Friday, September 7, 2012

My Rapid-Fire Wrap-Up of the 2012 DNC

It was wonderful to see Gabrielle Giffords on stage tonight. What a story of strength and courage she is.

And what a tragedy the way the political left, including President Barack Obama, played the uninformed, anti-Second Amendment political card in the wake of that tragic shooting. Facts have been proven rather stubborn for this administration.

Mr. Biden, if you and Barack see a future... if it's "In your DNA, where no one is forced to live in the shadows of intolerance," then why do the two of you and all your party big-wigs keep preaching intolerance toward success?

And why was your party's platform intolerant of our nation's founding with The Creator as a central focus... a point agreed upon and fully endorsed by Atheists at the time?

The 2012 Democrat National Convention was a complete and total fairy-tale based on the stories we've heard, and should be the demise of the Democrat Party for years based on their intolerance of God, Israel, and the complete vacuum of power we saw Wednesday afternoon. Our Creator is in our founding; to remove God from a party platform is not surprising from the left, but telling about where their organization really stands heading into the "home stretch" of this election. The inmates are running the asylum, as can be clearly seen here:

And Debbie Wassermann-Schultz' endless barrage of lies, including her statement that the events seen above did not happen? Even Anderson Cooper couldn't help himself.

And that interview with Shep Smith on Fox News... yeah, I know... Fox Lies and stuff, blah blah blah...

Debbie Wassermann-Schultz has the ability to look straight into peoples' eyes or directly into a camera and lies, and does not bat an eye or stutter at all. This woman is a pathological liar and needs to be removed from her position within the Democrat Party for the good of America.

We've been told Mitt Romney's agenda is backward looking, and a return to the past. We've been told this by a candidate and a party that had to bring out a president from 20 years ago. The strange thing about that is, Bill Clinton actually knew how to come to the center and work with his political opposition. Barack Obama has shown zero interest in "triangulation," and massive intent to run to the hard left if reelected.

It was fascinating to listen to Michelle Obama try and convince us that Barack was raised in a family environment "just like her." Michelle Robinson Obama seems to have had a normal upbringing, but Barack? Sorry, facts can't lie, and in this case facts are that he was raised by a bunch of communist appeasers with radical ideas, and in the case of his Father an actual hatred for America... other than the Ivy League education he got here, of course...

It's all in his own books. Read them. I am not name-calling, this is not "code" or a "dog-whistle." Barack Obama's world view was molded by radical, anti-American communists who hated America and all it stood for. That world view carried on into adulthood, where he formed friendships with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and spent 20 years listening to Reverend Wright saying things like "God Damn America."

We have heard over the past few days a number of Democrats compare conservatives to Nazis, and we have literally witnessed the plagiarism of Marco Rubio's speech by a Mayor from San Antonio, whose mother we now have learned is a founder and long-time member of a radical anti-American group called La Raza Unida.

But I digress.

Any party that would bring out and highlight the womanizer Slick Willie Clinton, as well as the memory of Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame, while at the same time claiming to have love and devotion and respect for women... quite frankly that party must be insane.

This is the same party that nearly elected womanizer John Edwards VP on a ticket with the rich White guy John Heinz-Kerry.

Well, John's not actually rich... it's his wife who is living off of her Daddy's hard work. How much money does Mr Heinz-Kerry have stashed in the Cayman Islands, anyway? And really... And how much extra... what kind of "fair share" is Mrs. Kerry paying into our government? I mean besides the way they hid that yacht off the coast of Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts, in order to evade taxes.

I know, I know... it's in the past and this is 2012. And we are looking "forward," as Caroline Kennedy was trotted out once again to endorse a Democrat. Nothing like a throwback to 1963 to promote how we are looking "forward" while blasting the opposition's desire to return to fiscal policies that actually work.

What a ruse, this Cayman Island meme.

And I think I heard the same about Bill Clinton today... seems Slick Willie has made his "fair share" since leaving office, but doesn't want to pay.

And the fact that in a prerecorded video Biden felt the need to make the statement that Obama "never enters a meeting by asking what is the best political position" should give all Americans reason to be concerned. Everything Team Obama does seems to be based on politics.

Barack Obama has had four years to bring America closer to energy independence, but has done nothing. See Keystone Pipeline.

And his rant about lobbyists and checks for millions trying to buy this election? Hypocrisy 101. Ask Bill Maher how much money he has given Obama's reelection, and ask him for an opinion about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann.

War on women, my ass.

Fighting for the middle class? Hardly. Palling around with rich Hollywood celebrities and taking massive donations from multiple dinners hosted by George Clooney? You betcha.

There is a good fact-check up at, if you're interested in facts.

And not one mention, ever, about how the information gathering which began under the Bush administration aided and assisted in the killing of Osama bin Laden. I thought Barack Obama was interested in what's best for all Americans, not just what benefits him politically. Guess I was misinformed, damn it.

Barack Obama never would have been able to give the order, were it not for George W. Bush. And Mitt Romney's plan for bankruptcy for General Motors was a net positive, but it wouldn't have helped the unions as much as Obama did by directly funding them with our money. Let's be honest, since we are giving credit for bin Laden being dead and GM being alive...

Mitt Romney has a proven track record of working toward what is best for all, while Obama has proven to be nothing but a hard-left ideologue.

It was nice not to see Greek columns tonight, but tonight was much more of the same. Remember 2008, when we were given a chance of a "Fundamental transformation of America" or "More of the same?"

This go-around, should Barack Obama be reelected, America will be subjected to more of the same fundamental transformation to a Godless nation, leaving our strongest ally to stand completely on her own in a time of great peril.

And call me partisan... but should Barack Obama be reelected in November, we will be led for four more years by a man whose entire Presidency has been driven by ideology and the inability to work for all Americans, including the successful.

God Bless and good night.


Pedaling said...

I'm just going to link to you. Thanks- right on, yet again!

tammy said...

I said the exact same thing to my husband about Debbie Wassermann-Schultz. In fact, our conversations were pretty much on par with everything you just said. I just asked on FB (sarcastically) if anyone knows when the Academy Awards for the DNC will be.

Great post. I'll be linking to you too.

Soloman said...

Thank you both for listening to me vent..

I get so irritated that politics irritates me so, but I feel the need to speak out and I'm glad I have this forum.