Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Thoughts on the Presidential Press Conference

I'm writing this at lunch, because it's a chance I have to vent my pressure-cooker mind. As I expel my thoughts this afternoon I know the Presidential press conference has already happened, but I've not seen or heard anything about it because I've been busy working. I know my local talker didn't interrupt their usual simulcast.

If I were a reporter at that presser, I'd not ask about Benghazi or Patreus, because everyone will be asking about those issues. At least I hope they will, with all the diligence due such important issues.

Instead, I'd respectfully ask The President why he had, Center for American Progress, and union leaders at The White House yesterday, as was reported to me by Dennis Prager's Facebook page.

The President doesn't need to hear from his base of special interests; he needs to listen to Americans down in the trenches.

I'd suggest President Obama listen to business owners like the man who owns the company I work for. I work for a 15 person manufacturing facility in Arizona that's owned by a Korean War veteran who started his own business in his garage almost forty years ago.

I'm sure there are other companies... some larger & some smaller, in red states & blue states & swing states, all of which are owned and operated by regular guys like me and my boss, all of whom care passionately about America... just as I need to believe President Obama cares passionately about the nation that afforded him the magnificent opportunity of becoming the 44th President in our history.

President Obama sued the state I call home over an immigration law written in direct correlation and cooperation with existing federal law. He also put Arizona gun sales facilities in an unfair spotlight and in perilous legal standing by not standing up fully for the government's exploits in the "Fast and Furious" gunwalking scandal.

In fact, the only time President Obama has shown my state respect is when a good woman from his side of the political aisle was tragically shot along with a number of innocent civilians by a raving lunatic, and at that time he called for more civility in the American conversation.

I agreed with him at the time, when he said we need more civility. Indeed we do.

And then I watched "his side" of the aisle pummel conservatives as whack job right-winging gun fanatics wholly responsible for Gabby Giffords and others being attacked by a man who doesn't even seem to understand what day of the week it is.

And yet The President did not come to our defense and ask for civility to be shown toward us, as was the case when he defended Sandra Fluke from the inappropriate comment leveled by Rush Limbaugh.

After the past three plus years having presented myself as uncooperative and more toward the fringe, for love of country I'm working harder today and moving forward, to do my fair share and present my opinions in a civil fashion.

President Obama campaigned in 2008 on change we can believe in, and in 2012 he said we still have much work to do. And while agree with him, it is not my personal belief that CAP, MoveOn and union bosses are a fair representation of all Americans. Those are his buddies in the political arena, and by now he knows full well what they expect of him.

There are many, many everyday average Joe's out here in gun and Bible country who are willing to listen, share experience and discuss lessons learned, and take responsibility for the future of this great nation... but we feel like we are being excluded.

And as I say that, it's important that I mention that we here in middle America aren't all gun owners or bible readers, and we aren't all from the far left of the far right of politics. But we all believe in the American dream, and we are all willing to do a little more... we're all willing to spread the work around... as long as in doing so we are making the best effort we can, so we can save the American dream for generations to come.

I hope that at the end of the day President Obama listens to voices like that of my employer, and other reasonable voices of regular guys in middle America who may have a world of knowledge that he's just not going to ever get from his favorite special interest groups.

Because the appearance created by continuing to toe the special interests' line is division, and divided we shall fail. We need President Obama to listen to all of us, so we can move forward, together, for love of country.

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