Friday, July 2, 2010

And The Star Spangled Banner, In Triumph Shall Wave...

I thought I'd share something awesome my Dad sent me a few weeks ago, as it is extremely fitting as we celebrate America's Independence from tyranny.

As my Dad explained the story to me, he was listening to Herman Cain's radio show, and Mr. Cain mentioned a certain video of himself giving a speech and doing a Q & A session at a Douglas County Tea Party event.

The video tells the rest of the story. The last question / statement Cain takes that night is from a man who brings up the idea of a second, and seemingly lost verse of The Star Spangled Banner. He says that the verse needs to be brought back to light, and he begins to sing the verse.

This man has an amazing voice. If this man's singing doesn't make your heart swell with pride and bring a tear to your eye, there's not much that will.

At the time of the broadcast my Dad heard, this video had been viewed about 385,000 times. When I read the email a few days after I received it, it was at about 1.2 million hits, and at the time of this post it's reached over 2.2 million viewings.

This video should be seen by every American. Period.

My Dad also then searched out, and included in his email to me, a link that offers a full four verses of our National Anthem listed. You can check that out here.

God Bless The United States of America. Have a great Independence Day weekend, friends.


Anonymous said...

Ain't this a beauty?! As timely a post as I can imagine.

John said...
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Star Spangled Banner said...

It just occurred to me that at ALL public events when the SSB is sung, WE THE PEOPLE should sing the 4th verse instead of the 1st.

Opus #6 said...

I love this version. What a great moment. One of the best parts is watching the crowd reaction. I love America and Americans.

The Conservative Lady said...

This is a wonderful video.
Happy Independence Day, Sol!

Anonymous said...

On this Independence Day, let's pledge to fight to ensure this is not our last. There are forces actively and successfully working to crush our liberty.


What Makes Us Right said...

Thanks for keeping this going!

Happy Independence Day!

Soloman said...

Nickie -

My Dad sent this link to me about a month ago - while I was on hiatus.

I wasn't sure how many had seen it, but I believed it very much is fitting on Independence Day, and really any day for that matter.

Regarding your second comment, about ensuring that this is not our last Independence Day - I believe the best thing we all can do is learn and know as much as possible about the truth in American history.

God and the truth will always be on the side of those who have knowledge of the truth, and a strong Faith in God.

And of course, as a secondary measure, arm ourselves and be cautiously prepared to defend liberty at all costs, which is why I recently took ownership of my first firearm - an Arminius .38 special with a 6" barrel. I also plan to procure a shotgun of some type as well.

We should always pray for the safe keeping of American freedom, but we should always be prepared to defend our liberties and the liberties of future generations.

Soloman said...

Star Spangled Banner -

I believe it would be great simply for Americans to take more interest in our history - even if they are to learn all four verses would be a great improvement over where we seem to be headed!

Great page you run - I'm adding a link to it under my "Sources of Wisdom" section.

Soloman said...

Opus -

I too loved seeing the reaction of the crowd.

Ain't America grand?

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful 4th!!

Soloman said...


A very happy Independence Day to you and Mr. TCL as well. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Soloman said...


As I mentioned in the post and to Nickie, I had received this some time ago. I figured it had been posted by a few of my friends here in blog-land, but knew it was well worthy of being reposted this weekend.

Hope you're having a great Independence Day!