Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Trip To Lefty-land

What an interesting time I have had this evening, and I wish to share this experience with all of my friends. I hope that in turn you will spread the word, for people need to know what I've just experienced.

I have only the proof of screen shots with the clock in the corner as a time-stamp. Those who attempt to defend these images will say that I have manipulated them somehow, but each image is also stamped with a marker on it as well.

The moral to the story is this - I went to the lefty site Huffington Post tonight, just to chat it up for a bit over there. They're all over the fact that Glenn Beck was on a videocast with Katie Cupcake, plus I guess Mark Levin is now their new hero because Mark said he doesn't understand some of what Glenn said on Katie's grab for ratings.

Anyway, the discussion turned to racism, as it always seems to with these folks. The very first comment I saw was by someone called amandla who said:

"I'm sorry, but I think that 90-95% of the people attending the "9/12" marches are PROUD racists, with the other 5-10% being racists in denial. People like Beck will openly express their belief in the inferiority of non-white people, yet they for some reason think their bias is hidden and undetectable by others (?). Code words are easily deciphered by even the most politically unsophisticated person, thus racists in denial (Beck) must apparently believe non-whites are so stupid that they can't understand what is being said.

The 2009 Republican Party has truly become the refuge of far-right whites who can't shake the feeling that they've necessarily lost something with the election of a Black man to the presidency. I'm hoping their hopes of secession from the US come to fruition - there's a lot of living space out in the wilderness of Alaska, Montana, and Idaho..."

Well, I couldn't just sit quietly, so I replied -

"I'm sorry, but I am one of those people who attended such an event, and I will tell you with great clarity and certainty that you are absolutely incorrect.

We are good people, just as you are good people, and for you to continue to label us as r@cists is only setting your cause back. You are coming across as arrogant, snide, and dismissive - while all we wish is to have a civil discussion.

There was disagreement to exactly this same level in '93 when Clinton tried to pass HillaryCare. It didn't rise to the same levels of display, such as the rallies you see today - but that is because we on the right are just as upset about some things we saw from the past 8 years, then we got told "change" and we see more of the same - an out of control spending agenda, cronyism, and a disturbing arrogance from the WH toward dissent.

The republican party is lost - about that you are correct - but Conservatism is alive and well, and is growing more strong each and every day people like you speak in such a condescending manner about your fellow Americans."

The discussion continued. I have a bunch of the back and forth comments saved, but what is now much more interesting is the fact that at some point, the moderators began to pull my comments upon the next refresh.

Luckily, I was ready for this, because I've been seeing this a lot lately. Any time a discussion turns against the leftist, the moderators delete the comment of the Conservative - or at least they've done it to me.

So in order, I offer you a timeline of my comments being added, then deleted. My screenname is 'solopico' there, and you'll even notice at one point I told the moderators I was screen grabbing. Didn't seem to matter.

Click on each picture to enlarge it, and notice the clock in each picture.

So - make of it what you will... but I believe there's a big lesson learned from all of this, which is that quite simply this is extreme proof that in the battlefield of truth and ideas, Conservatism is winning - big time.


LL said...

Soloman, I am beginning to suspect you of RACISM.


It's obvious that you're not a liberal and the only refuge from racism would seem to be that you'd need to have your spine surgically removed so you could join their ranks.

It would give you the posture of a boiled shrimp, but I've seen many liberals who look like that.

Soloman said...

LL - I've actually looked a bit like a boiled shrimp before, but it's usually when my disc slips and I curl up on the floor screaming in pain.

Therefore you know I'm not a liberal (at least not of today's 'progressive' variety), because they can't have worked hard enough in life to have a slipped disc...

One Ticked Chick said...

This just confirms that they're not interested in engaging in a discussion or hearing opposing viewpoints. I never read the comments at HufPo because the commenters always seem to be so angry and bitter.

blackandgoldfan said...

How in God's name you kept your courteous demeanor is beyond me. You are a much better person than I!

Soloman said...

Ticked Chick... I fully understand, and believe it or not that's exactly why I do read the comments there!

Soloman said...

B&G - it's kind of a sport. Discipline leads one to victory, if you will. The more I present rational thinking and a calm demeanor, the more it enrages them and throws them into a fit!

tammy said...

You are my hero, once again. Well done.

Soloman said...

Tammy... I'm blushing. Your hero? Wow..

I am definitely glad to, and proud to share my more than interesting experiences with you.

After all... how else are you going to be reminded exactly how far gone the lefties really are?

Malcolm said...

That's too bad that some of your comments were deleted by the moderators at Huffington Post. As for anger, bitterness, unwillingness to listen to opposing viewpoints, etc., it happens regardless of political beliefs. As a liberal, I have encountered incidents when my opposing (but respectful) comments on conservative blogs were either deleted or not even allowed! Do you have a theory as to why some of your comments were deleted while others were not?

Soloman said...


I do agree that both sides can be difficult. I do my part not to be a part of the fringe, and I will criticize those who are too extreme on my blog. And as you can see, I do not moderate at this time, because generally speaking anyone with an opposing viewpoint has come to the discussion as you have, with respect.

I believe HuffPo is one of the more 'extreme' gathering places for the farther left; there are a couple worse where I simply will not tread.

I do have a theory... if you care to take the time (unless you already did) click on the links in the beginning of my post, as I set the stage for the screencaps that follow. Those are the 'permalinks' to the comments where this discussion took place, and if you continue through the thread you'll see my comments remain reasonable, while those on the left become more inhospitable.

I believe due to this and some other experiences I've had that the mods at HuffPo are making a concerted effort to keep the image of the left as unstained as possible. I have been on HuffPo for about a year now, and have witnessed much more strict moderation being enacted on that site.

There was - appropriately - quite a stink raised after the death of former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, because the commenters on HuffPo made some absolutely disgusting comments. They did the same when Dick Cheney was in Afghanistan and was believed to have been targeted by the Taliban.

I bring this to light in my blog because it is the left who are saying that we Conservatives are all hateful, racists, bigots, and so on.. yet when I try to have a civil conversation with some - not all, but some - on that site, they act like high school kids and do not discuss things in a civil fashion.