Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HillBuzz Reviews Sarah Palin in "Historical Moments in Time"

The Boyz at HillBuzz have recently posted about a magazine called "Historical Moments in Time," which recently did an expose on Sarah Palin.

You may remember that HillBuzz recently thanked George W. and Laura Bush for their service to America, noting specifically the selflessness of the former First Couple as they gave hours of themselves to the families at Ft. Hood during the immediate aftermath of the terrorist shooting. In that same post they also thanked former Vice President Dick Cheney, and openly admitted that they railed against Bush and Cheney in 2000 and had come to realize the error of their ways.

In this post, they write start off letting us know:

"We’ve only seen this thing out three times so far: once for Dr. Utopia, once for Sarah Palin when she was made the VP nominee, and now for Palin as a presidential candidate for 2012."

Dr. Utopia, I've come to learn, is a pet name some on the left (and perhaps others?) have bestowed upon Barack Hussein Obama.

They go on to describe their impressions of the article, with statements such as:

"There are bits on the Tea Party movement, an article on Palin choosing to have her undercover angel Trig knowing he had Downs, Palin’s support for the troops, then an entire section showing Palin as a world leader, in very Margaret Thatcher-esque poses."

They close with respect and humor, stating:

"If you can, get a copy…we’re sure there’s one in the White House with the teeth all blacked in and making the circles as a joke. Probably the “intellectuals” there now are putting it on their chairs, farting on it, and laughing and laughing, high-fiving each other like frat animals. Let them keep doing that.

"Because there sure isn’t any magazine about Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist, Jon Huntsman, or Tim Pawlenty being passed around."

I found their review very intriguing and respectful. I can't say that I know any better, but if I were to guess I might be inclined to believe that the HillBuzz Boys are fans of Mrs. Sarah Palin.

Please check out the HillBuzz post here, and a tip of the hat to five feet of fury for the link.

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