Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At The Request of The President, A More Civil Discussion

So President Obama asked the nation for a more civil level of discourse, and tonight on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are busy discussing the "most controversial thing" Sarah Palin said in her Facebook video earlier.

The two "progressive" "journalists" are also still obsessed with why Palin used a map with "targets" on it to display what districts she believed were most important to go after during the 2010 midterm election, and why she seems to enjoy talking about guns. According to O'Donnell, Palin "entered the story immediately after the shooting because of her placement of a target on a map" which included Gabrielle Gifford's Congressional seat. Apparently Palin has incredible abilities to forecast events in the future, because I don't think any of the rest of us knew this shooting was going to take place. I guess Mrs. Palin must have incredible powers over Jared Loughner, even though he is reported to have no interest in politics.

Not once on MSNBC has it been mentioned that President Obama discussed that "If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun" and that Republicans are "The enemy."

And they are absolutely reeling over the fact that the new Speaker of The House John Boehner did not attend tonight's events in Tucson. Apparently political points still matter at MSNBC, regardless of President Obama's suggestion that we look past partisan differences, and that if we are to have a discussion about the reasons for this tragedy we make that discussion worthy of the lives lost and affected by the senselessness.

Good thing they got the message on the left side of the partisan media divide.

Meanwhile on Fox News Channel, Greta Van Susteren is discussing the remarkable character of Gabrielle Giffords, who has in the past been a frequent guest on Greta's show.

And in the immediate aftermath of the event, Bret Baier and his panel of guests spent time discussing what a wonderful tone was set by President Obama and the entirety of tonight's events.

They remarked about how well The President handled the unorthodox environment in which the event took place, and how he truly did speak to the goodness of Americans as he asked that we find a way to raise the level of discourse.

Clearly it is true that Fox News Channel is evil, dangerous, and a branch of the Republican Party.


innominatus said...

One has to wonder if the left realizes how much damage they are doing to themselves with this issue.

j summ said...

glad to see you writing again, from the land of hate and bigotry, according to the well spoken and smarter than everyone else in the room clarence dupnik.

how is it possible that the state which true sheriffs-ARPAIO and BABAU, patrol, is also home to dud dupnik?

Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah, I have been waiting for you to weigh in on this topic as it is much more local for you, at least comparably speaking.

I didn't see Obama as I was at a tea party meeting, and I am watching the rerun now. This should be something that Obama excels at. This crowd is a little odd with all the cheering, but I am not going to critize as it seems that is what they want. Who am I to blame them? The town must be traumatized by the evil that happened there.

I hope all is well with you.

Soloman said...

inno -

I think that some of them are sincerely of the belief that Palin or Limbaugh or Beck is responsible for this act of hatred.

I do also believe that some, like Krugman and Sheriff Dupnik, know exactly what they are doing, and I think the more facts come to the forefront the more damage they will inflict upon themselves as they try to backtrack.

It's fascinating that the people who claim that they want civil discourse are so absolutely uncivil.

Soloman said...

j summ,

yes, we are all white-trash, redneck, toothless ignoramuses here in The grand Canyon State.

I find it remarkable that Arpaio has been extremely quiet throughout this entire discussion since Saturday. Palin would not be a part of the discussion, if not for Krugmann and the liberal media.

Dupnik is a disgrace to law enforcement. At the very least he should recuse himself from the investigation.

Soloman said...


I've got so many thoughts on this subject it's amazing, but I've been extremely busy in my personal life and have not had the time nor the focus to get it all out. I need to look into that Dragon software, or start doing video posts so I can jot notes and then get it all out in a 10 minute or so rant.

I respect Obama's speech. I think he did well and I think he set a civil tone. I am disgusted by the immediate aftermath on MSNBC, but not surprised. I also was floored by Chris Matthews and his guests before the event - Ron Reagan and some other guy flat out accused right talkers of calling Obama and his staff Fascists, terrorists, Communists, and worse - and Matthews did not even begin to challenge them. No wonder the leftists in the general population believe what they believe!

It has been very interesting to watch the media eat itself, mostly on the right side. Like so many other stories as of late, the talkers and FNC hosts are the respectful and disciplined ones, yet they somehow are mis-characterized and vilified by the MSM.

Limbaugh has been spot-on, as has Beck. Hannity has been more than patient and respectful, and Megan Kelly really nailed her interview with Dupnik.

The entire event came off more like a pep rally than a mourning moment, but perhaps that's what America needed. And I will say it again - Obama handled himself well and spoke reasonably in this instance.

The one thing that really tore at me was the clown who introduced Obama - he went off on some cheerleader rant about Obama being so "intellectual" and "experienced" and that just was not needed.. but what should we expect from a university administrator in this instance?

Anonymous said...

Hey brother. I won't speak about the media aspect as you know how I feel about all of them. I was not sure, however, what to expect from this thing that aired tonight. But, like you I saw it as a bit of a pep rally to cheer people up rather than a total downer that was full of sobbing and whatnot. You're right about the intro. Not sure how this guy was picked. It kind of threw me for a loop when he got all pumped up as if he was introducing the starting QB and his team. It felt a bit odd. Once all was said and done I thought it played out quite well. Then, I turned the channel and found something else to watch instead of the listening to the media analyze this and that since they have nothing better to do.

Hey... did you get our voice mail on Monday? Maybe we should have the kids try out for American Idol or America's Got Talent? Well... maybe not! Hope you had a good weekend. Looked like a good time was had.

Peace – Out.

The Vineyard said...

All I gotta say is T-shirts!

Opus #6 said...

Sol, I just don't see why the left continues to slather over Palin so. Lord, when will they move on!

Soloman said...

What's up, Bro? Good to hear from you.

Yes, I did get the voicemail. Thank you very much - and tell the girls thank you. I didn't think to call back - as you know I sent a few texts your direction but that's that.

I did not know what to expect, and if you go back and read my more current post you will see that overall I saw the event as a good thing. Of course I take issue with some of the media stuff, but that is because in this instance it truly is dangerous. There are lies being told and mis-information being peddled as truth, and in this case it may very well be in an effort to protect a Sheriff who is guilty of conspiracy.

And you know I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't watch the contrast in the quality and quantity of chum being thrown to the sharks... heh.

Soloman said...

Vineyard -

T-Shirts.. I like it...

Soloman said...

Hi Opus..

Right now I suspect they won't let go of Palin as their target (pun intended!) because they can't find anything to say about Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Mike Pence, Tim Pawlenty and others...

And... those men won't respond like Palin will, so it's not as rewarding.

Soloman said...


I just took a look at Left Coast Rebel... wow, man - they really had t-shirts made up for this thing?

I had no idea... I wasn't watching that closely. I had it on in the background as I worked around the house.

You should see some notes I made for myself this afternoon... I was reading about this event, and as I saw they had given it a name, my note to myself was:

why the hell does this need a name?

pure marketing!

Guess I should have known... or, to call it correctly.. Guess I knew all along, even though I didn't quite see it.

Amazing. One thing after another, this presidency is more about the slogan and the hype than the actions and substance.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We don't call them the left wing media for nothing.