Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huffington Post: Glenn Beck Is Not Martin Luther King, Jr.

Over at my favorite leftist blog The Huffington Post - you know, the one that calls itself "The Internet Newspaper," a filmmaker named Robert Greenwald has written an article entitled, "Glenn Beck Is Not Martin Luther King, Jr."

Interestingly, not once does the Huffington Post piece offer the name "Restoring Honor Rally" in its description of this Saturday's events.

While the piece itself is not terribly insulting or demeaning (as have been many on that blog) it does attempt to bring home the same hyperbolic image of Beck we see across the leftist media and blogosphere.

The Reverend King once declared that, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter," Greenwald states in his opinion piece.

He continues, "But we will not be silent on this matter. We will not let Beck and Palin hijack history and continue in their attempts to further harm and disrupt our collective future."

Further down the page, the article offers a link to a page with the URL "" Very predictable, to say the least.

The paragraph from which this link is taken - without the link, because I don't believe they deserve the web traffic, reads as follows:

Come join us in standing with Martin Luther King Jr's vision of this country. {Click here} to declare your continued commitment to Dr. King's legacy, and that you will not let Beck trash and tarnish the meaning of King's dream.

So... since I'm sure you'd expect no less of me... I left this comment:

Beck has never wished to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. King. This is pure hyperbole from the left, intending to besmirch a man who has a system of beliefs and passions that are very American, yet different from the beliefs of some others.

In the mean time, were we to make the comparison:

Dr. King called out those he saw not treating people of different races equally. President Obama has shown he wishes to create legislation and an emotional tone in America that is racially biased favoring non-whites, and Beck has spoken out.

Dr. King believed in Natural Law, and he believed in Equal Justice under American Law. Beck believes in Equal Justice and Natural Law.

Dr. King was scorned harshly and unfairly by his critics - the "opposition" of a just and fair America. He was called names, belittled, and threatened. Beck is receiving unbelievably harsh criticism, is belittled by the left constantly, and has been threatened to the point he now employs a security staff.

Dr. King had a faithful group of supporters who believed in God and believed strongly that Dr. King was a good person and a righteous messenger, but no Deity. Beck's supporters are much like those of Dr. King.

Over time Dr. King was proven correct in every belief he has about equality and justice.

Glenn Beck is yet to be judged by the test of time... but he's clearly on the right side of history.

If you click this link you can read my comment at the site, followed by the intelligent commentary offered in reply. Really, it's worth the couple of minutes. Really.

I will not be in Washington D.C. this Saturday. Actually, if everything goes as planned, I will be working some overtime, which is one of the best things I could be doing if I can't make the pilgrimage to the Restoring Honor Rally. I must admit, every time I hear Beck say, "You will wish you were there," I cringe and wish I were going to be there, but as they say.. that's life.

I hope the thousands of patriots in attendance of the Restoring Honor Rally have the time of their lives. I'm sure soon there will be many great stories and pictures shared on many of our friend's blogs, and I for one can't wait to hear all about it.

In the mean time, while those of us with common sense and decency continue to stand up for and defend the efforts of Beck and all those like him (including ourselves!) who speak out for what is right, let us pray that this weekend is a wonderful and safe event.

And may God bless The United States of America.


The Conservative Lady said...

Great post here and great comment you left at HuffPo. It's amazing how people hate Glenn Beck so much.
We'll be at the rally on Saturday. Thanks for the good wishes you send to all of the attendees. I, too, hope it's a wonderful and safe event.
Have a good weekend, Sol.

Soloman said...

Thanks, TCL...

Have a great time. Represent for me!

Opus #6 said...

I think Aug 28th just happened to be a Saturday. Sad that the leftists have more fuel for their fire. But they hate Glenn and Sarah to the max.

Thanks for the comment. Whenever you get around to changing your blogroll is fine. No hurry. Yes I changed my name. You know women and our prerogatives.

Soloman said...


Even if he specifically chose that day for that reason, the thing that's most obvious is the fact that they (the leftists) constantly take him out of context, and are incredibly hypocritical in their constant nit-picking.

It's interesting, in the sense that while we on the right disagree with many from the opposition party, we do not hate.. in fact we really tend to not judge personally, as much as we judge the public persona only and leave their humanity out of it.

