Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Our President In Danger?

I did a post last night, but for some reason nobody that is commenting on that post seems to get the point I was really trying to make.

I must consider the possibility that the reason for this is that I posted a clip of Rachel Maddow, in which she lies and tries to smear Republicans and anyone in the media she considers “Right Wing.” For Miss Maddow, that includes… well, just about everyone.

Unfortunately, media-on-media mud-wrestling seems to grab our attention more these days than the real issues of our time.

Or then again, maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I am a victim of Glenn Beck’s evil fear-mongering, and maybe I too have become a conspiracy theorist. Either way, I’m going to tell you how I feel, because I believe my feelings at this very moment are very worthy of consideration.

Of course, Rachel Maddow will not take interest in anything I have to say, and she’ll tell you that whatever I tell you can’t be true because you saw it “On the internet.”

It’s time to get past the media-on-media mud-wrestling match, that we watch day in and day out, and address an extremely serious and potentially dangerous situation.

I believe that President Obama may be in danger.

Again, to be clear: I believe that President Obama may be in danger. I did not say that our president is in danger, because there is no solid evidence of this whatsoever.

I don’t want to be hyperbolic. After all, I’m only discussing the safety of our president. You can choose to disagree with me completely, and that’s fine. Or, you can think I’m a genius. That’s all up to you.

What I would ask is that you read my words, check out the links I offer to what I consider reliable sources, and come to your own conclusion.

President Obama has just embarked on a ten-day Middle-East and Asian excursion. I don’t know for sure when he left, but I’m guessing Air Force One is in the air already, or has already landed in Mumbai, India? I’m wondering if the cables will break in with live video feeds, as they have done in the past for him and other presidents.

Our President is heading into a hornet’s nest of political and religious instability.

Pakistanis are reportedly upset that President Obama is traveling to India, yet not to their homeland. That’s something to think about. Pakistan seems to be one serious hangout for Jihadists.

Of course, there’s probably not much to worry about; most of them are in hiding on the other side of the nation, which also happens to be beyond a nearly impassable mountain range.

If you believe that, keep kidding yourself. I’m going to keep looking at reality.

Pakistani militants are reportedly upset because they feel President Obama is playing favorites. He is starting his trip in India, and the fact that he is specifically staying at the Taj Hotel is also troublesome to Pakistani government officials, given the fact that the bombing two years ago has been blamed largely on Pakistani militants.

Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons, and they don’t seem like each other much.

I am not a student of events that take place in that region, but I know there is a long-standing disagreement about the division of a territory called Kashmir. It also seems Pakistan's government would like President Obama to intervene in the discussions.

That’s just what we need; to intervene in another perpetual middle-eastern conflict, specifically between Muslims and people of another faith. I can’t imagine radical Jihadists would ever consider using that as motivation for their recruitment. And let's absolutely not look to Israel and the Palestinian Territory as an example of where America's intervention has failed miserably time and time again.

Sometimes America just needs to butt out and let people settle their own differences.

Of course, President Obama need not be in imminent danger. Former CIA agent Mike Baker said today on Glenn Beck’s radio program:

It wouldn't have to be a direct harm to the president. It could be the disruption of the trip. It could be an operation, you know, planned during the course of his visit. Anything like that creates the profile they're looking for.

I know, I know… it was said on Beck’s program, so it can’t be credible…

Speaking of Glenn Beck, did any of you see the 2nd segment of Beck's television show yesterday?

Again, I don't mean to be hyperbolic... but if you have not, you need to watch this episode. I recommend watching it in its entirety, so that you gain complete context. So much of the problem in the news and opinion business relates to context, and how easily it can be distorted by trained professionals.

Here’s Beck’s entire Thursday show, in case you missed it. There are three segments:

For the purpose of this discussion, I’d like to bring your attention to the second clip, beginning at the 6:10 mark.

Everyone is making a big deal about the cost of President Obama’s trip. In my post last night, I showed how Rachel Maddow used Media Matters as her source for information, and tried to make it look like the only discussion on Fox News Channel or from Republican politicians is the cost of President Obama’s India trip.

