Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Letter to Obama: The Left Responds

By now you may have read or heard about a letter Rush Limbaugh wrote to Barack Hussein Obama.

Well, it seems in classic leftist "Nah Nah Nah Nah Poo Poo" fashion, the left is attempting to belittle Rush, by throwing names and making references to Archie Bunker.

At Huffington Post, one of the favorite websites for the five percent of Americans who consider themselves Progressives, the very creator of All In The Family, Mr. Norman Lear, has offered a reply that is a perfect snapshot of the difference between the political left and political right in America today.

While Rush offered facts about specific missteps taken during Obama's first year, Mr. Lear, albeit a writer of comedy television, offers not much more than a drama queen's hissy fit in response.

From Huffington Post:

Yesterday, driving to work I listened to Rush Limbaugh read a letter he'd written to President Obama. I listen to Limbaugh because he reminds me of the carnival barkers of my youth, men who were selling elixirs, snake oil, or inviting you for an extra 50 cents to check out the half man/half woman in the secreted tent. They were quaint and harmless compared to the barking Limbaugh who yesterday would have us believe -- he actually said this! -- the President was seeking to destroy the country so that he might then save it.

The rest of the day, last night, and this morning I couldn't stop thinking about the ugly, vindictive, dispiriting and reprehensible things barker Limbaugh had to say about our President. I ached to answer him but couldn't find the words. And then I remembered a scene in an episode of All In The Family when Maude, who later starred in her own series, came to visit Archie. Archie was sitting in his chair. Maude was standing beside him and they were fighting about the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Finally, Archie who was rewriting history in this argument said something so misguided and distasteful that Maude could not find the words to respond with. All but choking with frustration, her entire body seemingly ready to burst, all she could say was: "You're Fat!"

After a lifetime of trying to reach the El Rushbos of my life, all I can say is: "You're FAT!"

As usual, the Conservative mind is able to offer facts and ideas; the leftist only presents name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Thank you, Mr. Lear. In writing this one letter, you have made a case for me that I couldn't make better myself.


tammy said...

Ha! So typical.

j summett said...

Ugly, vindictive, dispiriting, and reprehensible were perfectly fine things to say about the President when it was W.

Now all of a sudden we must show the utmost respect to the Obamessiah. How dare Rush (and the rest of us)be so blasphemous!!

Teresa said...

The left are a bunch of hypocrites. They can say anything about conservatives and our former President, George W. Bush, while we're just supposed to sit back and be nice to Obama. Oh! Hell! NO!!! I am not going to be nice to a president who is advocating for the destruction of this country and its ideals- Liberty and Freedom. Rush tells it like it is and the left only knows ad hominem attacks with baseless claims.

Urban Pink said...

Rush and Mr. Lear can stuff it. Neither one of them are helping our country. How in the hell is Obama trying to destory our country? He's cut taxes, bailed out massive bank failures, and is ending the war in Iraq. He'll probably be like Clinton and wipe out our debt responsibly, then you guys will run us into the red again when you scare Americans into electing another Bush; and take on more dictators.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He just puts the "proverbial" frosting on the cake. We must all thank him for proving that the first line of defense for a Lib is name calling.

Amusing Bunni said...

I loved this video, Sol. It's typical that's all they can come up with.

Soloman said...

All -

I think what Tammy and J Summett said sum things up perfectly.

To call Bush anything but a good man was chic for the past eight years. Now we must not dare utter anything but praise and respect.

And @ Pink - get a clue. If not for the likes of Rush, Beck, and Hannity, this nation would be under the rule of tyrants by now.

I say this not because I worship any of them, but because they are me, and I am them.

The truth is, the words Limbaugh and other 'talkers' speak are the truth, and the leftists today can't stand it because the talkers have a platform from which they can defend liberty and freedom.