Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is New Zealand Racist?

Well, you certainly will not find this headline on any newspaper in The United States, nor will you find such an honest story on NBC or the other networks, Fox News Channel notwithstanding.

New Zealand's TVNZ offers on its website the headline "Obama-linked Acorn in major US scandal," which is followed by an honest assessment of the recent events surrounding the scandalous community organizing group, as well as its ties to the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

From the article: "Acorn was also a major supporter of Obama's campaign to become president, even though it is a non-profit non-partisan government organisation that receives over $70 million in taxpayer money."

Also, the last sentence of the article from NZTV says: "As Obama starts a media blitz to push his government-run healthcare plans, the Acorn scandal has cast doubt on the government's ability to run anything."

If only... nah, never mind. They're in the tank, and they're not coming out.

H/T to Don Surber. You've got to read his piece, if for no other reason his last sentence. It's priceless.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Well...NZ is a predominantly white country...and supposedly all us white folks is racists. I wonder if their black population insists on being called African-New Zealanders?

Soloman said...

I can't say I know much about NZ, but do they (like Australia) have Aborigines? They certainly are not white-of-skin.

Oh.. there I go...

One Ticked Chick said...

The native population of NZ are Maori's. Their heritage is Polynesian.

Soloman said...

TC - so therefore, the entire island is not purebred white, and there is a bit of fitting irony?

Anonymous said...

New Zealand is a racist country. The Maori members of the NZ Parliament are permited to call non-maori (Pakehas) "White Motherf-----s" with no repercussions and make the claim the "Maori children weren't naughty until Pakehas arrived in the country" Not bad for a race consisting of less than 10% of the country but 60+% of the prison population