Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Witch, The Bitch, And The Worst Person In The World

So here I am, very late on the night before the big election… throwing in my two cents as if it’s going to make a difference, right?


In fact, by the time I finish this rant and post it, the time will be well past Midnight on the East Coast (in fact, it’s past midnight on the West Coast as I’m wrapping and posting). Most of you probably won’t even read these thoughts until after you’ve cast your ballot; fulfilling your personal effort and civic duty to restore common-sense conservative values across this great land.

But here I am anyway, because while I can freely admit that I've not been the best or most consistent "down the home stretch" political blogger – heck, I’ve pretty much been missing in action - there are some things I’ve witnessed in the media and politics over the past couple of months that I simply must comment on, because if I don’t… well, I guess I wouldn’t comment on them. Duh.

But since I wish to comment on these issues, and since I have a computer and a working internet connection…here I am, commenting.

As an example; ABC News is being blasted with complaint emails for the fact that they plan to have Andrew Breitbart as a guest commenter on an on-line.


I never even knew this was happening until I got an email in my Inbox this morning - from Breitbart's own email blast. Who has the time to pay attention to what guests ABC News plans to have on its online election coverage?

These same people who take issue with Breitbart being on a website panel of pundits believe MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is fair and unbiased and should be the anchor of Meet the Press.

George Soros has a network larger than we may ever understand, and it is a well-oiled and disciplined machine that will take years, if not decades, to dismantle.

But wait... Stop the insanity! Or, restore sanity!

Whatever the message, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert’s attempted mockery of Glenn Beck apparently reached MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann loud and clear.

Like Beck, I don’t honestly believe that Stewart intended to have this rally come across as partisan as his crowd clearly behaved. But then, what are we to expect from a crowd that was, in large part, transported to our nation’s capital at little to no cost by the likes of Arianna Huffington and SEIU?

Due to the words of a comedian, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has officially “suspended” the “Worst Persons in the World” segment of his show “Countdown,” pending review and analysis of what he called “Institutionalized Anger” on his “News Hour.” This comes just one day after Olbermann blasted Stewart for daring to make the comparison between his punditry on MSNBC and similar shows on other networks, specifically Fox News Channel.

In defense of his own program, Olbermann said, “Sticking up for the powerless is not the moral equivalent of sticking up for the powerful.”

Interestingly, standing a hard line of defense for George Soros and all of his interests is now known in some circles as “Sticking up for the powerless.” Duly noted.

There are so many media-on-media stories within just this one story it’s dizzying.

From my point of view, the most concerning should be the fact that the “Mainstream Media” types are all a-flutter over the Comedy Central Clown-Show on the Mall, boasting about what a wonderful message was put forth by our nation’s favorite Cable TV faux pundits.

What the all-knowing journalist-types clearly failed to do back in late August was to look past their own partisan agenda. For had they made even the slightest effort to see the truth beyond their own little myopic worldview, they’d have seen that Beck’s message was just as much (if not more) one of getting past the partisanship and doing what is best for America.

The fact that Olbermann believes he is doing something good by “suspending” this particular segment of his “News Hour” (his description, not mine) is laughable at best. In recent commercials on MSNBC, Olbermann has defended the segment with the claim that its intent is not harmful; it is really put forward with the intent to give a laugh in the midst of all of the turmoil of the news day.

This, of course, is why Olbermann and his staff have felt completely comfortable putting forward (at best) clips for the aforementioned “Worst Persons” segment that have been edited and taken completely out-of-context by the left-wing, George Soros funded Media Matters, in an effort to fuel hatred and distrust of a news agency that has repeatedly been proven to be the most honest and most equally balanced with regards to party representation.

But aside from the clown-show and a bunch of paid phone callers whining about a conservative being granted a voice in the mainstream, perhaps the most unreported yet important story of this election season comes from Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.

Progressive Raul Grijalva, the wonderful Congressman who made a name for himself by calling for a boycott of his own constituents, is in the political fight of his life, which I pray with all my might that he shall lose.

Grijalva’s challenger, a 28-year-old physicist named Ruth McClung, just may be the most principled person to enter the political fray since sometime around the birth of America.

Cast aside as a certain loser by the Republican establishment, McClung fought hard to get her message out. Supported locally and then nationally by Tea Party Patriots, McClung has brought herself to a virtual dead-heat in what appeared to be an un-winnable contest.

And while I have not yet been able to independently verify this, today Glenn Beck stated that McClung refused funds from the GOP establishment. Whether or not that statement by Beck is true, what is undeniable is that this election is indeed the beginning of a new age in American politics.

