Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stand Up Guy Huckabee Explains Clemmons Pardon

I don't know if he's the right person to be our next president, although I know he would be an excellent and thoughtful Commander-in-Chief for our Armed Forces and he does generally believe in free market principles and Capitalism.

Some believe he "pandered" a bit during the 2008 Republican primary regarding smoking legislation and immigration reform; I think his position on smoking is fine where it is, and regarding illegal immigration, he's generally been correct since he left the State House in Arkansas. If he pandered, that's in the past.

However, since we're not holding elections anytime soon those are not the hot topics surrounding Governor Huckabee; cop killer Maurice Clemmons is.

Clemmons was convicted of burglary and theft in Arkansas, and had his sentence commuted by Huckabee. Sometime after that he was paroled. He violated his parole and was supposed to be re-incarcerated, but the prosecutors in the case failed to file paperwork in a proper fashion and Clemmon's case was dismissed.

Just like that, a future cop-killer was allowed out on the streets, and now Mike Huckabee is the target of blame from both sides of the political aisle.

I for one am here to call B.S. on those who wish to pin this on Huckabee.

There are, as reported by Bill O'Reilly in the attached video clip, two judges in Washington state who should have held Clemmons without bail at a recent hearing, especially had they considered the facts that they were to consider: Clemmons was charged with (and bail was being set for) eight felonies, including the rape of a 12 year-old child, and they chose to set bail at $150K, and Clemmons arranged bail through a bail bondsman which required securities of a mere $15K.

Eight felonies. Clemmons was facing charges that would have led to life imprisonment, and somehow two judges managed to set and approve bail that ultimately cost him less than the price of most new cars.

Do you think perhaps at the moment he posted bail Clemmons might have begun thinking about what to do with his few remaining days of freedom?

Political know-it-all types from the left and right are now blaming Huckabee for the end result of his commuting the sentence of a man who was a teenager at the time he was charged for much more simple crimes. Mind you I do not believe any crime is simple, but Huckabee had absolutely no way of knowing that a man guilty of burglary and theft would eventually slaughter four police officers in cold blood.

Thankfully Clemmons was shot dead Tuesday morning by an officer who was investigating reports of a stolen vehicle. Two judges in the state of Washington, however, should have had the foresight to understand the consequences of their lack of responsibility, for if they had four police officers might be home for Christmas.


Bungalow Bill said...

The Washington judge who set bail is the one who has blood on his hands. The Democrats a salivating because they know Huckabee is a likable guy who is being seen all over America and gaining attention doing it.

Teresa said...

I really can't stand that some conservatives are so quick to judge and blame Huckabee for this tragedy. He manned up and admitted his responsibility in commuting Clemmons sentence. No person can foretell what the future holds for any person. Hindsight is 20/20.

Bungalow Bill's right. The Washington judge is the one who has blood on his hands. I'm just relieved that this criminal was killed so he's not able to hurt anyone else.

The_Kid said...

In the vein that honesty is respect; based on my last election observations of Huckabee, I believe him to be too much of a liberal.

Yea, it sounds like he was righteous in his role with the killer though.scran

The only thing that bothers me about it is why was he sentenced to 108 years in the first place, and is part of this story missing that might explain that. But benefit of the doubt.

Jim McMahon said...

I believe Huck is a sincere guy, but everyone must be held accountable for their actions, and he never should have let that dog ass shithead out of jail.

j summ said...
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j summ said...

if a lib presidential hopeful had cut this guy loose under the exact same circumstances--it wouldn't even be news. "he was acting in a humanitarian fashion, seen the good and potential in him", on and on.

the libs and the media types could give less than 2 shits about the officers and their families, but love the political red meat.

NO ONE can accurately predict the future, but when something like this occurs, it is usually curtains for that politician. shame, as huck was my guy too.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting this. Someone asked me my opinion on it today and I didn't know much about the background story. Very sad situation.

Opus #6 said...

I heard this guy was 16 when he was incarcerated for 108 years. Huck commuted the sentence. The crime was performed with no weapons. There was no way Huck could have predicted the future. Others should have stopped this guy. Especially after the child rape. Ridiculous!

Meadow said...

There is a whole lot of woulda/shoulda/coulda to be painted on a lot of people... the fact remains this guy raped children and killed police officers.

Those who helped him deserve what they get.

The Rattler said...

I respect your position on Huckabee. But I disagree. In the time he was governor he handed out 3 times the clemencies as the 3 before him combined. Juries convict and to ultimately knock 85 years off a sentence is absurd. I believe in forgiveness... I'm commanded to. But you still have to be accountable for your actions. Just because he has an 'R' and a title of minister doesn't mean he is above reproach. In fact he should be be held to even a higher standard. A lot of people hold blame here.