Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Sex Tape, Keith Olbermann Missing, And Rick Sanchez And The RAAAAACIST Industrial Complex

In the midst of Howard Dean telling us that we are all racists and lost souls, Huffington Post offering $100K for anyone who can produce a "sex tape" of Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann once again being conspicuously on vacation at a time when he would be oh, so likely to step in it (yet his guest host Lawrence O'Donnell actually used CBS's crowd estimate of 87K!), and the great dispute over the actual number of attendees at Saturday's Restoring Honor Rally, perhaps my favorite non-story in the form of a story of today comes from CNN, and the mouth of the man Glenn Beck has deemed "The Dumbest Man ever on Television."

While speaking about the recent controversies and [alleged] falsehoods surrounding President Barack Hussein Obama, Sanchez used a classic idiom in a not-so-intentional way.

His voice rising in frustration as he tried to make his point, Sanchez asked his guest, CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, why people continued to believe the alleged false rumors. Said Sanchez:

"He is the cotton picking president of the United States! If the president of the United States doesn't have enough of a bully pulpit to convince people that...a lie is a lie...what the hell is going on here?"

After a commercial break, Sanchez immediately apologized. He said that soon after he had used the phrase, people had started contacting him on Twitter, pointing out that he had just used it when referring to a black man — an insensitive reference, they thought, given the phrase's alleged connections to slavery.

This is a classic idiom if ever there was one. Yosemite Sam comes to mind very quickly - but of course the Progs might call Sam a RAAAAACIST too...

The phrase "cotton-picking" can also be defined as a verbal adjective. Anyone with even the slightest understanding of the English language and a little bit of assimilation to classic Americana understands that even Rick Sanchez - as ridiculous as the man can be sometimes - mean no harm to the president with his benign choice of words.

But certainly it should come as no surprise that Rick Sanchez made such a silly statement that he felt the need to quickly follow with an apology. According to, Sanchez has had quite a handful of on-air foot-in-mouth moments. On October 16, 2009, the CNN anchor gave an on-air apology for running an unconfirmed quote attributed to Rush Limbaugh earlier that week. As for other on-air gaffes, just during the course of 2010, Sanchez wasn't sure who was protesting at the annual March for Life, misidentified the Galapagos Islands as Hawaii, "joked" that it was "too cold" in Iceland "to have a volcano there," and incorrectly guessed that the Nixon/Kennedy debate took place in 1962.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the RAAAAACIST Industrial Complex pounces on this situation... Just a glance at some of the comments at Huffington Post regarding this situation tell me what the cotton-picking leftists will have to say before all's said and done.

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Z said...

There are few people who IRK me as badly as Sanchez hear FOX called "biased" and you watch ANY Sanchez show and wonder "which is biased!?"
"cotton picking?" I hate to stick up for this guy, but have we come to this? It's an EXPRESSION, and only libs who were watching would get THAT in a 'twitter' over it!!

Just a conservative girl said...

Who would want to see a sex tape of Beck?

It is amazing how much they want to destroy him.

They don't want to get him off the air, as that wouldn't be enough, they want him crushed like a bug.

I will admit I would feel a little bit of glee if Olbie loses his poorly watched show, but I don't wish him any harm.

Opus #6 said...

The left show us who they fear. Palin and Beck are on the top of the list.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm selling the agave picking sex tapes of Rick Sanchez to the highest bidder.

The Conservative Lady said...

I haven't heard the term "cotton picking" in a long time.'re a riot.

Soloman said...

Z -

Nice to see you! I don't get too bothered by Sanchez... although it's a bit demeaning, I agree with Beck's "dumbest man on TV" comment.

The ones that get me are Olbermann and Maddow, because they're clearly intelligent, yet blatantly dishonest. Matthews too, for that matter.

And you're right - only a "twit" would get in a "twitter" about a cotton-pickin' phrase like cotton-picking.

Soloman said...


I don't know if you heard, but your comment is the same as Beck's comment about himself - who would want to?

The good thing, as Beck has said many times, is that he's personally aired his dirty laundry - at least we assume, because he says so often enough - and therefore the radicals have no ammo against him.

And regarding Olbermann.. he is back again tonight, and nitpicking like crazy. grasping at this point, are the leftists....

Soloman said...

Opus -

No doubt.. and you can certainly say Rush maintains his stature atop the ever-hated list... and Bachmann is ascending the ranks quickly!

Soloman said...


You've got me... I'm speechless.

I have no witty comeback for you. I'm so speechless I need to repeat myself, just to clarify how speechless I am at the moment!


Soloman said...


I hadn't heard it either, but I know either Yosemite Sam or Foghorn Leghorn used to say it all the time.

Of course, as I mentioned in the post, the leftists would probably call them RAAAAACIST too...

Z said...

Hi, Soloman...thanks!
I get much more worked up by Olbermann and Maddow, too(altho they're starting to make me actually giggle in their self righteous, uninformed indignation!) but everyone knows they're HACKS....Sanchez is on CNN, that station whose followers bash FOX for BIAS...!! THAT is what bothers me about Sanchez...he and Blitzer are SO biased but we're all supposed to believe they're not?

I just read that FOX's RED EYE show at 3 am beat Sanchez's daytime ratings! THAT's hilarious, huh?!!

Just a conservative girl said...

thank you, that was very sweet of you.

Anonymous said...

Z -

I get your point about CNN and how their viewers bash Fox.. but really anyone who bashes Fox has never given them an honest chance, in my opinion.
We need to be smart enough to do our own research and differentiate truth from fiction. I know Maddow and Olbermann offer some truth too, which is why I still watch them occasionally.

However - Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar, and considered worthy of a seat on Meet The Press - I expect a lot from her and so when she clearly lies for partisan gain it makes me sick.

And regardless of what a dope Olbermann can be when he's in one of his hyperbolic rants, he's still got to be smart enough to know when he's just making stuff up or sourcing Media Matters without verifying.

Sanchez, on the other hand? He struggles to say his own name right at the beginning of his show. Literally, that happened within the last couple of nights. I expect nothing of him.

Anyway.. I'm not surprised Red Eye beats Sanchez... I don't know if you've watched Red Eye, but it's one of my favorites - I record it nightly, unless I'm up late enough to catch it. It's great!

Soloman said...


I'm glad I could help... like you said, any little bit helps, and it all adds up.

I've been blessed by some overtime hours... we do what we can when we are able to.

I hope their situation soon turns for the better.

The_Kid said...

Ok, so who is dumber, KO or RS ? I'd say it's a toss up !

Anonymous said...

I thank you for this timely dadburn cotton-pickin' post, you old horse thief.

Z said...

Anon; I agree with you.
I did a whole post about Maddow on Meet the Press because if SHE is on, Hannity or O'Reilly ought to be considered mainstream enough, too. But, let's face it, the Meet the Press panels haven't been fifty-fifty in YEARS.
I disagree about Olbermann, though..ya, he's smarter than Sanchez (so's a cactus) but so revoltingly dismissive to anything remotely Conservative that I watch him now for comic relief; it used to make my stomach turn but now it's just too biased not to laugh HARD!

Soloman said...

Z -

Here's some funny for you... that "Anon" comment? Blogger screwed the pooch, as it seems to do every so often. That "Anon" was really me, and I was certainly logged in at the time.

But the moral, I suppose - We seem to agree in general, especially about Olbermann being comic relief!