Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Rant

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino made an excellent point today on The Five, broadcast on Fox News Channel weekdays at 5pm.

Ms. Perino asked if it is at all appropriate for the President of The United States of America to be the leader of a political party that claims to be the defenders of women... you know, the whole "War on Women" thing we have all heard about...

And then, as President, during the same campaign that claims to defend women... go on a radio show and be interviewed by a man who goes by the name "Pimp With a Limp?"

And remember, this is the same President who doesn't have time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel as the Middle East is in flames, but who taped an appearance on Letterman and has time for a fundraiser in New York City hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Today while President Obama was eulogizing at the "ceremony" for the four Americans murdered by terrorists in Libya and while American embassies around the world burn, his campaign was sending out tweets about sweatshirts for sale.


The Vineyard said...

Love, love, love Dana Perino. I started watching The Five because of Greg Gutfeld but I stay because of her.

This President is a joke. I don't even know what else to say, except this week has shown him for what he is. If Dems still vote, it's because they just don't want to see it.

tammy said...

I can't wait until he's out of office so he can just go party all the time.

Soloman said...

Reading back through some of my old posts this morning... good morning, ladies. Hope you are both well.

I love Gutfeld. He is the common sense answer from the conservative perspective to what Stewart and Colbert offer. He misses on the intellectual honestly thing sometimes in favor of the rhetoric I've noticed, but I've also noticed he is willing to admit fault, which I don't see much from the other guys.

So we have four more years of the man we all agree has blinded America into submission with his marketing strategy and his personality, being the great orator-in-chief. I bet he will still party just as much... we may just witness America's "let them eat cake" moment come to fruition in a real and incredibly savage way.

But I will not blame Obama exclusively anymore, for he is just a man, as I am just a man and we are all just men... I know I don't have to be politically correct with the two of you, and that's so wonderful.

I will blame them all, and I will blame Americans when it gets right down to being a matter of who to blame. We have brought this destiny upon ourselves with our willful ignorance over decades, and it is ours to deal with.

My prayers to you and yours... take care.