Not quite…

Watch Glenn’s facial expressions as he suggests that someone… anyone… from the MSM ask a Secret Service connection, “Off the record,” if they are comfortable that everything is buttoned-down and secure for this trip. In my opinion, Beck has clearly spoken with someone who is not comfortable with the arrangements of this trip.

Glenn appears to know at least one Secret Service member who does not believe President Obama will be as safe as he should be, but because the rest of these media types have completely discredited Glenn amongst the uninformed masses and leftist sheep, he knows his word alone is not sufficient to raise red flags.

In fact, there is an article on Media Matters that disparages Beck for exactly what I am discussing here. The piece is called, "Beck still stoking fears about Obama's safety in India: "Now he's taking his children".

It is astounding to me to read the headlines on Media Matters.

While Beck is simply expressing an opinion and offering what he considers sound advice regarding the economy, Media Matters is writing pieces about him entitled, "Beck still stoking fears about Obama's safety in India: "Beck touts investing in food commodities, the gold standard", as if stockpiling food or considering an investment in the most stable commodity on Earth is somehow a bad thing.

If you care to, check out Media Matters' entire page of "fact checks" on Glenn Beck. I think we should all know what the other side of the political aisle has to say, and if you really want to do an "apples / oranges" comparison of ideas, this is a great way to do so.

Knowledge is power.

I hope that Secret Service person I discussed earlier is incorrect, because as this article goes online President Obama has already landed in Germany. Next stop: Mumbai, India.

During Thursday's television show, Glenn told the entire world President Obama's itinerary – exactly as it is planned out.

He’s not giving away any top secret information; as Glenn points out, the President is traveling the same route that has already been planned and canceled two previous times.

Again, according to my interpretation of Glenn Beck’s words and facial expressions, at least one member of the Secret Service is not comfortable with the fact that they have not been allowed to change the itinerary.

You don't suppose al Qaeda knows his schedule??

God forbid President Obama were to be killed, I think Armageddon would ensue. Let's face it, this ain't 1963 anymore.

My friends, whether we like it or not, much of the world seems to believe President Obama is some sort of savior.He is extremely popular overseas, much more so than Stateside.

However, his popularity amongst Muslims is fading fast. As reported by

In an annual poll sponsored by US think tank the Brookings Institution, more than 60 per cent of respondents in half a dozen Arab countries said they had a negative view of Mr Obama and the US while only 20 per cent had a positive view. In April-May 2009, 45 per cent of those polled were positive about him and US policy in the region.

There are just a few Muslims living within the nations through which our president is about to journey.

Friends… regardless of our politics, I know you and I are good people, and we love our country.

We may disagree with President Obama regarding policy, and we may want more than anything in the world to vote him out of office in a fifty-state thumping come 2012, but I would never, ever wish for harm to come to our president.

That’s beneath anyone. I expect you all feel the same, and if you do not, than this blog is not for you.

I know there are a lot of people on the left who literally said they were disappointed when Dick Cheney was not killed in Afghanistan a few years back. I know there were all kinds of bad things said about George W. Bush, including calls for his execution as a war criminal, wishes that he be assassinated, and so on.

I don’t know the true heart of the people who said such evil things, but I know my heart and I know the type of people I associate with… people like you.

We are not that.

Thursday night, Glenn Beck literally begged for the help of the MSM.

Does anyone know... before the Obama family left this morning, did anyone ask exactly why this trip, to these dangerous places, at this time? Anyone?

Here’s a couple of things that are just a little more reason for concern. Just a little more reason, mind you… again, I am only discussing the safety of The President of The United States of America.

America just monetized our debt to the tune of $600 billion, as part of a larger $900 billion dollar plan. Actually, the correct term is “Quantitative Easing,” and the rest of the world is none to thrilled with America for putting the global economy at risk.
As reported by The Associated Press:

The head of China's central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, said on Friday that the U.S. policy should take the world economy into consideration. "If the domestic policy is optimal policy for the United States alone, but at the same time it is not an optimal policy for the world, it may bring a lot of negative impact to the world."

