Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Open Letter To Chris Rock

In this clip, comedian Chris Rock discusses on CBS This Morning how he wishes the presidential election were "more fair." He also talks about how he wishes both sides “could only spend the exact same amount of money and let the best man win.”

Mr. Rock, I almost want to agree with you. You say you want it to be about the best man, and I like that spirit. But then you say you want to make sure both sides are guaranteed equal money, and that does not sit well with me at all.

You see, Mr. Rock, that does not sit well with me because in 2008 President Obama out-raised John McCain by a landslide, and I didn't hear one peep from you about that. Whatever you said then, if anything, and whatever you have said since President Obama got elected, you have never discussed how President Obama spent so much more money than John McCain that it seemed "unfair" to you.

Mr. Rock, what I want is the best man to win. The man with the best economic plan, the best vision for the future of America, the strongest leader, and the best value system are at the beginning of my selection process. A lot goes into deciding for whom I should vote, as should be the case for every American.

Mr. Rock, I look at Mitt Romney’s record as a successful businessman and he wins the economic prowess debate hands down. I mean, President Obama keeps trying to take credit for saving General Motors, but nobody talks about the fact that TARP was organized and initiated under… wait for it…. George W. Bush’s tenure. But we know… have cake, eat it too… as long as it is good for Obama, that’s how Obama is spinning the story of what that transition was really all about - because nobody was really paying attention back then. They all had thrills running up their legs:

Regarding vision for America, I admit Romney could be scary to me since he was the creator of ‘Romneycare” and all, but there is also a benefit to his experience there. He will have a greater understanding of how to dismantle “Obamacare” effectively. Plus, there are some changes needed to the current system and Romney can take an effective leadership role in that process. Given Obama’s track record on leadership when he had both Chambers of Congress at his complete disposal, I’d say Romney wins leadership too. After all, he did troubleshoot and revive the Salt Lake City Olympics. Hmmm… a troubleshooter executive in Salt Lake… a troubleshooter executive for government and “Obamacare”…. Mr. Rock, do you see a pattern here? Or do you just see a rich white guy who needs to disclose his tax records? The media’s messaging has been rather effective so far, I must say.

I will talk just quickly about value system, Mr. Rock, because I think this is self-explanatory:

Barack Obama began his political career in the home of William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They are the former unrepentant domestic terrorists who were part of the “Weather Underground” back in the 1960’s. Those nice people bombed federal buildings and the homes of Judges and government officials.

Now I believe in redemption, Mr. Rock. You see Mr. Rock, I am a recovered addict, so I have to believe that if you repent you shall be forgiven, because it has been true for me. But Ayers and Dohrn will not repent. Have not and will not, ever. And not only that, Mr. Rock, but President Obama – back when he was outspending John McCain in 2008 – lied to us and told us all he had no idea who Ayers and Dohrn were. Of course now we know that is not at all true, but your friends in the media wouldn’t discuss that, and everyone called people like Breitbart, Rush, Sean and Glenn and.. well, people like me… a racist for discussing how Obama “palled around with terrorists.” The “palling around” is a cute way to say it, thanks to Sarah Palin for that one… but truth is truth, and Obama knew Ayers and Dohrn very well.

That lie, about his association with Ayers and Dohrn, combined with the history of those to people and their unwillingness to repent, is a line that I cannot cross. Those are people who were bent on destroying America in a violent fashion… kinda like what you say about Tea Party people, except in the case of Ayers and Dohrn it is really true, not just propaganda created by the government’s “Department of Homeland Security.” Government for ALL the people, Janet, not just the people you agree with. And that goes for you too, Mr. Attorney General Holder, but I digress.

And that’s not to even mention Reverend Wright and the way Obama treated that man. Regardless Wright’s politics with which I vehemently disagree, Obama took the man who married him to his wife, and was “part of the family,” and threw directly under the bus for political expediency.

There’s your value system, Mr. Rock.

Mr. Rock, we have a little problem, you and I. Our problem is that you don't believe that what I say are my values really are my values, because like so many other celebrities and misinformed media people, you have pointed your finger at me and called me racist. with no proof whatsoever. Simply because I believe in smaller government and more individual liberty, you have told the world that in your opinion, I make all my decision based upon the color of the skin color of others.

Well Mr. Rock, if this is the case and you really don't believe I can make a decision without skin color having an effect, then in return, I shall believe the same of you. After all, you are all about equality, true? Well, now I shall hold an opinion equal to that which you hold about me. That seems fair enough, doesn’t it? And remember, we’re all about fairness in Barack Obama’s America.

Therefore, and in conclusion, Mr. Rock, I do not believe you when you say you want the best man to win. I believe you want “equal” spending so that President Barack Obama can win re-election simply because he is the Black man, and for no reason other than the color of his skin. And because of this, Mr. Rock, I find it shameful that your voice is given credit in the discussion of politics… yet sadly there are just enough uninformed people who think you know something about some things that you just might get your wish, and Barack Obama might just be reelected.


tammy said...

Well said. I always love your posts. Wish he could really read this.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I refuse to listen to anything a comedian tries to pass off as legitimate serious political commentary, at least not to where I can take it seriously

Soloman said...

tammy, I did send a link to his twitter account, but I doubt it made a difference.

Steve - I do not take comedians seriously, but sadly many think people like Chris Rock, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are worthy of respect in the realm of political discussion. This is just my answer to one of them.