Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11th, 2001


Z said...

excellent collection of pictures I wish none of us ever had to pulled together very poignant ones.
I simply can't look at those of people jumping. Matter of fact, there's a photographer interviewed this week on a FOX preview of a 9/11 documentary who says he turned his camera off that event as the jumping was so difficult to see.
May we make better sense of what happened and assign blame more specifically and stop using political correctness and blaming US for this awful happening.........what HAPPENED to America's great strength and invulnerability?

Just a conservative girl said...

This just goes to show, sometimes words are overrated.

j summ said...

the photos of those who had abandoned
all hope and jumped to their death rather than suffocate or burn will stay with me forever.

and while we are admonished not to take any action which might offend islam, your next to last picture shows how little they care about offending us.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

And with all the pictures that we do see, and all the news footage and WTC historical programs we watch, we honor those who perished, as well as their families and friends.

But we must also remember those pictures and videos of middle-easterners from around the world joyously celebrating the attack - if only to remain on guard that radical Islam is alive and well even in America. Stay vigilant!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yes, and I'm afraid that hole is still there. Not much of a Tribute.

The_Kid said...

Wonderfully done Soloman.

This evil must be destroyed.

Just a conservative girl said...

Today I am honoring Sharon Carver

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Sadly, I think more Americans were worked up about the college football games today than remembering the murder of thousands.

Soloman said...

Z -

you ask... "what HAPPENED to America's great strength and invulnerability?"

In my humble opinion.. progressivism, and a leftist state of mind.

Restraint can be a good thing, but as I just commented on your page... sometimes you just have to go all out to make your point.

I sometimes think the Founders would be embarrassed that we didn't just nuke the Middle East into submission, rather than carrying on this endless charade we call "winning hearts and minds" and "the war on terror."

Soloman said...


Thank you for your dedication to Project 2996.

I sat for nearly an hour last night and wrote.. re-wrote... and then went with this, because I knew my words would be overrated.

Soloman said...

j summ -

those are indeed the two images I struggle with most.

The very idea of celebrating the tragedy felt by others. Unfathomable.

Soloman said...

Hoping -

I don't think the images of those savages see enough time in the media.

Every time we see those buildings fall, we should immediately see the celebrations from the Middle East, as a reminder that it is NOT just a small band of men bent by a perversion of a religion.. regardless of what Barack Hussein Obama would wish is to believe.

Soloman said...

Odie -

I've seen pictures of the "planned" construction site. It looks beautiful.

In the mean time... you're correct. Ten years after, the most we'll have is a damned Mosque.

Soloman said...


The evil should have already been destroyed.

Soloman said...


you're right. It is sad, that the further removed we become from the event by time, the less impact the anniversary will have on our society.

What I fear most is that this event may not be looked back upon in the same way you and I were taught to look back upon December 7, 1941.

I know our generation was taught the truth about that day and how it affected America, because the Progs had not yet infiltrated the education system to the level they have now.

Children today and in the future will be taught much of the leftist, "we brought it on ourselves" perspective about September 11, 2001.

Shameful, really.

Madison said...

My kids won't be taught that. They'll be taught that there are evil people in this world who hate America for the freedom it offers its citizens. They'll be taught to be proud to be Americans despite the leftist agenda. Thanks for the collage.

commoncents said...


Thanks for posting - we have 4 tribute videos on CC now...

Common Cents