Go ahead. Call Glenn Beck a conspiracy theorist, or a person who uses fear-mongering and hyperbolic rhetoric for ratings.

Call me the same, because I believe everything Beck is putting out there for us to understand is well within the realm of possibility.

Thankfully, America has never had our leader killed on foreign soil. But don't think for one minute that it couldn't happen. We are living in a different era than we have ever seen.

No longer is the question simply convertible top up or down; now the question must become, “Is it not better and safer for everyone if these meetings happen by teleconference?”

If, God forbid, President Obama were to be killed while visiting The Middle East or Muslim Asia, what do you think would happen??


Fuzzy Slippers said...

I have great respect for you, and I believe that your feelings are important, too. I do understand this argument, but the only threat to BO would be al Queda. There is no country on this earth that is willing, yet, to stand toe to toe with the U. S., even with that loser in the WH. He's petty and disgustingly nasty, and while he would not be likely to defend any of our allies or even our own homeland, you can bet he'd unleash unholy hell on anyone who tried to kill his precious wonderfulness. Besides, he's already "come out" to the president or prime minister or whatever of Egypt as a Muslim, so they all think (or know) that he's in cahoots with them and simply dissimulating to further the cause of Islam. That's a pretty powerful ally to knock out.

No country will start dropping nukes without provocation, that's just not going to happen (my money's on Israel dropping them on Iran, but no other country will until provoked as Israel is). The UK, for one, would be all over them, as would we. They'd be wiped off the planet.

So al Queda taking him out or trying to? Sure, I can see that.

A country, even one with animosity toward us and/or our relationship with India? No way. It would be beyond foolish and would immediately rally every ally we have or have ever had, including ones that BO has worked his butt off to alienate. I wouldn't sweat this one, Sol dear.

Then again, if anyone wants to go to war with the U. S. (and China has something to gain, as does the Soviet Union), now's the time to do it, before we seat our new House in January. Naw, I just can't wrap my mind around our being that beaten and dragged down that we look like an easy target . .. yet. We're on our way, but an easy target for friggin' Pakistan? Not yet. Give BO time, though.

Opus #6 said...

Certainly questions of President Obama's safety must be addressed. If Glenn Beck has a source in the Secret Service that is concerned enough to contact him for help, then it may be that all safety contingencies have not been observed for this trip. I would hope Obama would listen to his staff and take their good advice, but as he has not taken Americans' good advice for two years, I doubt he will listen to them. So it fits the narrative that he would go off half cocked, trusting in his own omniscience. If Obama thinks for one minute that appeasing muslims will buy him their mercy, he is wrong, wrong, wrong. The same goes for any leftists. Unless those leftists convert to Islam, and the women start covering up and minding their place, they will get no quarter from Islam.

I can't see Pakistanis whipping out nukes for this occasion. But there are plenty of weapons short of nukes that can cause all sorts of mayhem. Violence would be blamed on "extremists" and no country would necessarily take the blame. I hope President Obama listens well to his Secret Service protectors and allows them to do their job.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Soloman. What a thoughtful post, when you consider all the things you wrote about, and Glenn's concern, I would agree that things could go very bad on this trip. I think the timing is awful. I also think he's going because isn't this the season for the Haj, when they all visit mecca? he can take a side trip there, for whatever reason.

I hope nothing happens to him, because that would be very awful for everyone. Please don't upset yourself or worry yourself sick, though, I can tell your concern.
Whatever happens, happens, I believe everything is in God's hands, and when your number's up, it's we just have to try and survive this economic meltdown and trust the professionals to do their jobs.

Have a great weekend, and don't worry yourself.

Soloman said...


I don't suspect that the nations of China or India, or any other nations per se, would attempt to harm Obama.

I do know, however, that there are terrorists all across that region of the world, and that if you give anyone enough time to make a plan, they might just succeed.

Having said all that - I also honestly expect (and of course hope) that all this wondering is for not.

I don't anticipate anyone would drop nukes without provocation... I brought that into discussion as part of the larger picture I was trying to paint.