Well I’ve hardly scraped the surface, but it’s late and I must sleep.

So as you watch the election results come in Tuesday evening, or as you wake up on Wednesday to the shocking news that a “witch” is a Senator-elect in Delaware (hey, anything’s possible!) and a “bitch” (according to Joy Behar) is Senator-elect in Nevada, just remember…

No matter what the injury, Brett Favre will play on Sunday. And when the World Series is on the line, take it from a long-time Cleveland Indians fan - do not, under any circumstances, pitch to Edgar Renteria!


Just a conservative girl said...

You forgot the whore in California.

I went to the sanity rally on Saturday. It was a very anti conservative crowd that took a great deal of pleasure in mocking the tea party.

I was talking to a couple who flew in from CA. They told me that most of the hate comes from the right. I told him that I found that odd considering the female candidate for governor was called a whore and then NOW endorsed the campaign that made the remark. I also said the reason you don't hear the hate from the left is because you obviously agree with it. I, at least, will admit that there is hate coming from the right. He did at least say he was "disappointed" to see the Hitler mustache on Eric Cantor. I said that is funny, you were appalled by the ones on Obama. I told him that since he would never hear this from the media, the Hitler Mustache signs at Tea Parties belong to the left. He said he didn't know who La Rouche was. I wonder if he will be intellectually honest enough to look it up.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Nice to see you got all that off your chest Soloman!! Fun reading!

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Oh, and I haven't gotten out to vote yet - leaving for the polls shortly!

Anonymous said...

"your truest and most frightening words are: "anything is possible".

MIA? We sent out search parties all over the blogosphere.

The Conservative Lady said...

Loved the rant. Enjoy the celebration tonight...tomorrow begins the hard work.

Ruth said...

Thank you from Ruth McClung's campaign manager!

Soloman said...


You're so correct.. my post shoulda / woulda / coulda been "The Witch, The Bitch, and The Whore."

Just as well.. I've already broken a somewhat self-imposed language discrimination line, but what the Hell, it's Election Day!

Soloman said...

Hoping -

Glad to have y'all to listen when I need to rant. Glad you enjoyed my mind's wandering!

Go America!!

Soloman said...

Nickie -

For all the rambling, it's amazing my simplest words ring the most true.

But we must not be frightened... instead we must become more strong, and persistent, and more determined than ever to persevere against the tyranny of progressivism!

Soloman said...


In my district, it's hopefully rather a safe and predictable evening, although I must admit I'd rather not have Ben Quayle to choose from... hopefully he proves my gut wrong and becomes a leader and a Patriot...

Soloman said...

Ruth -

I'm so very hopeful... if only I lived in the 7th.

Regardless, she's shown such a bright light on Grijalva's progressive ways, which is a Godsend.

My strongest prayers and best wishes are with your campaign tonight!!!

What Makes Us Right said...

Rant on my friend, rant on! And CL is right, now the work begins!

Anonymous said...

If I lived in the Arizona 8th I would definitely be voting for McClung (even if she looks like she's about 17).

Actually, I'd vote for the universe to explode before I voted for that thug Grijalva. (I drive through that district, and every time I see one of his double Spanish exclamation point or mustache signs I feel like spitting on it, but that would defile my spit, so I refrain.)

I'm just hoping we can get rid of Gabrielle "Squeaky" Giffords and get Jesse Kelly into office in my district.

Anonymous said...

>do not, under any circumstances, pitch to Edgar Renteria!

Yeah, what's up with that? The Series ended before I really got started watching. My life will now be empty and bleak until spring training...

Soloman said...

Bastiatarian -

Agreed, if I could vote for McClung, I certainly would. Too bad I'm not an SEIU member... not!

I can't honestly say I'm familiar with the candidates in your district, except that I know McCain was claiming the possibility of overturning four Democrat strongholds. I'm guessing yours is one of those?

And about that Series.. let's just say that good pitching will always beat good hitting, and San Fran quite simply silenced the best batting lineup in the Majors.

There's still three NASCAR races left, if that's any consolation for you. For that, I'm definitely primed...

Soloman said...


I gotta say.. it took until the day before to finally wake me up, but I'm definitely in the groove again.

And yes... now is the work.

We must, in my opinion, hold these newly elected representatives feet to the fire, work to help the old-guard Republicans understand what's the right course of action, and get the vote out against anyone left or right who will not work toward the best interests of America!