Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wagging The Dog?

Sony is my favorite electronics company. I own a Sony home audio system that I absolutely love. My car stereo is a Sony. My televisions – the ones I have loved – have been Sony. Right now due to economic circumstances I have not done so, but when life affords me the opportunity I plan to purchase a nice over-sized LED flat-screen.

I had always assumed the competition would really have to impress me to win me over enough to stop me from buying a Sony. They have always been innovative, and in my opinion they offer the best quality available for the price.

And although Sony Entertainment” is a different division than Sony Electronics, it was with a heavy heart that I read the article as it was linked on The Drudge Report this evening.

This article is not some World Net Daily or Andrew Breitbart piece that can be somewhat easily dismissed by the “Mainstream Media” and the left as a hatchet-job. This piece is provided by Reuters, a reputable news organization that is considered a straight source.

The article behind the link “WHITE HOUSE REJECTS FAVORS CLAIM” is about the fact that The Pentagon is helping Sony Entertainment create and produce a clearly biased film, aimed at benefitting their political desires over being objective about a story of historical context.

Quite honestly I might not otherwise feel this way, but according to the Reuters article the planned release date for the film is October 2012.

I do not know if any classified information was given Sony by The Pentagon; that will be for Congressional hearings to determine. All I know is that something smells fishy about a film about the one specific high point of President Obama’s time in office being released the month before he is up for re-election.

Call me a cynic.

Monday afternoon President Obama stood before a very concerned nation and once again, at a time when he absolutely needed to to look Americans in the eye and offer some comfort, read from the teleprompter.

He was 45 minutes late to the press conference he called, at which he was to discuss the future of our once seemingly indestructible economy.

He used partisan rhetoric to dismiss newly elected conservative Congressional Representatives as the reason for the problems we face today.

In that moment, he essentially scolded the people who metaphorically “called 911” so the fire department might have a chance to “put out the fire and save the burning building.”

It has been said that President Obama seems more concerned with being President than acting Presidential. I used to not want to believe this, but how can we not?

Yesterday morning my local radio talk show host Barry Young brought forward the question that many do not want to ask, but which I believe is worthy of discussion.

I’ll use my own words, from a ““Tweet” I posted Wednesday morning: Too little, too late: Taliban Insurgents Behind Afghan Chopper Crash Killed in Airstrike.

I then added the hashtag “#DidObamaWagTheDog. If you are not familiar with Twitter, a # is a “hashtag,” and when you use that symbol it creates a hyperlink to all the “tweets” that have used the same word or phrase as a search keyword. If enough people use the same hashtags they can create discussions, and Twitter shows you what discussions are "trending" on their website. It’s quite interesting to this novice, and I am learning to use it for both fun and information.

The one thing this President has done that we can all agree was successful was to give the order to kill Osama bin Laden. That one moment gave him an opportunity to unite the nation like nothing else he has done, including and even more than the blatantly dishonest and partisan “New Tone of Civility” speech In Tucson.

I do not believe for one minute that the troops who died in that helicopter crash were knowingly sent to their demise.

However, I do believe it is worth asking whether or not this administration would attempt a “heroic” military conquest at a time they obviously needed a diversion.

The media is focused on the debt issue and President Obama's leadership skills are finally being called into question, and what better to distract the entire nation than a major Taliban figure or organization being taken out, with the heroes once again being Seal Team Six?

And if that question is even being considered, then certainly it is reasonable to ask if there is collusion between Sony and the Obama administration in an effort to gain reelection.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

When you're king of the world, you can just about get anything done.

Soloman said...

Odie, All I can say is King Charles I... King Louis XVI...

And while Obama certainly will not suffer such a fate, the people will remove the king.