Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newsweek (Obama) Cover

Might as well be, looking at the way they portray Mrs. Bachmann on the cover.

Will ANYONE please tell me where the Barack Obama cover was that has this "tone?" I didn't see him portrayed as "Angry" which certainly might be fitting for a "Community Organizer."

Here is the article that cover represents.

From that article:

"But far more damaging than the charge of double standards may be the growing realization among Americans of just how radical the Tea Party movement really is. The willingness of its most committed members to risk national default for the sake of achieving its political goals has no doubt contributed to the dramatic rise in the number of Americans who view the movement unfavorably."

Nope... no media bias.

Props to @JedediahBila for the link to @thedailybeast, which it seems has sold its soul. And Meghan McCain writes there.... who'd have thunk it?

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The Vineyard said...

Is it me or are have her eyes been Photoshopped to look like "crazy eyes"?

Queen of Rage is a total lie. She's anything but that.

Soloman said...

Hi Vineyard, thanks for checking in...

Sadly I will say that I am noticing Mrs. Bachmann looks like she's either doing some Botox or she's wearing a heck of a lot of makeup in an effort to look younger. I'm sure she believes she needs to, but that's really just a sad statement about modern society.

Anyway - due to that, I think that may be a "natural" look for her.. but I'd suspect it's one frame from a photo shoot, and you can bet Newsweek didn't pick the most flattering one they had available.

tammy said...

When I saw that photo, I didn't think of it as rage, I thought it showed excitement in her eyes, especially because she's smiling. Most people don't smile when they're full of rage. Is it the most photogenic? Of course not. We know better than to expect that out of them.

Soloman said...


kinda agree with you, kinda not about the picture. certainly there are more flattering choices available? but i see what you mean about maybe it's cause she is smiling.

but whatever about that specifically... it's the overall issue of media bias that is obviously going to come out guns-a-blazing pretty soon.