Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Charged Up About The Volt

From General Government Motors comes this fine little ditty about the newest and greatest disaster creation to roll off the assembly line from the former number one auto manufacturer in the world, The Chevy... er.. GM Volt.

Really, they're advertising it as the GM Volt. What do you think GM stands for, to the tune of about $60 billion taxpayer dollars in bailout, that to date still remains largely unpaid unless you count using other government money... to pay... the government.. its own... money.

Hmmm... that doesn't sound quite kosher now, does it?

And you thought I was kidding about Government Motors?

All 40 miles of battery powered wonderment from the Heartburn of America is now celebrated with song.

As iowahawk reminds us, this chart-topper comes from a long lineage of tunes that run deep within the very fiber of Americana. After all, what would America be without such great history as Dinah Shore, who famously saw the USA in her Chevrolet, or The Beach Boys, who saved their pennies and saved their dimes for a 4-speed dual quad positraction 409?

Now we have... well, you be the judge.

A true American icon in the making, and it'll only run you about $41,000 before tax deductions.

(Hey... wait a minute... I thought we didn't do tax breaks in the age of Obama...)

And as a friendly reminder, the great prognosticator iowahawk predicted almost exactly this outcome from the three-headed monster known as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, and what was then known as "Congressional Motors."

From late 2008, it's the video that started it all...

Hope and Change, people... Hope and Change...


Opus #6 said...

That little dance changes everything. I will buy a Volt matter what the matter the is the will of Llandrew....

Soloman said...

Opus -

the heck with the Volt... I want the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition.

Now that's a car!

Merri Ann said...

That first video was a joke wasn't it? I seriously can't tell if it was or not. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open ... that has to be a joke ... they can't be serious about that ...

The Vineyard said...

Holy Crap, that dance was awful. I mean why did they hire the high school cheer team and drama club to make a video?

And I loved how BO said GM has paid the government back. No joke about using gov. money to pay back gov. money.

blackandgoldfan said...

*trying to hold down dinner*

I wonder if the Triad of Evil are all gonna buy these cars...

LL said...

The opportunity to spend $41K for a car that runs 40 minutes and takes 8 HOURS TO RECHARGE sounds like every other government program I've ever heard of.

** If you buy a $2K recharging station, it only takes 4 hours to recharge.

Government auto fleets nationwide will now be populated by the VOLT because somebody has to buy them.

Soloman said...

Merri Ann -

I had exactly the same reaction. I still can't believe it's real... but...

I followed the video to YouTube. It's on a channel for GMVolt . No kidding.

Thus, The Heartbeat of America has now become The Heartburn of America.

Soloman said...

Vineyard -

High school cheer teams and drama clubs across the nation are waiting for your apology.

Soloman said...

B&G -

Hey... good to hear from you, my long lost friend!

Triad of Evil.. too funny. I like to think of them as the Three Headed Monster... but all the same - hell no, they won't own a Volt. Not in a million, billion years.

Don't be a stranger.. or at least any stranger than the rest of us!


Soloman said...

LL -

I wonder who the manufacturer is for that special charging station, and how much of a government kickback they're getting.

Soon there will be Enterprise Rental Car resale outlets full of Volts of all colors, with no takers. Even at the price they'll be reselling at, people into hybrids will be more inclined to buy a Fusion or Prius that are a year or two old... much better cars for the buck.

The_Kid said...

That Iowahawk video is on it like vomit.

The GM commercial looks like it could have been done by a kindergarten class.

Opus - I Am Landru

The body has been invaded

Though in the end it seems we may just get lucky

Anonymous said...

You have to admire how they are saving the planet by encouraging people to use more energy from coal power plants, not to mention all the toxic batteries.

Soloman said...

Kid -

"On it like vomit." Classic, I've honestly never heard that one, but it is fitting in this case.

And the GM commercial was funded by the US Government, so essentially what we got is at the level of kindergarten, I suppose..

Soloman said...


Gotta love some backward-ass forward thinkers, don't you?

If they'd only look into CNG technology... but that would be simple, cost efficient, and therefore make sense.

In the words of Bush the Elder.. "Wouldn't be prudent.."