Soloman said...

Oh yeah.. and update complete!

Just a conservative girl said...

I am looking forward to the rally. It is going to be interesting:
1. The Panthers are holding a rally two blocks away
2. Sharpton will be having a march, we should be about a block or two from each other.
3. Someother group is going to be on the other side of the mall.

I can't imagine there will be any trouble, but it will be interesting to say the least.

Actually I really sick right now, so I am hoping to feel better by Saturday.

Anonymous said...

>It's amazing how people hate Glenn Beck so much.

The easiest way to make people angry is to tell them the truth.

Soloman said...


I hope you get better in time, but I know you'll have a great time either way.

Represent for me!!

Soloman said...

Bastiatarian -

Ain't that the truth...

uh.. wait a minute...

And with the leftists, most of the time it's just that easy.


tammy said...

I love the comments you left. Great job. Did you see Pedaling is going? Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

That's great your going. Do bring photos back.

The Conservative Lady said...

Consider yourself represented.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, my fever has broken. So if I can just get rid of the body aches, I will be all set.

As long as I can walk, I am going.

)O( said...

Glen Beck did a remarkable job on redefining hope and change... let's say began the restoration of the nation toward the American Dream.
Our job is to vote out the Democrats and RINOs and then hold Republicans' feet to the fire.
I can't imagine the cost, time and effort that went into this event, thank you Mr. Beck.
And by the way, CNN gave the "Reverend" Al Sharpton and his little group of racist pigs great coverage. But did any reporters covering Al Sharpton's tour comment that they didn't see many white people at his event?

What Makes Us Right said...

Sol, nice job with comments over Huff, although I couldn't stomach some of the responses. My favorite was the reference to liberals using facts and data, and then analyzing to make sound decisions. I spit up my beer laughing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit. Look forward to more Strat pictures. :)

I've linked to you on my blog roll, by the way. (Hope that was okay.)

commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this! I always like visiting your blog!!

Common Cents

Soloman said...

Tammy -

Sorry I'm late in getting back with you, but you know how I've been here lately.

I did see Pedaling was going... lost of our friends represented well!

We need to get Beck to do a western version, in cooler weather... perhaps around March or April? So us desert rats can have our own Restoration...

Soloman said...


Thanks.. hope you had a great time!

Soloman said...


I was glad to read that you went and enjoyed your account of the event as well as the follow-ups you've done.

Soloman said...

Lena -

I did notice that CNN gave Sharpton a lot of coverage, but they gave Beck a fair amount as well.

I am intrigued, however, by the lack of truthful reporting they gave Sharpton's event, given some of the tone I've heard came from his crowd in the form of language and signs.

but alas... it isn't called the lame-stream media for no reason...

Soloman said...


Thanks, glad you enjoyed my work.

Honestly I haven't been back to check on the replies since I posted this piece. It wasn't too awful at that time...

That's next on my agenda, since you've brought it to my attention.

Soloman said...

Trestin -

You must have misunderstood... I did not attend the rally.. at least in body.

However, my spirit was certainly there, and I watched it online at CSPAN's website.

Soloman said...

Bastiatarian -

thanks for the linkage.. I've gladly reciprocated.

Soloman said...

Steve -

Thanks for dropping by.

I know you're often looking to trade spots on a blog roll - or as you've said in the past - "link exchange."

I have checked out your blog - it looks like you do a good job... but your page kills my computer and it takes forever for it to load.

Honestly, that's one of the major reason's I've never added you to my roll.

If you can adjust that issue and get your page a little more friendly to load, I'll consider adding you to my blog roll.

Just a thought.

What Makes Us Right said...

I had a conversation at lunch with one of my liberal co workers today. I asked him what he thought about the Beck Rally over the weekend. His response was "do you mean the one where Beck exaggerated the size of the attendees"? My response was, I don't think Beck actually ever estimated size and did you actually see it for yourself to validate the size. Answer was no, just heard about it on MSNBC. I then asked if he knew who the key speaker was for the event. He had no clue the MLK's granddaughter had given speech. As soon as I mentioned this, he clammed up and changed the subject. I guess MSNBC forgot to mention that too...