Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney, War Mongering Saber Rattler?

Ed Rendell was on MSNBC today perpetuating a meme that has been started about Mitt Romney's “war mongering” and “saber rattling” during his acceptance speech at the RNC last night. It seems the left is trying to tell America that “independents” and “undecided voters” don’t want to hear about national security. I beg to differ.

I’m not buying what the liberal media is selling, if they want me to believe that Americans aren’t worried about the possibility of a nuclear Iran. All reasonable people understand that we can’t police the world everywhere and all the time. We also have the capacity to accept our ally Israel’s right to defend herself, and I personally believe ultimately Israel will do exactly that when the time presents itself.

But the American left fails to recognize the significance of our role in standing beside Israel on moral ground, and that is where I believe this current meme fails.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan spoke about communism, Jimmy Carter’s failure to negotiate with Iran, and the general depletion of America's stature worldwide. And remember, this was a nation that had been at war for what seemed forever in Vietnam, a conflict that had started during the Kennedy era and officially ended only five years before Reagan's election.

Reagan also talked about education, taxes, family, Faith, love of country, and so much more.

I’m not here to sell Mitt Romney as the next Ronald Reagan, although the similarities between the times then and now are striking.

What I am suggesting is that it is not always true what those inside “The Beltway” or in the “Big Apple” say, and Americans need to be smarter than to buy into what they are told in print, on TV, or on the radio. Critical thinking at this time is of utmost importance, and while I appreciate all forms of media for the information they provide, I hope all Americans stop to think about what they are being offered as truth before they step into a voting booth this November.


Janie Lynn said...

Where is the honesty? There is no honesty in the media anymore. Makes me crazy!

The Conservative Lady said...

I blame the media for the Obama presidency. If they had done their job, he would not have been elected.

Teresa said...

I'm not buying what the media's shoveling. The likes of Ed Rendell are so out of touch with reality to think that the American people don't care about Iran and our national security.