Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Mitt Romney the Mainstream Media Doesn't Want You to See

There is a lot we will not be told about Mitt Romney, unless we are inquisitive enough to look outside the jaded sphere of the mainstream media.

An admitted conservative publication called Human Events offers some interesting insight into the man I believe is the better choice for President this election cycle. This article offers a few brief stories that highlight a side of Mitt Romney we will not be shown by NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, or The New York Times. This story discusses Romney in a way the left doesn’t want you to see him. This piece displays a great leader, a compassionate man, a humble man, and a man who inspires others to greatness.

From the article:

”In July 1996, Bob Gay told Romney that his 14-year-old daughter Melissa was missing. Romney’s response was swift and decisive. “I don’t care how long it takes,” he told his partner. “We’re going to find her.”

Romney immediately closed the [Bain Capital] Boston office and sent 56 employees to New York City to help in search efforts, while 250 Wall Street employees from various firms were also enlisted to assist. They set up a tip line and handed out 200,000 brochures. Melissa was found in Connecticut, where she had traveled without her father’s knowledge. The search efforts were reported by the press, with the Boston Globe writing that Romney and his partners “decided that finding a missing daughter was more important than operating a $1 billion investment firm.”

You can read more of this article here

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The Conservative Lady said...

I'm linking to your post at TCL FB. These stories help to humanize Gov. Romney and tell of his compassion for people. All I hear is how Romney's "likability" polling is low. If people heard these things, that would certainly make a difference.
These stories certainly contrast with those about President know, the ones about when Obama was smoking pot and doing cocaine with his friends.

Janie Lynn said...

I don't know where, but I did hear that story. Certainly wasn't on the news anywhere. I liked what I saw on Fox today, Chris Wallace's interview - apparently Mitt helps with the laundry, irons his own shirts and was wearing one his wife bought at Cosco! Who says he can't relate?

Soloman said...

a couple days behind here... but thank you TCL for the linkage, anything we can do to fight the msm distortion is a plus!

hi Janie Lynn.. i too watched FNS and liked that interview. I don't care where they buy his shirts or if he irons them or not... i just like his management and leadership skills!!