Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elections Have Consequences - How Hillary Clinton Represents America As Secretary of State

It is believed by many that President Barack Hussein Obama diminished The Office of The Presidency with his recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It was not just the appearance that was considered beneath The Office; also notorious was the demeanor with which Obama handled himself. At a time in which it was becoming more and more evident that his party was about to suffer great losses, President Obama carried himself with an air of hyper-partisanship. While acceptable within the confines of the left-leaning regular viewership of the Comedy Central hit TV show, his behavior at that time appeared in large part to be a snub to the nation which was about to soundly reject his policies at the polling place.

To be fair, President Obama is in a very stressful position. Not only did he inherit the financial ruin created by and then left behind by George W. Bush, but America is a terrible nation which only gives to "the rich" as it continues to diminish the plight of "the poor." President Obama is struggling in his communication with Americans; it seems we're just not getting the message that every single thing He wishes to do for us... to give to us, the little people... is in our best interests.

Sorry, I got swept up in the White House messaging there for a second.

In quite the contrast to President Obama's seemingly omnipresent cold and calculated demeanor is this recently recorded segment of Australian show The Hamish and Andy Show.

Seriously, President Obama holds what certainly must be the most difficult job in the world. I don't envy him for one second, and it is understandable that he takes issues very seriously these days.

Meanwhile, however, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is jet-setting around the world collecting bags of potato chips and making light of political correctness. Hillary gets to gloat about the strength of America and how powerful she is, while President Obama must stand before camera after camera and give appeasing explanations about America's relationship with the Muslim community.

I must say that I rather enjoyed this interview, and it certainly seems that many times recently as I've seen Mrs. Clinton interviewed, she seems quite at ease and in control of her situation. A woman many of us once thought rather robotic, calculated, and sometimes even callous, she now seems to have a new lease on life. (Maybe it has something to do with all the time on the road and away from Bill?)

One must wonder, in hindsight, if Hillary isn't maybe rather okay with the results of the 2008 Democrat Party primary, after all.


Teresa said...

I'd rather be Secretary of State instead of President. I mean really, who would want to be uptight, serious, ignorant, immature, and clueless like Obama?

The_Kid said...

Soloman, H Clinton is calculating, devious, evil, and unbelievably incompetent as SOS. Pull up her web site side by side to Condi's site.

She is a pathological liar as proven by, her -at least 3 -dissertations about how she and her daughter, first lady and daughter of President of the USA was "flown into a location under sniper fire, and after landing had to scramble down the rolling stairs and run to waiting limos"

All of which was handily proven a bald face lie by CBS video of the event, showing her and Chelsea yukking it up with the locals on the tarmac.

She is much more but I'll leave it as this.

Am I missing something here? Are you making a case for H Clinton? I'm not getting it.

The_Kid said...

Secondly, I don't see where obama is taking issues seriously these days. He is taking a vacation costing possibly 2 Billion dollars on the taxpayer tab and could care less what America thinks about it or anything else.

He goes on TV shows and laughs and tosses the bird at America. He could care less.

As in my last comment, I'm not getting this point either.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a lesson in grammar is due on your part. Twice you said he "could care less". The appropriate phase in this situation would be that he "couldn't care less". Unless, of course, you meant that he actually can care less which makes him appear better than what you think of him.

I suppose you might be one of the many "W" followers that says "nucular" instead of the grammatically correct "nuclear" but that's another story for another day.

The_Kid said...

Anon, Naw, I always include speeling errors and grammatical imperfections to give you liberal idiots something to focus on.