Monday, August 23, 2010

A Preview of Arizona's Primary Through The Eyes of Soloman

So the headline on Drudge Report reads, "This Time For The Win!" and links to an Associated Press / John McCain slobber-fest as only the leftist media can provide, on the night before Arizona's Senatorial Primary.

The co-author of McCain-Feingold "Campaign Finance Reform," McCain has all but guaranteed himself the win in this election by over-saturating the Arizona media market like an August Monsoon storm floods the roads of Phoenix. One can not turn on any television or radio station without seeing the fromerly self-described "Maverick," who has re-branded himself as "Trusted" leadership. Phooey. McCain has spent an astounding $19.6 million, according to the Associated Press article, and as sure as the Arizona sun will shine brightly tomorrow, McCain will tack quickly back to the left once he's bought himself these next six years in office.

Honestly, I'm so sick of hearing McCain's commercials that if I didn't know who to vote for, I'd vote against him just because I'm so sick of hearing his commercials. Oh yeah.. that and the fact that Chris Matthews just said he'd vote for McCain if he lived in Arizona. That's all I need to know...

To his credit, McCain has run one heck of a campaign. It's a shame he didn't do this much dirt-digging and information seeking when he ran against then candidate Barack Hussein Obama. We'd likely be discussing President McCain today... but I digress.

There is a third party in the Arizona Senatorial race - a Navy Veteran and absolute political amateur, Jim Deakin. If, for Deakin's sake, this were just about any other election cycle, he might stand a chance... but not this time around. Sadly, a seemingly good man will do nothing more then siphon votes away from McCain's stronger challenger,former Congressman turned radio talk-show host, J. D. Hayworth.

Hayworth has not done himself any favors in this campaign. In my opinion, the biggest mistake Hayworth made was forgetting that he is no longer a talk-show host looking for ratings. I write a blog... I get it... while I'm no major media mogul and not a talker on a Clear Channel affiliate, I see that in the opinion business you want to attract people to your space in the game.

Hayworth is really, really good as a talk-show host. He connects with his listeners, and I hoped that that connection would carry over to his campaign. Instead, though, Hayworth made a couple of rather unseemly gaffes that brought him national attention, and when you're up against the likes of McCain and his countless flip-flops, what you've got to do is present yourself as the beacon of reason and consistency.

Hayworth had the consistency label all over his own commercials, but he didn't present himself as a sound alternative to McCain's liberal tendencies. Instead, with comments like the one he made about how same-sex marriage would allow people to marry horses, Hayworth played right into the main-stream media's anti-conservative playbook and they ran wild with it.

So... I could go on, but the point her is quite obvious. I hope like crazy that I'm wrong, but I'll be shocked if J. D. Hayworth pulls off what would truly be the upset of this century.

In the other Arizona political race of great interest, Arizona CD3 is kind of like a "Last Man Standing" event. There are a total of ten candidates on record; in my opinion we've got six real contenders.

We've got playboy Ben Quayle and his "Barack Obama is the Worst President In History" commercials - because somehow that qualifies Ben Quayle to be my Congressman? While I agree with his sentiment, he's got nothing but that and his father's legacy to prove his worthiness...and let's face it, he's absolutely trading on his father's legacy.

Next we have Vernon Parker, who was once the mayor of Paradise Valley, a very well-to-do part of town. Good for him... but he seems like a career politician and I'm a bit leery of that right now. Parker seems like a nice enough man... he likes to promote his proximity to George H. W. Bush during his early career. While he does have Sheriff Joe Arpaio's endorsement, I believe he's got too much of that "Career" thing going on to have a real chance.

Paulina Morris has mocked pretty much everyone in her most recent commercial, with the exception of the other woman in the race, Pamela Gorman. She's favored by the leftists here, and since independents can vote in either primary here she just may get some crossover votes from the left since she's pro-abortion.

Jim Waring comes across as a very good candidate. He is a co-sponsor of SB 1070, and has been in the Arizona legislature since 2002. Not much else to say, which I guess says something.

Steve Moak came across very well on the radio... like a real serious businessman, and really impressed me. I like the fact that he was deeply involved in a non-profit that fought drug use amongst teens called "notMYkid, Inc." There have been some questions about financial relationships between Moak's personal business and the non-profit, but those allegations come from Ben Quayle (see above) and have proven to be largely unsubstantiated.

