Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will We Ever Learn?

When is it too early to stand up and speak clearly on behalf of American values? When will President Obama ever call a terrorist a terrorist? When will Americans wake up and realize that we have been fooled by our media, the very one charged with protecting our interests and bringing us the truth?

Mitt Romney apparently is not going to be asked the tough questions we saw asked of President Obama… you know, questions about what surprises him the most about this or that, what piece of furniture he likes the most or what is his favorite color, or perhaps who he expects to go the distance in the NFL or the NCAA Final Four. Instead, journalists today gathered before a Romney press conference and conspired to corner him, making sure that no matter who he called on they got the chance to ask exactly the predetermined question they felt would most benefit their narrative.

Fortunately, Mitt Romney knows his values and did not waver. He held strong in the face of the fawning and protective Obama-Mania media and put forward the proper perspective needed; peace through strength and never an apology for our ideals. He also spoke with great clarity about the mixed messages being sent by the Obama administration and how those mixed messages might lead to exactly the sort of egregious acts we saw in Egypt and Libya over the past two days.

This is all in sharp contrast to President Obama, who apparently is so busy hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce and appearing on Letterman that he doesn’t have time to meet with the Prime Minister of America’s closest ally, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu.

No need to worry about world peace when there are fundraisers to be held and celebrities to hang with.

President Obama spoke from the Rose Garden this morning, and again this evening from a campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas. In both speeches he failed to mention Jihad, radical Islam, or any other term that accurately depicts the murderous animals that took the lives of four Americans overseas. Fortunately he did not call it “workplace violence” as was the case when a radical Jihadist murdered thirteen Americans at Ft. Hood last year.

But I digress.

This political correctness crap is destroying America. We have been beaten down by Obama’s fawning media to the point that we are afraid to tell the truth about anything, for fear that we might… well, for their fear that we might expose him for what he truly is.

We can’t discuss race, even when race is truly a factor in the equation. Black unemployment is at record highs, and Black teen employment is nearly non-existent. The family unit in America has fallen apart, and that problem exists exponentially in Black neighborhoods. But instead of discussing the problems that really exist, President Obama perpetuates the victimhood mentality in true liberal fashion.

We can’t be honest and discuss the fact that Obama studied and believed in Marxist theory for most of his life, and that he began his political career in the living room of unrepentant radical American terrorists. We can’t discuss the fact that President Obama will stand in front of us and preach that we should all be our brother’s keeper, yet his very own brother lives on a couple dollars a day, in a hut in Kenya. We can’t discuss the truth of the fact that he only took interest in gay marriage this year for political expediency. Same goes for illegal aliens; Obama suddenly this year found in his heart the need to override the checks and balances of our government when he issued his “executive order” that allows illegals to stay unchecked for two years.

And heaven forbid we be honest about his voting record on abortion… the leader of the political party that claims to be for the innocent and defenseless, is led by a man who voted numerous times for legalized late-term, third trimester abortions.

We are literally in the throes of the worst presidency since Jimmy Carter if not the worst ever, but nobody would ever know it by the reporting of today’s media.

This latest example of Carteresque behavior by Barack Obama should leave all Americans shaking in our shoes and fearing for our nation like no other time in my lifetime. Instead of speaking out with authority and calling evil by its name, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient promised “justice for those responsible.” Really? Exactly how, Mr. President, do you plan on executing said justice in a part of the world being run, barely, by an organization called “The Muslim Brotherhood,” which has in its motto Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." and which is considered by most experts to be the birthplace of al Qaeda?

Is President Obama really so foolish that he believes his appeasement and apologies really will stop evil from perpetrating itself upon the nation that offers the greatest freedoms to all? Does he really think he is that wonderful that they won’t attack us, simply because he holds office? What kind of fool does not escalate American security to the highest possible levels worldwide, specifically yesterday, on the anniversary of the most evil attack ever perpetrated against this great nation?

America has not lost the life of a diplomat overseas since 1979, which was during the Iranian hostage crisis. That situation was the end of the Carter administration, and this situation, unless somehow miraculously spun and saved by the help of the fawning, conspiring and lying media… this should be the end of the Barack Obama presidency.

America cannot afford four more years of a man so naïve and arrogant that he refuses to call evil by its name and face it with all the strength God affords us. America also cannot afford not to stand side-by-side with our closest ally Israel, which is unquestionably our strongest partner in freedom and democracy. America is not perfect, but we are a good and giving nation, a nation on which the world depends for leadership and guidance.

We must always remember, as our founders told us, that America is the nation God has chosen as the beacon of freedom for all mankind. Until Barack Obama leaves office, the shining light of freedom shall remain dimmed and unseen, and the world will be a less safe place for all mankind.


Teresa said...

Obama sure does have some screwed up priorities and is morally bankrupt. He is the naive appeaser and we need to boot him out of office before he finishes his father's dream for America. We need to stop the downsizing of America.

tammy said...

Too good not to share. So I did, on facebook.