Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another First for Barack Obama

For the first time in American history, an incumbent President has been reelected with less Electoral College votes than the number he achieved in his first election. President Obama has won reelection, but make no mistake America; this election is no mandate for a far-left agenda. The popular vote is extremely close, The House of Representatives remains in Republican control, and unfortunately we still have the no-budget, do-nothing Senate led by Harry Reid, who is as big a partisan hack as there is in Washington today.

So we still have divided government.

For the remainder of this post I am going to put on my “analyst” hat. I do not intend this to be a personal attack on President Obama and his campaign staff; I am simply offering my opinion about the election as I saw it unfold.

It is my belief that Barack Obama and his surrogates won the 2012 Presidential Election by dividing Americans against each other using wedge issues that do not stand up under scrutiny. Over time I plan to break those issues down one by one and present well-reasoned arguments for conservative values as those values relate to each issue.

Early on in the campaign, Team Obama defined their own strategy as […] preparing to center the president’s reelection campaign on a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney’s character and business background. “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney,” said a prominent Democratic strategist aligned with the White House.

This became known in media talk as the “Kill Romney” agenda.

President Obama and his supporting cast made a kind and decent man appear to be something he is not, and they did what we conservatives believe liberals do best. They told each and every special interest group exactly what they wanted to hear, while castigating business owners as hateful and selfish and portraying conservatives as wanting to return to Jim Crow laws. They played “us” against “them,” with “us” being every special interest group that received a promissory note from the campaign, and “them” being business owners, wealth earners, and people who hold a more traditional set of values.

Team Obama created a “War on Women” by telling women that men don’t care about them and their “reproductive rights,” which equates to guaranteed free birth control at the expense of their insurance company and assurance of extremely liberal policies regarding abortion. They also told women that they deserve equal pay for holding the same job title, regardless of productivity and other mitigating factors. They pitted gays and lesbians against those who hold traditional values when President Obama made his 11th hour announcement of support for gay marriage after a lifelong stance against the same, and for the first time in history a Presidential administration did not stand in defense of standing federal law when the Obama administration refused to defend The Defense of Marriage Act. They played racial politics with a lawsuit against Arizona, the border state that is most directly affected by illegal immigration, and they doubled down with an 11th hour executive order modeled in part after the “Dream Act” that made Hispanics believe President Obama and the Democrats are their supporting cast. Yet over his entire first term President Obama did nothing to move forward on real immigration reform. Nothing.

And of course we know I’ll be deemed raaaaacist for saying so, but the employment numbers in Black communities has worsened since Obama took office, yet he garnered support from that community at a percentage that would make reasonable thinker believe that Blacks are a monolithic voting bloc who cast their votes entirely on skin color.

Oh, and he and his team spiked the football that was Osama bin Laden’s head after insisting that was absolutely against our American values, all for the purpose of political gain. “Osama is Dead, GM is Alive,” over, and over, and over again, so much that when we were attacked by terrorists in Libya and Egypt on September 11th there were people holding signs and chanting, "Obama, we are all Osama."

To be fair, Romney and his team did not offer enough scrutiny of the messaging put forward by President Obama. So those business owners will now likely continue to see their taxes raised and profits reduced. Small business like the one I work for will struggle to survive in the face of more and more taxation and regulation.

Americans will continue to buy more and more products from companies that operate overseas, which benefit from the massive difference in tax rates as well as the lack of exorbitant union labor demands, and therefore offer their products at a lower cost. America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world and President Obama has promised that he will raise taxes even more on those who succeed in the business world, while at the same time insisting that he will bring jobs back to America. I hope he is able to pull off what appears to be a miracle, given his policies and all the discussions I've heard about the effect of those policies on business' ability to operate effectively.

Ironically, Barack Obama stood before a crowd and told supporters that Mitt Romney is an excellent salesman. In my opinion had Romney been such a good salesman, he would have won this election. Romney appeared to have had everything in his favor; a lagging economy, high unemployment, a terrorist attack overseas and questions still unanswered about what our leaders knew, and a devastating storm that should have made FEMA under Obama look like FEMA under George W. Bush, had the media only reported on it in the same manner.

It is President Obama and his messaging machine that sold enough Americans on the idea that Mitt Romney is evil. And in trying to prove to America just how kind and decent man he truly is, Mitt Romney refrained from doing exactly what he needed to do most; define Barack Obama and his messaging machine as the divisive political machine that has long used small issues to divide a great nation. Romney avoided Benghazi like the plague because Candy Crowley showed him that the media was working against him on that issue, and the media played Romney like a fool for his attempt to be charitable at a campaign rally.