If.. and of course it should not, but if something were to happen... if it happened in India, let's say. first finger pointed goes straight to Pakistan, be it radicals or their government.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of a nation to have an American POTUS killed on their soil? Especially "Teh Won?" Oh, my leftistness... heh.

I don't know of course what would happen... and I realize I was a bit over the top, but that's kind of where I wanted to go. I kinda want to venture my writings into a level of Beck-like hyperbole upon occasion. It's fun!

Thanks for your thoughts, as always.

Soloman said...


I did indeed find it disconcerting that, per Beck's description, Obama might put his own agenda above that of those sworn to protect him. How incredibly vain...

Then again, as you so eloquently state, so fits the narrative.

I don't know if Obama thinks he can "appease" Muslims, but then again what would cause him to act as he so frequently has when asked to discuss Jihad?

And as you've probably gathered, I don't expect Pakistan would pull a nuke out just to kill Obama. However,m a well planned route disruption, followed by a strategically located series of roadside bombs, RPG's, and more... I know the vehicle our President travels in is the safest they can build, but nothing is certain in such an uncertain climate.

Anyway - as you said, if there's any question at all I hope he heeds sound advice. Thanks for your thoughts.

Soloman said...

Bunni -

Thanks for the compliment. I just wanted to explore what nobody else really wanted to explore, except obviously Glenn... and since everyone considers him certifiably insane, better get my straightjacket! heh...

So far, so good, with regards to his safety - and I know we are all praying for him daily. As much as we disagree politically, that's what I love about us... we "teabaggers," if you will - we never would wish harm on a person simply for politics' sake.

I don't think Obama can visit Mecca, can he? Unless... Oh, my, Bunni.. you might just be on to something there...!!

Regarding the aftermath.. once Obama has returned and begun the continuation of his destruction of America - the "Quantitative Easing" BS they are pulling is going to make for a tough road, for a while. I know they believe they can strategically retract all these extra dollars from the market at just the right time...

We shall see.

Thank you for your well wishes - I didn't worry too much, and I must say I really did enjoy your comment. Thanks so much.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Hey Sol, well the bottom line is that we know that some of those governments support al Queda, but that any act of aggression at that level (he's the president of the United States, and that still means something, even though he's trying to make it meaningless) would never be condoned by even a terror-supporting nation. It's the single thing they could do to pull America together in rage . . . much like Pearl Harbor did. We'd all want to go to war over that, and we'd go. And we'd kick so much butt that the entire region would be a nuclear wasteland. Killing our president is a line that I just don't see them crossing, even bin Laden must know that there would be no nation that would stop us or try to stop us. It'd be WWIII, and they are in no way a match for us in an actual war, they're sneaks and terrorists, not warriors.

That said, they may misread the American dissatisfaction with BO and not fully understand that America would never tolerate the assassination of a sitting president on foreign soil, but they'd have to be complete morons to come to the conclusion that we'd not respond . . . appropriately and swiftly.

Oh! And don't try to be Beck, be you. I like you and love your writing because it's uniquely yours. :D

Soloman said...

Hey Fuzzy -

Excellent point, about the Jihadists being sneaks and terrorists.. I'd say "sneaks and snakes?"

And you misunderstand.. I'm not trying to be Beck.. I just enjoyed letting myself actually write some of the more vivid thoughts I envisioned. Sometimes I think I hold back a bit... or not, who really knows?

This post was a day-and-a half or two days in the making, and it was one of the most fun and thought-provoking works I've put myself through... because even though I took a lead from a pundit - something I'll freely admit I've done before - I really allowed myself to close off what I had heard from that pundit, and venture into where my own mind took me.

And there is fun in the ranting of and to the extreme, is there not?

Don't worry - you ain't gettin' rid of me that easy! lol!!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

YAY! And yes, there is something very fun about being what others call extreme, but if it's what we really feel/think/believe, it's not. I know that some of my posts are "extreme," but I don't care if that's what I truly think. Ugh, if you can follow that messy (or fuzzy) logic. Heh

Soloman said...

I feel that I understand, if only because some might believe that I am so extreme.

I think.

It's all fuzzy. Or messy.

But it's all good!