Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turrble Charles Barkley, and Rachel Maddow on "The Right Side" of The Debate over AZ SB 1070

In case you missed last night's pre-game show on TNT before the game between THE Phoenix Suns and THE San Antonio Spurs, this clip from Rachel Maddow's show offers a segment of Charles Barkley at his most turrble.

J.D. Hayworth and John McCain have nothing to do with Arizona's new law, but don't tell Barkley that, he's got his taco-box full of stupidity in this segment. And sure Jan Brewer is the "interim" governor, but only because Barack Hussein Obama took the last guy we had... er... our previous governor, Janet "Crappy Nappy" Napolitano and made her Secretary of "Man Caused Disasters" and "Overseas Contingencies."

And yes... the Hispanic community is indeed the fabric of the cloth, Chuck. Glad you got that one out there.

That statement, followed by his, "This is a federal... President Obama... We've got to do something!" rant just makes for great television. I'm so glad I got to see this one again!

I felt sorry for Ernie Johnson, who is the host of the show and obviously tried desperately to bring Chuck back to the table, just to then have Chris Webber (far left) spout his ridiculous Public Enemy reference. C-Web, I need to tell you; Civil Rights and Dr. King are not at all the same as a state going broke and people being shot on their own property. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway - After that fun Rachel Maddow babbles for a while about how wonderful Barack Hussein Obama is, and offers a completely one-sided perspective of the immigration debate.

But what brought my attention to this segment was her 'tease' leading into a different commercial break.

Maddow said something along the lines of;

'If you're going to enter a debate, you might as well be on the right side of the debate.'

In an effort to be sure which side of the debate is "The right side," I went to, and found a poll which asks the question:

Do you agree with the decision for Suns players to wear "Los Suns" jerseys at Wednesday's game to protest the new immigration law?"

The answer to that question can be seen here, in the bottom right corner of the picture:

(Click to enlarge)


Opus #6 said...

People need to back off Arizonans and let them be Arizonans. Why the need to meddle so much.

Soloman said...

Well, 'cause as you know, Opus, we're all citizens of the world.

I can just picture illegals...

"We don't need no stinkin' borders, we have Obama!"

What Makes Us Right said...

simply turrble


I think I can see the cobwebs coming out of her ears. Chuck really needs some medication.

Soloman said...


turrble indeed... lol!!

Soloman said...

Trestin -

Chuck needs to shut the heck up about politics.

I can't believe he actually thought about running for a position once... governor of Alabama or something, if I remember correctly.

He doesn't know his head from his backside.