Monday, September 10, 2012

On Strike

I am very happy for President Obama that he is doing well in fundraising. This morning Huffington Post told me this is the case… that was the most important thing going on in their eyes at 9:30am, when I took my break. A $3 million differential between the two campaigns, and it deserved a top of the page headlines on that “news” website...

Meanwhile in Chicago, a city that President Obama tells us "Is an example of what makes this country great," children are not being educated, and the reason for the Teachers Union strike is a guarantee of income. There are some questions about benefits or… whatever.

Are you kidding me? Children are not being educated. That is all that matters.

I have no guarantee of income. I have no guarantee of benefits. My retirement is my responsibility. My insurance is provided as a service by my employer, but I pay a payroll deduction, and my employer can decide tomorrow that he can’t afford to or just doesn’t want to provide insurance to his employees. That day will come soon enough, given what Obamacare is doing to small business owners.

I don’t believe teachers should have a guarantee of income either. I believe teachers should be part of America's meritocracy, just like I am. I can’t define how to rate their performance since I am not part of the education system, but I am sure there is a reasonable way to know that children are being educated well by any given individual. Those individuals who are proven to be capable teachers should receive raises, promotions, and bonuses. Those who prove not to be capable go find another line of work.

Teaching is a service job. All government jobs are, really.

Government in our Constitutional Republic means the provider of protection and essential services, not a means to higher wages than your neighbor, a secure retirement, and an excellent health care plan.

Merriam-Webster offers many variations on the word service. The one that applies specifically in this case is “an administrative division (as of a government or business).” But before that definition, I noticed the one I believe most accurately defines teaching when I think of my best teachers, and also defines my viewpoint of government employment.

“Contribution to the welfare of others” is what I believe service is all about, and I believe anyone who works for the government should do so with the understanding that their choice provides not as much the guarantee of wealth, but instead the satisfaction of giving to those in need.

I don’t understand how or why those who work in an industry called service deserve the guarantee of anything more than I or any other private sector worker, right now or ever for that matter.

I believe teachers should teach our children, and as long as they do so in a responsible manner they will be justly compensated for their work. In the mean time they ought to thank God they have the income they have. There are other Americans who are not so lucky right now, and some of the children of those unemployed might just be wondering why their teacher won’t come to school.

Of course most of the people who have walked out on our children side politically with the Democrat Party, an organization that removed God from its platform, so there’s that… and we know President Obama stands with the union, so I guess the children should find some hobbies.

It is impossible not to look at things through a left vs. right political lens when children are being cast aside over greed. It certainly politically interesting that these children are being neglected by the same people President Obama counts on for votes... you know, the candidate who is taking us "Forward," and who is best for women, children, and essentially everyone who is not a gainfully employed white heterosexual male.

I would be willing to bet this is one of President Obama's largest contribution areas, geographically speaking. After all he is from Chicago… after he moved here from the tiny island nation from Hawaii – you know, his being a foreigner and all… and he was very involved with unions throughout his earlier years.

Speaking of Obama’s birth… President Obama made a joke about Hawaii and birth certificates just the other day, did you hear?

I wonder… did George Stephanopoulos, Diane Sawyer or Brian Williams make a point to tell us Obama’s joke was in poor taste? Did Chris Matthews call Obama’s joke a “Dog-whistle?” Was there a front page story about it, anywhere? if I may quote Joe Biden… It sure was a big effing deal when mitt Romney made a joke about his and Ann’s birth certificates. I’m just sayin’…

Rush Limbaugh presented a theory today, that this Teachers Union strike is all a giant conspiracy. He believes it is happening so Barack Obama can come solve the problem and appear to be a hero.

Limbaugh also said we have no idea how close we are to the collapse of our economy. The real collapse, the one we can’t save ourselves from with a bailout.

I agree with Mr. Limbaugh on the second count. And although I don’t completely agree with his conspiracy theory, I appreciate his reasoning for the first.

I believe this strike is all about the selfishness of the people who are on strike, as well as political and financial greed on behalf of their leadership in the form of the union. I pin the majority of the responsibility on the union leadership, because I’m sure there are good people amongst the ranks of teachers everywhere who do not agree with the concept of going on strike at the expense of the kids, but they are subjected to the rules of the masses. In fact, I’m confident this is true in every unionized segment of government service work… but you just don’t cross a picket line, ever. So the kids are not being educated in Chicago, home of the $76,000 salary… before benefits.

If any politician benefits at the expense of our kids that will be a crying shame, conspiracy or not… and there is no doubt that we are going off the cliff.

It’s just a matter of time, at the rate things are moving. It almost seems planned… but why would we think a Saul Alinsky disciple who also studied and agrees with the ideas of Cloward and Piven would be looking to cause unrest in the streets?

The same people so concerned about Mitt Romney’s taxes and unwilling to look closely at the charity of this man’s life, are now casting aside our most vulnerable for their own personal gain.

Remember in November.

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Keep posting. Keep them coming. I love that your posts contain real numbers and analysis. Very very information and honest.