Thursday, November 4, 2010

California Dreaming, Or Left Coast Lunacy?

I can't believe California elected Jerry Brown. Again.

Congratulations are in order to Gloria Allred - I suspect her little "Meg Whitman hates brown people" game probably had a lot to do with Moonbeam's reinsertion into the Sacramento Governor's mansion. No need to pay attention to the facts, like that little issue of falsifying one's identity.

Or, in the words of South Park's Officer Barbrady, "Move along, nothing to see here!"

I don't know if Carly Fiorina was the best candidate for Republicans to put forward against Barbara "Call me Senator" Boxer. But had Fiorina been elected, she certainly could not have done any worse than Boxer has over her notorious career.

Boxer's career has seemingly existed for the sole purpose of creating an entire class of citizens, a class defined by their dependency on government and sense of entitlement.

Good, responsible, hard working Californians must be dying inside as they watch their beautiful home state being decimated by people who either don't understand, or just don't care.

These folks.. the entitlement class that is riding the ocean-side government express to nowhere, seem to expect the rest of America to keep supporting them as they live their lives of debauchery, or whatever, it is that they are doing.

California has become a disgrace. That far-off to the west, beautiful promised land that once offered an entire nation such inspiration and hope, has now become shell of its former self.

California is on the precipice of disaster, and is about to become a burden to the rest of America. And the choices made by its residents regarding representation at the State and Federal level indicate that it is about to tumble over the cliff and into the abyss, all the while attempting to pull America over the edge along with it.

Things in California are so bad that even a Black woman with an excellent and very traditional American message could not win, even though she ran for Congress in a district that includes predominately Black populated Compton, and Long Beach, which is populated largely by elitist liberals who likely voted in overwhelming numbers for President Obama almost exclusively due to the color of his skin.

Star Parker, a first-time candidate supported by the Tea Party and running as a Republican, ran against incumbent Liberal Democrat Laura Richardson.

Parker's story is one of self-reliance and perseverance; rising from poverty, drug use and several abortions to eventually find religion, reject welfare, earn a college degree and start her own non-profit organization.

Meanwhile, the incumbent leftist Richardson has been entrenched in scandal regarding multiple properties that she has "allegedly" defaulted on, after taking sub-prime, adjustable rate, no money down mortgages.

Richardson's story is everything that is wrong with America right now. "I want it all, and I want it now. I don't want to pay for it - put it on credit, I'll worry about it later. Uh-oh, I'm having problems... somebody better come fix this for me."

This is what Laura Richardson has done with her life, for at least as long as she has held public office.

Richardson is such a low-down politician that during her first campaign for Congress, she accused her opponent Jenny Oropeza of a poor attendance record in the California Assembly, implying irresponsibility. In fact, Oropeza was battling cancer, and has since succumbed to the disease.

Meanwhile, Parker's story represents the traditional "American Dream." Parker proves that with hard work, persistence, and determination, anyone can elevate themselves from the worst of circumstances to achieve a comfortable living, all independent of government assistance and completely self-reliant.

California is becoming like that drug-addicted son or daughter, the one that keeps getting handouts from Mom or Dad - the parent that does not want to believe the truth and continues to enable their offspring in the belief that it is the loving and right thing to do.

The parent in this situation does not want to admit it, but the problematic child must be left to support itself, or it will never change its troublesome ways.

I believe it is time for America to cut off California. No. More. Bailouts. This really needs to be true for all fifty states; I am making an example of California because it is such a glaring and obvious situation that we face regarding The Golden State, but just as each individual person should be treated equally under the law, each of our sovereign State territories must be treated equally with respect to fiscal responsibility.

Every government entity within America needs to find a way within itself to be self-sufficient. This works both ways; not only should the feds not bail out cities and states, but the federal government must be reigned in and held accountable so that it is able to manage itself in a fiscally responsible manner, so as to not burden or overwhelm the individuals, cities, and states across the nation.

Otherwise, we will soon not be able to properly help the truly sick or otherwise incapable, those who truly need our help. This is truly one of the responsibilities of government - helping those individuals who are truly incapable of providing for themselves.

But when we have the federal government building turtle tunnels under highways, studying 1600's era Peruvian lawsuits, or doing research on the mating habits of cactus bugs, people's personal budgets become burdened to the point that they vote against school levies in local municipalities.

Children then are deprived of important opportunities, such as athletics or art classes. They are also likely to be packed into classrooms like sardines, and given instruction by teachers who can not properly attend to the number of students they are forced to teach.

These children - our future - deserve much better than what the future appears to offer, given our current circumstances. We must change our course, and I believe a perfect example of why we must do so is the once great State of California.

Special hat tip to Opus #6 at American Perspective for her post that links to JimmyZ's page. While none of this information is taken directly from either of these pages, this post was inspired in large part due to the thoughts offered therein.

Also, a shout-out to my long lost brother from Cleveburg...


LL said...

"They livin'it up at the Hotel California ...They gathered for the feast. They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast!"

Z said...

No, actually, Boxer's career has seemingly existed for the sole purpose of embarrassing Californians...TRUST ME.
This state is a great one, but we're in HUGE trouble.....
and yes, Whitman was ahead until MAID-GATE...which came out one year AFTER the problem happened. SURPRISE :-)
Imagine the Marijuana legalization went DOWN? I'd have thought everybody who voted for Gov Moonbeam OR Boxer had to be stoned!

Opus #6 said...

Re Star Parker, there is one thing that liberals hate more than a white conservative. That is a black one. Liberals claim to be tolerant, yet they are the ones demanding to know the racial quotas at each and every Tea Party event.

Star will make an excellent legislator. She may need to run in a conservative district, though.

Soloman said...

Hey LL, good to see you.

Do you know of Tool? The song is called

It's my ultimate California song...

Soloman said...

Z -

Isn't doing as I suggest - creating an entitlement class, ultimately the same as you suggest, which is to embarrass your home state?

Your state is in huge trouble... and we're honestly right now all in quite the mess.

I am honestly shocked pot didn't pass out there.

They tried to do here in AZ the medical pot law, kinda like you have there.

It's losing by about 6000 votes, they're still counting.

Soloman said...


you're so right.

Conservative Black men and women are scorned by progs. It is disgraceful how progs use people, pushing them into believing they should meet their race's monolithic support of them.

I can't for the life of me understand why more Blacks don't see how much they are conservative in their traditional beliefs, and how getting away from liberal behaviors would help their communities prosper!

As I'm sure you know, attractive women who are capable, and who believe in life, are also scorned by progs.

But that's okay... we conservative men value and appreciate you! :^)