Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New Morning in America

I woke this morning with a renewed sense of self, and an overwhelming excitement about the future.

The reelection of Barack Obama did not and shall not affect me in a negative way. I know that I voted and that's what matters most. I voted for love of country, which is the reason to vote as I see it, rather than voting for 'revenge.'

I know there are so many things greater in life than my passion for politics and concern for which candidate won an election. In the big scheme, all this chatter is much ado about nothing.

I feel a renewed sense of purpose. All is not lost; there is much work to do and there is much to be gained.

I feel I have had a great and important task placed before me, which is driving my spirit... at least for today, until the adrenaline wears off...

But today this feeling I have is stronger than it was in early 2009 when I first started writing. Back then I knew just enough to be dangerous. Today I know enough to know better. I have spent the past four years learning, studying, analyzing… pretty much obsessing about our political system and those we have chosen to lead us from within it.

I have about nine pages written in MS Word that I need to sort and filter through, so I will have a lot more to say.. perhaps tonight, and definitely in the coming days. But right now I need to feed the machine, and my kitties want some loving, so I am going to do something different.

I'm coming out of my shell tonight in a new way, and exposing a side of me I've been working toward accepting. I have a voice. I write, and that is my voice as you know me here, but I have a voice and I like to speak my mind.

I have been learning to use the Voice Memos application on my iPhone to record my thoughts as I drive. This morning I was full of piss and vinegar, but generally I like what I had to say, so I uploaded it to YouTube.

This is raw, unedited Soloman at 6:30am today, so my mind was a bit blurred from lack of sleep and my emotions were still running wild, but nonetheless…



jay son said...

that was great. couple of things; while your brother commented on SAD that he is white, voted for obie, and does not want any free stuff, that is, i feel, the exception today in AMERICA, not the rule.

i have seen numbers from 47 to 60% of AMERICANS get some form of "assistance" from the federal government. that federal government is you and i and your brother working so the government can collect taxes, and give it to non or less productive members of society. that equals redistribution of MY wealth, meager as it may be.

that we are not the same country we were 200 years ago. agreed. back then people were allowed to immigrate here to help settle the land, now most democrats want open borders. back then while people lived and socialized with folks from the "old countries", they attempted to learn our language, embrace our values and assimilate. today we have separate text books to accommodate non english speaking students and debates on if we should make english the official language in parts of OUR country.

i'm with you. i was and still am pissed. but i refuse to wallow in self pity. conservatives need to pick themselves up, dust ourselves off and continue to fight to return OUR country to greatness, and not the soup kitchen every free loading fuck wants it to be.

Soloman said...

thank you, sir... just posted another rant... i'm getting more comfortable in my own skin and I think I like it.

I would like to think you are wrong... I'd like to think most who voted for Obama did so with the best of intentions. But I'm fearful that you're correct, and my brother is the exception to the rule.

Our nation has lost its moral compass. Our drive for individual success through hard work and a principled life seems to be slipping away from us. We just watched a kind and decent man get put through the shredder of a political messaging machine, to the point people actually think Mitt Romney wanted The Office either for power and wealth or to fulfill his father's failed attempt decades ago. People really seem to believe he hates women and that he is willing to watch people go without so his fat-cat buddies can get fatter.

Yet here we are... people are getting pushed to the street, President Obama is just as guilty as anyone before him of cronyism, and yet people look right past those things and believe the worst of a man who has done nothing in his life to harm another individual.

I'm glad you're with me, jay... let's make our message one of real hope and success, driven by and founded in principle rather than blind faith in any politician from any political party.