Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As seen on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Wednesday August 17, 2011:

And just so there’s no question about the context of the discussion:

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Joan Walsh says this type of racism is "Great research, great to have it [...] But you know, this is what we've been saying from the beginning..."

You're correct Joan, this is what you've been saying from the beginning. And no matter how many times you say it, it won't come true.

Shame on Chris Matthews.

This is nothing more than racially charged hyperbole and it needs to stop. When will liberals and the "progressive" left stop the bomb-throwing?

I thought we were in the "New Tone" era of politics, after all. That's what President Obama said in Tucson after the deranged guy shot Congresswoman Giffords.

Oh, that's right. Matthews said that was due to "Old Tone."

Can't we focus on the issues and stop worrying about skin color already?

Screen caption courtesy of AiPolitics.

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LL said...

Classic Alynski tactics. They have to make us look like wicked cretins or we win.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I I'm in the "Tea Party" and Lord Chris has never asked me what I think and believe in. These pompous talking heads are really out there.

Am I a racist for not liking socialism ... so be it!

Am I a racist for not liking Washington spending what it doesn't have ... so be it!

Am I a racist for not liking the Democrats ignoring the Constitution ... so be it!

Am I a racist for not liking the Libs bending over backwards to please 20,000,000 illegal immigrants ... so be it!

If I've missed anything please add to the list ... and so be it!

The Vineyard said...

Chris Who?

Go Diamondbacks!!!

tammy said...

"Can't we focus on the issues and stop worrying about skin color already?" - nope, the left always makes it about skin color. And now we have another example of that:

Whatever happened to hiring the person who could do the job, regardless of skin color?

tammy said...

Hey Soloman, not sure if you've seen this, but I couldn't resist not sharing:

Teresa said...

The Left are the ones who have taught blacks, other minorities, and those who are poor financially to have a plantation mentality, to hate whites, have envy toward those who are successful (financially), to stay away from whites, and to stay within their own cliques so progressives are ones who are the racists.

Soloman said...

Hi all.. been a while since I posted this but thought I'd thank you for coming by.

I really appreciate you all sticking with me and coming back through the here-and-there that has become my blogging.

I'm definitely in it in spirit always, even if I don't come here to discuss it every day.

Soloman said...

Oh, and Tammy... I tried your link but it didn't work. And I'm yet to check out the other link you left me in another thread.. but I will - right now!! lol!

Soloman said...

Tammy - the "Obama voter explains" link worked.

Holy... yeah. And language alert! Sheesh! At least she coulda warned us we were about to be f-bombed to the extreme.

It was the other link that didn't work.