learned that his rhetoric does not match reality. That's also why he hasn't closed Gitmo - which would be a tragic mistake if he were to do so.

If you do not believe that Obama, Clinton, et all support eugenics, please explain to me why they are so supportive of abortion, which disproportionately affects urban communities, specifically Blacks? They may not be killing people in gas chambers, but look at what is really going on in America today. They claim "women's rights" and in some way may wish to be sincere in that regard, but Conservatives are very pro-equality in every way, and want babies to live.

Our liberal leadership understands that there is an important element of America that is built upon the free market, but if they had their way they would greatly deteriorate the marketplace as it stands today and replace it with more government operated mechanisms.

Global warming - my simple theory is good stewardship is important, but AlGore's idea of global warming has been proven to be a hoax, as we Conservatives knew all along. This Earth has existed for millions of years. The Sahara used to be an ocean. Do you really think we are so powerful? I for one do not.

Final thought... your misinterpretation of Beck is unclassy. He does not hate liberals, in fact he doesn't hate at all. HuffPo and Olbermann may say so, but that doesn't make it true. He simply wants honesty and integrity in politics, which we sadly haven't had since who knows when... but definitely not since the Progressive movement moved into American politics.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Soloman, you have the patience of a saint. Seriously.