Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Videos: Where the Streets Have No Name

The city's aflood, and our love turns to rust
We're beaten and blown by the wind, Trampled in dust.
I'll show you a place
High on a desert plain,
Where the streets have no name...

Today I had planned to discuss my interest in the subtlety and innuendo contained in the lyrics of Jim Morrison and the music of The Doors, but there’s something more important I need to share today.

Just as do the streets in Staten Island, our streets out here in Phoenix, Arizona have names. I moved miles away from a place that sees weather much more harsh than might ever be seen in my new chosen home, but just because I’ve relocated miles away from family and friends does not mean my love has turned to rust. I have chosen to live in a place very near that high desert plain Bono speaks of in this song… And we Phoenicians will tell you... although typically our climate is very ideal (at least we think so), we've all been beaten and blown by the wind, and many of us know all too well what it feels like to be trampled in dust. I’m pretty sure that all of us, in some way, at some time in our lives, have needed the help of another.

I'm eternally grateful today, because right now my life affords me the opportunity; I can and have today helped my fellow man in a time of need. It's not always been that way for me. Much of that has been of my own doing I admit, but today is a new day, and I shall seize the day, because I am blessed to have been given this and every day, by someone who loves me very much.

I know we all have lives to lead, and some may not be able to give financially. But if we have a blog, Twitter or Facebook we can help, simply by spreading the word. It costs nothing but a little of your time to cross-post this in whatever way you see fit within the means you have at your disposal, even if it means removing my words and just linking to the donation page. But if you give just that little effort of yourself, I believe you’ll be doing a good deed, because you’ll be passing on the word, to others who may be able to offer help in our brothers’ and sisters’ time of great need. And if you feel you are able to help financially, here is a link you can follow that offers the ability to donate securely through PayPal.

I have faith in the goodness of this request I bring to you today because I have it on trusted authority our help is needed. That trusted authority is a good man with a kind heart named Eddie, and I believe Eddie is to be trusted, because after all, he is The King of New York Hacks. KONYH is a taxi driver in The Big Apple who shares with me a side of life I’ll likely never see, and he shows me what is good about a city I’d otherwise likely never understand. I’m just not a New York City kinda guy, but that’s okay, I’ve got Eddie to give me his guided tour, and it’s been fun getting to know him along the way.

As I say a prayer today for my brothers and sisters everywhere, I think just a little bit longer about the struggles on the East Coast. I think of people I’ve never met and the moments they’re struggling through, and I’m feeling so blessed to have never seen the troubles they find themselves facing at this moment in our time. By all accounts Staten Island today has been devastated much as was the Ninth Ward when Katrina hit New Orleans, and much like was the case in that time the relief just doesn’t seem to be reaching quickly enough those most in need.

Since “Superstorm” Sandy hit, Eddie has been acting the part of Facebook DJ in the effort to bring happiness and hope to our brethren along the East Coast, and while I’ve not had the time to enjoy all the tunes he’s offered, I greatly appreciate his gesture because music inspires me like not much else in life can. Eddie has been a Facebook DJ since long before the storm, and I have no doubt Eddie and I shall be spinning tunes, sharing pictures and making memories together across the miles for many years to come. I’ve never met The King, but I’m grateful to trust that in Eddie I’ve made a lifelong friend.

So it is with that thought in mind that I share with you The King’s request, and I ask his permission to take the turntable for just a moment. And just as I know Eddie will, as will those in need… I thank you very, very much.

Once again, here is the link that will take you to the donation page.

If you’re interested, you can find and follow KONYH on Twitter here and his blog is listed in my sidebar.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

That song has a special place in my memories, as I can still remember quite vividly where I was the exact moment I heard it for the first time. It was my senior year of high school, and I was getting dressed for school at about 0615 in the morning, listening to the local rock station in Portsmouth, NH. I was already a U2 fan and was excited when the DJ said that he was premiering the new song from the upcoming U2 album. I was blown away by the song & thought to myself, "This album is gonna be huge...", and it was. A few years later Pet Shop Boys did a cover of it but even though at the time I was a big PSB fan it wasn't anywhere near as good as the original.

As an aside, I used to follow Hack Wilson out of NYC but he closed his blog KONYH a reincarnation?

Soloman said...

Hey Steve, good to see you. I'll personally never forget seeing U2 at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium for this tour, on October 4th, and it started to snow just as they started to play 'October' and got ready to lead into 'New Years Day.' That was a pretty awesome moment.

KONYH is not the same guy as Hack Wilson, at least to the best of my knowledge. The King first said hello to me during my first year of blogging, so sometime during 2009. We've since connected on Facebook and Twitter and now communicate more on FB than anywhere else.

I saw Hack said he's shutting down; I'm disappointed, but to each his own. I personally have found a new, perhaps more introspective use for this space, at least for now. I suppose everyone reacts differently to events... such is life.

Be well, friend...

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I'm making much more of an effort now to visit peoples' blogs again & comment more often. I was feeling like a total heel for not doing so, especially when I was sniveling to myself about a lack of comments on my own stuff. You've always been good to me and Jim (over at The Oh, Bama Files)....I'm sure by now you've figured out the two of us go back a long ways, 22 years actually...we were best buds at Fort Riley and I introduced him to his wife.

I envy you for having seen U2 live; way outta my price range these days. Would love to see Depeche Mode again when they tour this coming year....*sigh*

Soloman said...

Hey Steve.. yeah, I was rather fortunate back in the day to have seen a number of bands when prices were reasonable. I saw U2 a few times, INXS, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden even more... the list goes on. Good times, for sure, but of a different stage in life.

I understand what you mean about visiting the blogs of others, but I stopped consuming myself with the number of visits & comments I received a long time ago. We have enough to worry about just getting by from day to day, and to be concerned about how many people read my thoughts is just too much.

Yet as I say that... I'm always grateful to have y'all come by and say hello, and I'll certainly visit when I can. We're a little community, kind of, and that's certainly worth investing in and something of which we can all take pride.