Anonymous said...

If only the EV-1 hadn't been killed off by CARB, Bush Jr, and his lowly little right wing followers. GM could have been light years ahead of the competition in the EV market. Instead it was dropped and left or dead due to the stranglehold of big oil on right wing America. It's really a shame.

As a consolation prize we now see Japanese manufactured Prius, Insight, and Civic models whizzing along like Jetson mobiles while American manufacturers struggle to keep up. Toyota and Honda blew right by us when the EV-1 was killed dead in its tracks. Ford is barely able to keep up with the Fusion Hybrid.

It's time to stop blaming Obama for the Volt when Right wing American government started this problem all on its own with a law suit paid for by American tax payers to stop these cars from ever hitting the market. Now that the cars are back and the Left wing is in charge they are doing the right thing and bring the technology back. Billions were invested by GM to develop the EV-1. Had it been given even the slightest chance on the market it would have done extremely well. Instead, billions of dollars were wasted to keep big oil in play and right wing pockets lined with cash.

Now, with that said, I think that the government is going about bring this technology back in the wrong way. Those of us that remember the car don't need to see these figures spelled out in plain old American English. But for those who choose to ignore history the original EV-1, and the 2nd generation EV-1, had better electric range than the Volt. There's no reason that a 12-15 year old car could have a 70-160 mile range (EV-1 model dependent) while the Volt only gets 40 miles max before the gas generator kicks in. Why is this happening? Because, no matter what you say, the right is heavily involved in stopping this car from becoming a runaway hit. The right wing is once again weighing in on the decisions and have stopped the Volt from being a truly amazing electric car. How do we top it all off? Here's how… Nissan is dropping their electric car the "Leaf" on the market for almost $10k less than the volt - and - with a better electric range! That's just down right stupid.

Had the EV-1 been left to run is all electric course we wouldn't be having this discussion and those on the right could have taken credit for doing some real good for a change.

The_Kid said...

Anon, if the EV-1 could make money it would be produced today, just like any other liberal get energy for practically nothing dream fantasy.
If any alternate energy source could viably make money and compete with oil and coal, it would be in use today and the people that brought it to market would be making trillions of dollars. That's how shit gets done.

They were trying the same shit in the 70's as they are now. They even run the same 'investing billions into alternative energy' commercials to suck people like you into thinking they're nice folks, cause we all know how much you folks hate the dirty filthy coal oil and nuke power. Wake me up when your car is running on unicorn shit and can get 100 million people to and from work everyday.

It's these adolescent dreams that are an obstacle to doing something that makes sense for America energywise.

Why is the piece of shit Volt being offered to America? Because like the YUGO, the government owns them now and the UAW can rest assured their jobs will be safe even turning out pieces of garbage that sell for 33,500 after the government steals 7 grand for every dumbass that buys one to use for a rebate.

They, like Amtrak and the Airlines don't have to worry about turning a profit anymore. They're on the government dole.

Hopefully you are or will be a taxpayer someday, maybe you'll get tired of shoveling your hard earned money into some bottomless pit of mediocrity.

Anonymous said...


You're a total F..iing moron. If you read what I said you'd know that I'm not a fan of the EV-1. You guys are so jerked up about the Volt that you can't see past the fact that there are others right behind it that are going to kill any chance it has.


I'm sure if someone tried they actually could get a car to run on unicorn shit. But, and I can guarantee this, it wouldn't be a republican because far too many of them are too heavily invested in oil to give a rats backside. Well... maybe if Exxon owned a unicorn ship farm a republican could figure it out.

Are you really that stupid to think that this technology can't make money? Look at the Prius. Toyota took a loss in the beginning of its life because they had to fight the fact that absolutely every other car on the market was a gas hog. They tried to get it into a market at a reasonable price so that people could afford it. They did this knowing full well that the technology would catch up and the cost of good would go down and their profit would go up. Guess what? They were right! Now Toyota has invested in an American company to help it build even better battery technology so that they can shove it farther up our backside. We will never catch up if we don't start. Any moron can see that. Well, maybe not any moron - you can't see it, can you?

