Friday, August 5, 2011

Eat Your Peas, America

So we've been downgraded.

Congrats, President Obama.

You're correct - you inherited a mess. Thirty years of bad policy and mismanagement... check that - one hundred years of bad policy and mismanagement, going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson and his "progressive" tax system. Yep... you inherited a mess. I agree.

Those of us who didn't see it clearly a few years ago have come full circle and admitted we were wrong.

And through all that self-reflection,we've really had hope. We had hope that you really would be "change." We hoped that when it all came to a head you would step up and do the right thing.

But when the going got tough, you hid behind closed doors. You showed us that you are more concerned with being President than acting Presidential, because to be a leader... to act like the "Leader of the Free World," would have meant sucking it up and going against your beliefs, knowing that every credible independent source told you to do so.

Now we've been downgraded. First time in history. Ever.

You are indeed historic, President Obama.

I hope you're historic for another reason, though. I hope it is you who helps America finally wake up to the perils of "progressive" politics.

A nation simply can not tax people more and expect the government to successfully redistribute that taxation in a way that creates more wealth. All that redistribution will ever create is a dependence on more government.

Look to our public school system for proof positive. Look to the inner cities. Look to Wall Street, for that matter.

Even the "rich" on Wall Street are now used to being propped up by the government, which is why when they didn't see more taxes from the "debt ceiling deal" they went crazy, and we have now seen the market lose five percent of its value within the past week.

From the Washington Post article:

Standard & Poor’s has warned Washington several times this year that, unless the federal government took steps to tame its debt, its credit rating could be lowered.

So... S&P says that "Cut, Cap and Balance" had it right, and therefore by The White House's own admission with this statement Paul Ryan had it right. And by generally supporting them both, The Tea Party has been right all along.

I saw this on Huffington Post and thought it was the perfect insight regarding how dysfunctional the conversation has become, in large part due to the horrible messaging from the media:

"President Obama should be impeached because he didn't put the Tea Party into internment camps when he had the chance and protect the US from such a destructiv­e domestic threat."

Seriously, people really believe this kind of thing.

The media and the Democrats in Congress have run around calling their fellow Americans "terrorists," "teabaggers," "jihadists," and more.

Why wouldn't young, gullible college students believe this to be true?

I know when I was young I thought Ronald Reagan was a horrible president. During the Clinton impeachment era, I believed he was not guilty of anything more than having a very casual affair with some chubby chick, and the Republican Party was out to get him simply because they hated him. Why? The media told me so, that's why.

So why would this not be the opinion of many people who will not have the intellectual integrity to check what another source of information might say about things?

Eat your peas, America. It ain't going to get any easier.

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Just a conservative girl said...

Can someone now explain to me why we raised the debt ceiling?

This will be spun to blame on the GOP and the Tea Party. The truth is that the GOP is just as much to blame because they didn't listen to the tea party and really cut.

Had we done something to show that we are going to tackle our debt in a serious way this wouldn't have happened.

j summ said...

posted about the same and related topics earlier. strange how so many of us can think alike and still have this loser calling the shots.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

When did it become a crime, unpopular, corny, or treasonous to love our country?

Anonymous said...

Actions have consequences as does inaction. All those people who are more concerned who refuse to pay attention to politics are the ones who allowed this to happen.

Soloman said...


I'll reply with my opinion to each paragraph you wrote in your comment.

We (and by we I mean non-progs) let the debt ceiling be raised because that's politics, and that's the negotiation we had to make. In a perfect world it would have never happened.

Now that we're a couple days out we can clearly see you're correct. The MSM is blaming the Tea Party and giving BHO a pass.

If you read the S&P document you'll see that the truth is it's a combination of both positions that led to their downgrade. However, we conservatives know that the more money you give the government the more it will waste, so our position is the correct one to have if we are to save America.

And finally - I agree. Had we followed CC&B or the "Ryan Plan" this never would have come to pass. However, as I said in a such a small part of the legislative control we were very limited, and we actually achieved pretty substantial gains given who we are up against.

Now messaging is going to be key. Let's hope those in office know what to say and how to say it, and can get it through the liberal media's filter.

Soloman said...

j summ -

Amazing, isn't it, what white guilt and some fancy liberal / progressive messaging can do, isn't it?

Soloman said...

Odie -

clearly you aren't paying attention. TO love our nation is horribly corny and obviously treasonous. You terrorist hobbit you. You probably are headed for Times Square right now with dynamite strapped to your body, aren't you?

Soloman said...


You said "All those people who are more concerned who refuse to pay attention to politics are the ones who allowed this to happen."

Exactly. I just watched a special - I think it was Stossel - and he pointed out how many people have not a clue.