Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Far We Have Come

This is a transcript (edited slightly for ease of reading) from The Glenn Beck Radio Show. Further down the post you will find an accompanying audio clip.

Any red text is part of the transcript that must have been clipped from the audio in order to meet the YouTube ten-minute limit. Additionally, after the audio clip is the continuation of the clip that was clipped due to time constraints.

I will add two points that I have submitted to Glenn's program, as he is asking for any additions we Americans can offer.

"If I told you millions of Americans would be referred to as a sexual slang term by a handful of celebrities who have made their entire living off the backs of those Americans, as well as members of the 'mainstream media' would you believe me?"

"That the Barack Obama would receive a Nobel Peace Prize during not just his term, but his first year in office."

If you have ideas to add and would like to participate, do so here.

If you are interested in more information about these and other items of national security concern, please see my sidebar to the right of this post, where you will find a wonderful list of blogs created by Patriots who for the past year have been documenting issues exactly like those you are about to read.

If I would have told you last year at this time that the government would own General Motors, Chrysler, and many of the banks and financial institutions and AIG, that they would fire the CEOs, that they would threaten the banks that they would shut them down unless they would take that (TARP) money, that they would hire good people for places like AIG and pay them a dollar to fix the problem - a dollar a year, these people would volunteer; but they would also promise them (the government would) bonuses if they would just work for that dollar a year to fix the problem...

When that year came up, they would not only not give them that bonus, they would vilify them, send their minions out to protest in front of their homes for even wanting the bonus that they were asked.. er.. that they were promised by the government and then people in Washington would then set out to have a specific tax drawn up just for those people, would you have believed it?

Not only would they take over GM and fire the first guy - the president (Obama) would fire a CEO - but then the second individual that they put in place of the first guy... he would be fired... and the guy they replaced, this is the third now person under Barack Obama's term, the third CEO of General Motors. No one in the media would report that that guy is the man who helped Rahm Emanuel make $16 million in one deal.

If I told you a year ago, which I did, you won't recognize the country, you will not recognize America a year from now, I said that a year ago; if I would have told you instead that there would be a 9/11 "Truther," a guy who said the United States government blew up those buildings, a self avowed communist, a guy who... a guy who is speaking in prison...anti-cop... who defended a guy who point blank shot a cop in the head, if I said he would be a high level advisor to the president of the United States, would you believe it?

If I said the president would come out in a speech and say I have absolutely no information but the cops acted stupidly because they caught a friend of the president appearing to break into his own home...

The cops didn't act stupidly, they just did their job - and the president would never apologize, instead he would invite them all for a beer summit and use it as a "learning experience about diversity," would you have believed it?

If I would have told you instead of saying you won't recognize this country a year from now, if I instead told you I'm (Glenn Beck) going to be on the cover of Time magazine, would you have believed it? That I'm going to be one of the ten most fascinating people in 2009, you've got to ask yourself what the hell happened to this country.

If I would have told you instead that the most frequent visitor of the White House, over the Secretary of State and everybody else, is a labor union president who has repeatedly said "Workers of the world unite,"

and "We know we've got a lot of illegal members, illegal aliens in our membership," and who chief guy said, "Yeah, but we also represent American workers," that he would be the most frequent visitor at the White House, would you have believed it?

That the president of the EU would say that 2009 was the year of establishing a global government through the EU and that the climate change treaty would be the next step in one world government, that there would be a call for the end of the dollar as the world's reserve currency by several massive countries, and that the leader of Russia would hold up a coin in front of the cameras and say "Here's a prototype of the new global currency;" that in government‑structured bailouts, bondholders would lose their legal status and their investments in favor of labor union payoffs and the courts would say, "Hmmm, yeah, okay."

That you could lose your home and property through eminent domain, and eminent domain would expand in staggering ways.

That California would decide to levy a 10% tax on its people and insist it's not a tax; it's just a "forced loan." That they would issue IOU's instead of tax refunds.

That New York would say by the end of the year they would be broke. That New York would issue retroactive taxes; that a tax fund for the poorest of Americans would not really be a tax refund. Instead those poorest of Americans would find out many months later that they had to pay income tax on that tax refund.

If I told you that the symbol of capitalism, the Empire State building, would be lit in colors of communist China, would you have believed me?