Another way to make this work is to use CNG as Soloman mentioned in a previous post. He's right about that. But, CNG is only a temporary solution. There's only so much of it to go around no matter what you're being told. And, it's cost is ridiculous because it is owned and controlled by big oil just like the petroleum products we use now.

About your last note. I am a tax payer in America. I'm helping to fund America so that America can prosper and move forward and away from funding foreign oil. If you knew anything at all you'd know the old saying that you have to spend money to make money. Then there's the other saying that money doesn't grow on trees. It's obvious that you don't have a freaking clue about any of this stuff. Maybe it's time for you to sit back and chill out for a few and get some of this through your thick skull.

The_Kid said...

Anon, Perfect liberal response; all emotion, shit for brains and lavalamp logic.

Yea, it's always some greedy filthy capitalst who is standing in the way of cars that run on air and put smiles and rainbows out the exhaust, isn't that right.

You're the idiots standing in the way of doing something intelligent with energy.

The Prius still doesn't pay for itself. It survives on flower powered brains buying the damn things. There are only so many people who are dumb enough to buy one.

We're still using oil because it's the only thing that is capable and economically feasible enough to get 100 million people just in the US to and from work everyday.

Get off of funding Foreign oil? Stop! My sides are splitting !

The liberal Icon Jimmy Carter created the Dept of Energy with a mandate to do just that. After multi-billions of dollars spent each year on 100,000 or more employees and 10,000 or so consultants, they have not only accomplished absolutely Zero on that front but through their existence, were actually an obstacle to doing something sensible with energy in the USA. Not near as bad as the EPA, which pushed the oil rigs far from shore so that when a problem occurs it is sure to be a catastrophe.

I would personally Love to have an electric car. But I'm not buying a single use work commuter for 33,500 freakin dollars ! And I make decent money!

I figure essentially a 2 seater car with extremely limited utility should got for about 18 grand. And you're not saving a lot of gasoline cost. They use gasoline, plus last I heard the battery goes for 8 grand. Replace one of those and all your fuel savings are out the freakin window. Gosh, guess how much I'd bet on GM producing a Reliable product anyway.

Now try to say something that makes sense.

When alternate energy comes along and goes into significant volume of use, it will be because the numbers work, not because a bunch of starry eyed envirofreaks overspend by 100% on immature technology to 'save the freakin planet', which of course does not need to be saved anyway.

Anonymous said...


Grow up, moron. You play the blame game quite well. Maybe if you took your head out of your @ss for just a sec you'd realize how ridiculous you sound.

Oh yeah... an EV is and ELECTRIC VEHICLE. It uses no gas. What planet are you on where an EV doesn't save a lot of gasoline cost?

Since you asked here's something that makes sense... I don't trust GM either. They've been a load of crap for years. Still are. They will never hold a candle to Honda or Toyota.

I'm done with this. I've got better things to do. Oh yeah... do me a favor "The_Kid" and get a clue and get life while you're at it.

The_Kid said...

Anon, Feel better little fella?

Give me your Mom's number. You're getting way too much computer time. Go out and play with the other kids once in a while and get your fair share of oxygen.

I'm not talking about the EV-1. It's dead and buried. Check the header. We're talking current events and the Volt which has a gas engine, so you can squeak out more than 40 miles as you eek your way around the burg like a pussified idiot from Orwell's 1984.. Lol

You probably dream about giving jimmy cater another 100 years in the Oval office so he might have a snow balls chance in hell of actually accomplishing something that makes sense, but I Doubt he would.

Now take your head out your ass, and let's do something sensible with Oil, and Coal, and Nuclear and maybe we'll all enjoy the cheap energy people 100 times smarter than both of us put together came up with decades ago to allow the USA to have the cheapest - cleanest sources of power in the world and provide the standard of living that allows you to get on what was considered a super computer just a couple decades ago and insult people.

The air is cleaner now that it ever has been since the industrial age started.

Learn something from Henry Ford who provided a vehicle that had mass appeal at a cost that the 'masses' could afford to lift us out of the age of horseshit all over the street.

If any of these bastards puts together a vehicle that the masses can afford and is comparably reliable to a Honda or Toyota, I'll be first in line to buy the mofo. No run along.