Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Couldn't Stand The Weather

Over the past week, we have had an amazing amount of rain here in The Valley of the Sun. Also, northern Arizona is under as much as six feet of snow in some areas, with interstate highways and major state routes in the Flagstaff area being closed for over one full day this week.

Sky Harbor Airport actually canceled flights due to inclement weather - something that almost never happens due to our usually sunny skies and calm environment. An entire town in western Arizona is reported to have been underwater after last night's storms, and all of our rivers are actually serving their purpose, rather than existing as dry gorges. Power outages are abundant, washes are running so high that roads are closed all over the Valley, and our local "lake" actually became so filled that officials had to open floodgates and allow runoff into the riverbed.

As many of you know, Southern California is also seeing torrential storms. There are once again homes falling off the side of cliffs, and this afternoon there was a dramatic dog rescue on Studio B on FNC (Shep Smith was hilarious in his play-by-play, in case you missed it).

So... to all those in the southwestern United States - hang in there. Here's a little something to help you get by - and to all of you further east - time to get ready for the storm.

The late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan with his phenomenal band Double Trouble - Couldn't Stand The Weather.

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tammy said...

It's been crazy, that's for sure! Gray skies and rain make me so lazy. I need my sun!!