Monday, August 1, 2011

The "Truth" According to Chris Matthews

It's not that a person is allowed to be on TV and say things this stupid. It's that he is given credibility and people actually believe he speaks the truth.

Most people watching MSNBC are watching that network because they agree with the politics of the pundits. A "typical" MSNBC viewer will watch this in full context and completely miss the words "Not particularly this case."

What the viewers of MSNBC will walk away with is "Gun," "Violence level of the right-wing in this country," and "Shot down in a political act."

Truth is, the "right-wing" of this nation is no more and no less violent than the "left-wing."

There are abortion-clinic bombers who can be associated with the "right-wing," and they should be condemned. And sure, it's possible and even likely that there were some arguments during the Obamacare debates that were instigated by "right-wingers."

However, there are also those union thugs who beat down "Tea-party" people at town halls during the Obamacare debates. There was a man who had his finger bitten off by a "left-winger" at an Obamacare protest. There was the militant environmentalist who held a bunch of people hostage in front of The Discovery Channel building.

Political discourse is heated. Anger is at an all-time high. But one thing is for sure, and that is the truth. The truth is, Gabby Giffords was not shot by a "Violent right-winger," and for Chris Matthews to continue insinuate such is just plain dishonest.


Just a conservative girl said...

And you expected something different?

I am just thrilled that she is doing so well after her ordeal. It did my heart good to see her in the chamber today.

I don't agree with her on much politically, but what an awful experience for her and her family.

Soloman said...

Actually, JACG - the way he and his cohorts go after FNC all the time? Yes, I do expect something different.

It is one thing to be a network that offers an opinion based in the news of the day. You and I both know that's what FNC does.

I will even give some of MSNBC credit for trying to do the same.

But this kind of crap crosses the line. This is as bad as, or worse than, when Beck called Obama a racist. At least when Beck made that stupid statement he was able to go on his radio show the next day and produce what he considered a trail of evidence.

There is absolutely zero evidence that Jared Loughner was a "violent right-winger" and Matthews knows it, yet he keeps on throwing it out there - day in and day out. Chum for the sharks, as my brother calls it.

I agree - thank God for Gabrielle Giffords' recovery. I don't believe she should run for the next term, and I definitely don't think she should martyr herself by running for Senate as some here in AZ have suggested she might, but is incredible and wonderful that she has recovered as well as she has.

Unlike Weiner and that other ass-clown in the tiger suit, she deserves a full pension on behalf of We, The People, and I hope she lives a long and healthy life.