Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Are Better Than This

Recently I said conservatives should take the high road, because we are better than the actions I have seen from American liberalism.

Today it makes me sad to bring you a story that, unfortunately, flies in the face of my beliefs about my fellow Americans. I saw this article, which describes the way some attendees of the RNC treated a young woman who was inside the convention doing her job, and frankly I am disgusted.

Politics should be about the issues, not the name-calling and slander. It is shameful that any person would treat another human being in such a manner.

I was glad to read the official response from the convention took such a hard line.


The Vineyard said...

That is some horrible behavior for certain. For my part, I would not be shocked to find out some DNC person gave those losers $5 each to act like animals.

Soloman said...

Vineyard, the sad truth is my first thought was kinda like yours... maybe they were planted there by the libs to act like that.

But with no proof and the assumption that since the convention is not an "open to the public" kind of event, I'm sadly figuring they were just some jerks who need to check themselves.