Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arizona SB 1070: A Media Bias Update

Arizona is being fed propaganda the likes of which America has not seen since the days of Woodrow Wilson, courtesy of The Arizona Republic.

In an effort to promote its purely leftist / open borders agenda, The Republic is running a multiple part series describing the woes of illegal aliens who are now suffering because of the racists in Arizona who hate all brown people.

Last week's propaganda piece by The Republic described the troubles of a poor illegal family who was so frightened of Arizona's new anti-illegal alien law that they picked up and moved all the way to Pennsylvania.

The article, entitled "Undocumented couple leave SB 1070 behind," began:

"A white Ford pickup with Arizona plates is driving north on U.S. 191 headed for the Utah border. Afraid of encountering police, the family inside is traveling at night. The pickup's headlights cut through a sea of darkness.

The family is in a hurry to get out of Arizona, to get away from the state's harsh new immigration law."

The pickup crosses into Utah at 11:59 p.m. Luis Sanchez breathes a sigh of relief as his wife, Marlen Ramirez, keeps driving. Both are undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

"Look," he says. "We are here. We have arrived in Utah."

They have made it safely out of Arizona, past the Maricopa County sheriff's deputy they saw as they were leaving Surprise and past the highway patrol cars they saw along Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

The article went on to describe how the family had attempted to make money by having a yard sale, but because so many of their neighbors are also haunted by SB 1070 and plan to leave Arizona, they were only able to raise $30, and ended up having to throw away most of their belongings. They were even forced to leave behind their Chihuahua "Brandy" and her 10-day-old puppies that were still nursing, and had not yet even opened their eyes.

Just before leaving, Luis and Marlen broke the news: The dogs would have to stay and would be given to another family. Vanessa (their 10-year-old daughter) turned her head. Tears ran down her face.

This week's piece of anti-rule-of-law literature is a compelling story about Oscar Vazquez, a man who recently had the honor of standing before President Barack Hussein Obama as he was introduced as an "outstanding graduate," while receiving his degree in engineering from Arizona State University.

A year later, Vazquez sat in a dark bedroom in this dusty city, his engineering degree tucked in a scrapbook filled with other mementos of his college days.

Even as he listened to Obama speak of brighter futures, Vazquez knew his path first would have to go through Mexico, where he would admit his illegal status and ask for permission to re-enter the U.S.

"I decided to take a gamble and do the right thing," he said.

Shortly after graduation in May 2009, Vazquez moved to Mexico, separating himself from his U.S. citizen wife and year-old daughter in Phoenix. He figures to remain here at least through March, when, according to a letter from the government, authorities will decide whether he can legally return to the United States.

The story goes on to describe how Vazquez works the night shift at a factory that produces electronic parts for automobiles.

"He showed his degree in mechanical engineering to his bosses,"
the article describes, "because they didn't really believe he had one."

"Vazquez, 24, did not want to enter the United States illegally. But he was 12 and, despite his protests, did as his mother told him.

These stories tug at heart strings, no doubt. Certainly the plight of many illegals here in America is a difficult situation to frown upon, since it surely is true that most of these people are good, hard working, honest people just like you and I who want nothing more than the best for their families.

I too want the best for these people and their families. I believe that any good person would.

This is why I propose that The National Council of La Raza, as well as any other groups who claim to be for the rights of Latin people, take their argument straight to the source of the problem: the governments of Latin American nations.

Perhaps if these "rights" groups were to pressure the correct nations - the nations from which these poor people have fled for decades due to their Marxist policies, corruption, and absolute lack of concern for their natural citizens - The United States would not have such appeal, and these good people would not be forced to suffer such trials and troubles.


michaela said...

Unfortunately living in Arizona, I too am constantly exposed to the lies and twisted facts about SB1070.Thanks for writing this. Hopefully there are people out there that can see the Arizona Republic for it's true name Arizona Regardless. As in regardless of the danger and financial ruin illegals expose us too, they are made out to be the victims. America is the victim.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Utah to pass such a law.

What Makes Us Right said...

I heard a few other states were considering this as well (including my state of Ohio). By the way, I hope they were careful in the city they chose in PA, as they have already passed tough laws on employers who hire illegals!

Pedaling said...

they even included the puppies.....
--Writing 101

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Soloman, I feel your pain, but the good news is ... I'll bet that paper's circulation drops in the next few weeks. I hope you didn't buy yours.

I only really see one thing wrong here ... THEY WENT THE WRONG DAMN WAY !!!

Soloman said...

michaela -

Thanks for leaving a comment, and thanks for stopping by.

I like to call The Republic "The Arizona Repugnant." If you ever listened to JD Hayworth when he did afternoons on KFYI, you've heard that one before - and I think Bruce Jacobs (formerly early AM host) called it the same. I also refer to it as "financially troubled," since it truly is in horrible shape. It's losing subscribers faster than Obama is losing approval points.

Soloman said...

I don't know what happened to everyone else's comments - they showed up in my inbox, but they didn't post here. Good old blogger.

Anyway - Odie, you're correct - the Repugnant's circulation is circling thew drain and getting worse every day.

Trestin - I'm with you - I think every state should consider a similar law - plus wouldn't that drive Obama and the gang nuts!

WMUR - I hope you're right. I'm a former Ohioan.. and while I can't say I saw an effect from illegals when I lived there (pre-2001) I know the liberalism in the big cities was getting overwhelming.

Pedaling - awww... ain't it cute the way they tugged our heart strings with the puppies?


Keith said...

I'm glad someone is exposing the bias and leftist/liberal garbage of journalism at AZ Republic! Every article this trash of a newspaper published about illegal immigration had to involve race or arguments for the hispanics. I have even wrote a letter to the Chief Editor and asked him to resurrect a balanced journalism. I never received a response.

They are also in bed with KPNX channel 12 in Phoenix. Both entities promote illegal immigration, but seldom from the damage and cost to taxpayers perspective.

Pretty sad.