Finally.. Pamela Gorman brings to Arizona an embodiment of the recent trend in Conservative politics. There is, no doubt, a very real "Conservative Woman's" movement happening across America, and Ms. Gorman represents this trend in a real, open, and down to Earth fashion. While no doubt famous for her viral video in which she displays her marksmanship skills with a variety of firearms, Gorman has real experience in Arizona politics. And while she has spent time in politics, she differs from many "career" politician types: she has never held on to one political seat while attempting to gain another.

I like Moak, and I like Gorman. The one thing that, in my opinion, sets Gorman apart, is that she has made an effort to be out there at all the recent events, and that she has run a completely positive campaign. That, and the fact that she recently said during a radio interview that, should she win this Congressional seat, her first order of business would be to join the newly formed "Tea Party Caucus," because she realizes that the way to get things done is to join forces with other like-minded representatives.

So tomorrow I'm off to my polling place to take part in the greatest right we Americans are privileged to take part in - the act of casting my vote for my representatives. It's just a primary, but still, I hope my choices win.. but in the long run, I hope whoever wins will be the right choices for Arizona and for the future of America.


Just a conservative girl said...

Well, I have this feeling your are not voting for McCain and it certainly seems like he is going to win.

One of the many odd things about McCain, is that he is all so willing to play really dirty in the primaries, but won't do it in the general. You are right, he should have been more forceful with Obammy.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that McCain losing two years ago was the right thing. There would be no tea party had he won. The right is the most mobilized in decades. That is a postive.

Soloman said...

Hey JACG -

I agree... while I am no supporter nor fan of the policies of Obama, I believe McCain winning would have been less good for the Conservative movement.

And while I won't vote for a Democrat over McCain, I will feel like I'm voting for a Democrat when I vote for him in the general, assuming of course he does carry out this primary victory.

On the plus side, we really do have a winner for The House, as long as Waring, Moak, or Gorman wins. I'm voting Gorman, but I'll be fine with either of the other two.

Of course this person is replacing John Shaddegg, so they have big shoes to fill as I believe he's been one of the best and most consistent in recent history.

The Vineyard said...

I did not know about Waring or Moak so thanks for the brief opinion.

Arrrggh, McCain. Seriously why didn't a real contender step up to challenge him this year?

Anonymous said...

John McCain? I'll never forgive nor forget his dreadful campaign in 2008.

Pedaling said...

I agree with the Vineyard-- as we've watched with interest from a distance the McCain-Hayworth race;
so many times I said to my hub, "that's the best they can do?"
Seriously, here in Utah, we had some great options up against Bennett and we did it!
Oh, well,
I hope your votes win...
Gotta love Gorman- she's my favorite.
Why didn't she run against McCain?

Anonymous said...

It looks like six more years of McCain. I think that infomercial of Hayworth was the end of any hope he had of beating McCain and his money.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

To me this is a huge disappointment. What happened to the American people of Arizona? We all know exactly who/what McCain is. He is a part of the problem plagueing America today. It was obvious for many of us for a long time, but should have come into clear focus during the presidential debates when he told us Obama "is a good man". Really, John? Anyway, these preogressives are too powerful and have too much money backing them. This does not portend well for November I fear. Time will tell, but I think we may be in for tougher times ahead than we'd hoped for. Be prepared...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I will never forgive McCain for 2008 either. He's nothing but a RINO !

Soloman said...

Vineyard -

Sadly it looks like McCain had a real contender who decided not to show up when it counted.

Hayworth has acted like he had a few drinks the night before the big fight, as has been well documented.

Right now (8:45pm AZ time) it looks like Moak has the best chance of beating the son of Quayle. We shall see...

Soloman said...

Nickie -

Agreed - McCain was McShameful in 2008. It's very disappointing that he is so willing to beat the Hell out of a fellow Republican, yet couldn't.. scratch that... wouldn't find a bad word to say about a Marxist revolutionary who is now fundamentally destroying America.

Soloman said...


I don't think Gorman is the Senate type... I think she had eyes on palling up with Michelle Bachmann and becoming a major media favorite.

However, by the looks of polling at the moment, she's not gonna get there. Still early, though...

Soloman said...

Trestin -

You got it. That infomercial took a guy who claimed to be fiscally conservative and made him look like the biggest government-money, free-loading liberal in town.

Soloman said...

Hoping -

In part, we can look at AZ's primary structure. Anyone can walk in and ask for either party's primary ballot.

I suspect many liberals voted for McCain just because they know the Republican will certainly win the general election, so they protected their own interests.

However, as I've stated before - Hayworth pretty much made an ass of himself in a few different ways, and McCain found just the right dirt to bury him.

Soloman said...

Odie -

You're right... but he's a very well connected RINO who had a war-chest to draw from.

There was no way McCain was going to lose this race.