Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Blogging Matters

Yesterday I posted about a situation between a Kiosk owner and the management of the Mall at Johnson City in Tennessee.

Dan Fuchs, owner of the Graphic Edge, was given an eviction notice by the management of the aforementioned mall, based on "complaints from customers" regarding some items on display. Fuchs' kiosk sold many items, some of which were special order items. He chose to display some of these special order items, many of which were items with an "anti-Obama" message.

Fuchs said mall officials met with him and told him to take down the anti-Obama items on display or face immediate eviction. Fuchs said these items were taken down, yet he still was evicted from the mall.

Today I received a comment on that article, from "Graphic," which read:

“We thank all the viewers, readers and listeners for your ongoing support. Your responses, emails and telephone calls have been overwhelming.

Graphic Edge has reopened online http://www.graphicedgeonline.com , and a portion of the proceeds from sales will go to our legal fund to help in our fight against our wrongful eviction from the Mall at Johnson City.

The website will be expanding and evolving over the next several weeks. Please keep checking back, as we will be adding new merchandise and special offers.

For those who wish to have a custom order, please contact us by email at graphicedgeonline@gmail.com

Thanks again, Team Graphic Edge"

Additionally, Fuchs has started a blog, located at http://graphicedgeonline.wordpress.com/.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Precisely, this is exactly why blogging matters. All of us banding together can talk and communicate over the power structure and change things for the better in our own backyard.

Opus #6 said...

Awesome and hopeful story.

The Conservative Lady said...

This is wonderful news and I give you a big "pat on the back" for covering the original story. I hope all works out for Mr. Fuchs.

Soloman said...

All - This was a real 'feelgood' moment for me.. even though I know I had no 'impact' on anything, the fact that the subject of a national news story found my writing and commented... pretty neat :)

Candle said...

Dude, I just wanna say: wow :) Very, very cool. You should feel good. And yep, blogging matters. If for no other reason than searches for "obama" or "taxes" or "omg what happened" will yield thousands/millions of results, many of which are people like yourself graced by the Wisdom of Solomon. Seriously - this is cool.

Pedaling said...

little things matter.
informed citizens, like you, of america who value the constitution matter and they are making a difference!
love this story!
checked out his site and i would so dig purchasing some of his merchandise!