That the (AlGore) hockey stick chart would be discredited as would its founder along with another leader of the global climate change movement who manipulated data, that they deleted e-mails and information to avoid Freedom of Information Act.

That these same scientists would do everything they could to discredit the peer review process to make sure it remained pure for their ideological purposes, and yet the media wouldn't report on it - and we'd still be headed to Copenhagen with a president who was going to present a 17% reduction in carbon for our country...

That our science czar, John Holdren, our science czar would be someone who called for forced abortions and sterilization through the drinking water, who said that the redistribution of wealth would be necessary and it would happen through the environmental movement.

That the diversity czar at the FCC... if I just told you a year ago there would be a diversity czar at the FCC, would you have believed me?

That the diversity czar at the FCC would say Americans have to decide soon which Americans would have to step down from their positions in order to give others a chance, that this same man said the revolution in Venezuela was incredible and that we should model our FCC and our programs after Venezuela and the revolution.

That the U.S. would have a two-day summit to discuss the role of government in journalism and be discussing a government takeover of journalism - and that no journalist would actually report on that.

That they would hold a job summit and not invite the Chamber of Commerce.

That two uninvited people could get into the White House state dinner, chat with the president, be near the prime minister of the largest democracy on the planet (India) and that the response from the White House would be, "Yeah, we need to do a better job with security."

That a U.S. congressman would tell the American people that it's unreasonable to expect people in congress to read bills, and he would say that because our Congress would pass two bills over 1,000 pages, that no one in Congress had read. One of them was over 2,000 pages.

That a job creating stimulus bill would be written, not read by Congress but not even written by Congress. It would be co-written by the Apollo Alliance, a special interest group whose New York chief was a co-founder of the Weather Underground and no one would care!

That people in Congress would openly be praising Castro, Chavez, that the president would receive an... if I said to you a year ago, "You know what's going to happen next year: The president is going to receive an anti-American book and a photo op from Hugo Chavez and then he would have a one-hour private meeting with Vladimir Putin where Vladimir Putin, quoting, "would teach the president the history of the Cold War."

That our president would give an iPod of his speeches to the queen of England.

That he would send the bust of Winston Churchill, which was a gift from the people of England... when the prime minister came over that our president would say to him, hey, by the way thanks, but you can take this back to him now... and the prime minister would say to him, no, no, no, that was a gift from the people of England to you and you can keep it in one of your museums; we gave it to you on September 11th.

"No, no, that's okay..." and box it up and ship it back!

If I told you that there would be hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in a true grassroots event in a National Mall in D.C. and the media would not only dismiss them but the government, the president and the media would deem them a danger to the United States...

That health care would be at 36% approval rating, which is lower than Hillary Care but that those in Congress and the White House would still be jamming it down your throats.

That the chief of the treasury who oversees the IRS cheated on his taxes as would almost everyone else in the cabinet.

If I told you a year ago when gold was about $800 an ounce that it would be at $1200 an ounce, would you have believed it?

That Dubai, which a year ago was bailing out our banks - would be on the edge of bankruptcy.

If I told you we're going to lose 4 million jobs and the media would report that the White House has created or saved a million jobs even though in their evidence you have to find their evidence on a $20 million redesigned website where it would show that a good portion of these jobs were in about 400 districts that don't even exist.

If I told you that, would you have believed it? Looking at that list, do you recognize the country that you live in? Is this the same country that you lived in a year ago today? I don't think so. I don't recognize it.

If I would have told you that there would be a Muslim terrorist and that he would shoot and kill soldiers at Fort Hood, would you have believed it? If I told you then that, yes, the president will make a statement but he will spend two minutes prior to giving a shoutout and talking about the conference he had with the American Indian, would you have believed it? If I then told you after that two minutes he would then say then, oh, and also there's been a shooting of our military but let's not jump to conclusions. And then his Homeland Security director would be over in the Middle East and she would say, don't worry, we're working on things to stop the violence against Muslims in America, would you have believed it?

I can be wrong on an awful lot of things and I have been wrong on an awful lot of things. But when will people in this country, when will the media at least say, gosh, it looks like the direction of our country and the one this guy keeps laying out, gee, some of those things seem to be happening.

When will anyone in the media even notice how far we have come?

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tammy said...

I never would've believed it. Now we're seeing it and I have a hard time believing it.