Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Los Suns: Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver Not The Brightest

Those of you who read Drudge Report, ESPN, or those who follow sports may by now be aware that the NBA basketball team (and my hometown team) The Phoenix Suns are planning to wear jerseys tonight that read "Los Suns."

In my opinion, this is a rather... well, let's just say it's a "misguided" move (to quote Barack Hussein Obama) by Suns owner Robert Sarver and his staff, but ultimately it is much ado about nothing.

The Suns have worn these uniforms in the past on many occasions. I do not know if there has been a specific reason in the past for the team donning the different jerseys. This time around there certainly is reason, as well as an occasion.

The "occasion," according to team management, is Cinco de Mayo.

Obviously, however, the reason that is grabbing headlines is Arizona S.B. 1070, known as "The Arizona Immigration Law" in more respectful circles. Suns owner Robert Sarver, General Manager Steve Kerr, and a few players have voiced personal opposition to the law, as seen in this video:

Most notable of all the comments in the video is that of Grant Hill, a man whose work ethic and basketball skill I greatly respect, but whose politics fall a bit short. Said Hill when asked:

"We're not politicians, we're athletes, and obviously we want to be focused on the series. We don't want anything to become a distraction.

"There's certain things I don't like about it, the little I know of it..."

Within Mr. Hill's statement comes everything we need to know about the team wearing these "Los Suns" jerseys tonight.

First, he acknowledges that the players are exactly that - basketball players. When I turn on a sporting event, I do not enjoy being bombarded with politics. I get enough politics in my life - by choice - and sports is one of my escapes from that arena.

Next, there's the distraction issue. I guarantee you that if The Suns lose tonight, the 70 percent or more of us who are Suns fans and who support S.B. 1070 will place blame at the feet of Suns owner Robert Sarver, and rightfully so. The team has been inundated with questions about the issue since Sarver decided to interject himself into an issue in which he has no business.

Finally, there's Mr. Hill's honesty as he says he knows little about the law. Again - people who do not understand or have full knowledge about this issue are doing more damage to the situation. Bill O'Reilly did an excellent Talking Points about this issue on Monday Night.

So I will be watching, and I will be cheering, because they are The Suns and they are my team. I am extremely disappointed in the team's management for its decision, but so be it.

And if they lose, I'll be the first one to blame the loss on the uniforms. You Betcha.

For another take on the subject check out Wisdom of Dave, and there's more discussion at Memeorandum.


innominatus said...

Blazers are my team. When your Suns advanced last week, I was hoping they'd do well. So I could at least say to myself something like "Well heck, the Suns made it to the Finals. No shame for the Blazers in losing to them."

Not any more. I hope the Suns get stomped into the dirt and totally embarrassed.

Teresa said...

While growing up I loved playing basketball but never got into watching basketball on TV or had a favorite team.

If they lose, I can understand you blaming it on their uniforms.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'll give them 5th of May, but if I were a fan and the jerseys stayed on after ... I'd be rooting for the other team at HOME!

Right Ideas said...

The stupidest thing about this is that they should be the "Los Soles"! Saying Los Suns is just plain funny. Kinda like Chris Farley being El Nino on SNL when he translated it as The....Nino!

Soloman said...

Inno -

You're free to cheer for whomever you'd like. I'd ask that you consider us long-suffering Suns fans, and let's just see the players for what they are - Hollywood types with a physical gift.

Of course, they won last night and I'm happy... Hate the Spurs!

Soloman said...

Teresa -

didn't work out that way, and I actually saw an interview with one of the players after the game in which he clarified his thoughts a bit. I appreciated that.

I think team management put the players under a lot of undue pressure with this decision.

Soloman said...

Odie -

We'll see what happens next game, and from this point forward. If they go back to their regular jerseys for next game I'll be okay with them.

I will say this - I was in the chat thread on the local newspaper's website, and there were a lot of u - like about 80% - against the jerseys!

Soloman said...

Right Ideas -

I agree, which is why I linked to Wisdom of Dave's website. He talked about exactly that point...