Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make My Day

The MSM is spinning out of control on this one. Clint Eastwood was hilarious, and there's no two ways about it. He told the truth and made us laugh, and the left can't stand it.

There is so much happening right now and I'm just one person so I can't monitor it all, but Breitbart's Big Journalism has a good roundup
of the media's hysteria surrounding all the events from Thursday night. I'd recommend you check it out, it's rather interesting.

I'm watching for Mitt Romney's full speech and will post it when I find it, unless I fall asleep before it shows up on the interwebs and then I'll post it tomorrow.

In the mean time here is Paul Ryan's excellent speech from last night, with two facts posted below that debunk the "factcheckers" who claim Ryan 'lied' about the Janesville plant and Obama's promise to help them once elected:

Obama's speech in Janesville, in which he made his promise.

Details about the actual closing date of the Janesville plant, which was in 2009, not in 2008 as the media is trying to tell us.


The Conservative Lady said...

They are going to keep talking about Clint Eastwood's speech so they don't have to talk about Romney's speech. I thought Eastwood's speech was funny, too.

mCat said...

Thanks for posting the fact checks. That was on my agenda to do today since some lib friends/family are throwing it in my face.

And Clint? Damn I loved him! No teleprompter, yes he stumbled on words here and there but overall - he was fabulous!

Janie Lynn said...

I loved Clint! He was great - he's an actor for goodness sakes - I can't believe liberals don't, or are choosing not - get it.