Okay, the analyst hat is off. Now back to being me again.

I know there are those who do not see things as I see them, and as I hear President Obama in the background right now I understand much of why. He is indeed a great orator. His ability to emphasize at the right moment, in the right tone, when giving the big speech is phenomenal.

But there are now four years of reality in front of us. Lofty rhetoric and great speeches do not bring unemployment down, and they do not stop bad people from wanting to do Americans harm. For four years we were promised shovel ready jobs, a better discourse, and real change. What we got was, in my opinion, a lot of finger pointing backwards at the last administration, more division than ever, and more government dysfunction than before he took office.

As I said in my previous post, when President Obama does right by America I will support him, and when he acts against what I believe to be in the better interest of America I will speak my mind. And if I learn along the way that I am wrong then I will be man enough to admit it.

I have no dislike for Barack Obama personally. I do not buy into the conspiracy theory that he is a foreigner, as many over the past four years have claimed. He is a politician. He is neither my family member nor my friend, but he is our President. I pray every day for his safety and I hope he leads this great nation in the direction that serves all Americans best.

I believe Barack Obama has three options: he will move to the center and work with Republicans in the House of Representatives, he will preside over the most pathetically partisan divide in American history, or he will use the Executive Order in ways never seen in this nation’s history. I pray the centrist approach is the course of his choosing.

Of course I am just a guy with an opinion and a blog on which to write my opinion, so only time will tell.


The Vineyard said...

Excellent post and I agree with your analysis. I would like to think Obama could become more centrist but I don't find one shred of evidence to indicate he is capable of that.

It will be an incredibly divided United States of America for exactly the reasons you have stated.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with a lot of that, Sol. But, while I hope that President Obama takes more responsibility to work with others it is time for others to do the same. The "Party of No" needs to compromise, as well. The house has been a stagnant joke for two years. Even things written by and in the best interest of their own party were shot down just to spite Obama. It was a combination of failures on both sides of the aisle that put us in this position. Responsibility must be placed where it is due and not in a selective manner.

- Your brother

Soloman said...


First - I really enjoyed your post. You echoed my feelings, except as you can probably tell I spent the entire night with the TV in the corner of my eye and my fingers rattling away on this keyboard.

I hope we are not divided any longer, but for now all we can do is watch, wait, and hold them all accountable if they continue to play us for fools.

Take care..

Soloman said...

Anonymous Brother of mine.. may I use your name here?

I will come to the defense of The House in this respect; as you agreed in an earlier reply, Obamacare was forced upon us largely against our will. The methods with which the left pushed that legislation through the system were offensive.

In 2010 America did give Republicans a mandate. The overwhelming majority with which the right won that election was a clear message to lock down our checkbook and stop the bullcrap, and that's what happened.

Remember, it was McConnell in The Senate who made the "1-term President" remark. Boehner and The House was always working to make a reasonable deal, based upon their mandate of course, all the way to the point they actually had some stuff worked out and then Obama and the left walked away.

The messaging and media parroting that gave House Republicans the moniker "party of no" was, in my opinion, unfair to say the least. They did exactly what we elected them to do.

I agree that moving forward it is time for both sides to come to the table. I was glad to hear Speaker Boehner come forward with that sentiment earlier today. I was a little disappointed with Reid's remarks; he sounded rather partisan.

Hopefully both chambers will set aside the past in the interest of a deal that benefits all Americans, without gouging business owners yet not putting any extra burden on the middle class.

Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

While America did vote overwhelmingly to give Republicans the majority of the house those very same Republicans failed the American people. The have the lowest rating of any house - ever. If people really wanted them to do nothing by voting "no" to everything, including their parties own interests, then not only did the house fail but America failed.

- Jeff (yes, you may call me that here!)

Soloman said...

Jeff, I don't know if this makes sense or not... and I certainly don't mean to belittle your thoughts by invoking the band name you're soon to read...

But I think you invoking the "rating" of Congress, which is nothing more than "popularity," and using that as rationale for why the House Republicans failed us...

Is much like saying that Chumbawumba makes good music, because their song got "popular."

The failure of our government that affects us today goes back at least as far as the Carter administration, and really to Nixon, LBJ and his "great society," and FDR with the "New Deal." Our government has been giving us too much security, coddling us if you will...

And so that "rating" has been declining steadily for years now under not just Republican leadership, but all representation, because the majority of them, as you have mentioned before, are there for a salary. A career. They legislate because it keeps them busy, even when it's junk legislation we don't need. They're out of control.