Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonight's "Big Number"

Saw this tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews:

Matthews states that the reason for more Blacks running for Congress this season is due to "dissatisfaction with the Obama administration" coupled with the idea that they (Blacks) can win these elections, as proven by the victory of President Obama."

I think the truth lies somewhere in between, or perhaps it is a combination of the two reasons. Of course it's politics and Matthews is a talking head, so they're going to over-analyze the reasons why... that's fine.

I just have one thought on the subject. I hope like hell that any Black person elected to Congress by the Republican Party, or any Democrat with a shred of dignity from this point forward, refuses to join the Congressional Black Caucus. That would be one incredible statement, and "change" that I could definitely believe in!!


Just a conservative girl said...

Can you ever really imagine a republican joining the CBC? I can't see that ever happening.

Soloman said...


I honestly can not based on the politics of the CBC as I know it, but it seems we can always be surprised by politicians...