Sunday, October 27, 2013

More of the McSame

On 550 KFYI's “Nearly Famous Barry Young Show” on Tuesday, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain said he's "seriously considering" running for another term when his current one ends three years from now. McCain was responding to a caller who criticized him for breaking from party leadership to support an extension of the nation's debt ceiling and an end to the recent partial government shutdown.

"I would match my voting record against anyone's," McCain told the caller, and I'm seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me a few years from now. I'm seriously giving that a lot of thought. I'm certainly getting a lot of encouragement from our business community," which McCain said was angry at the shutdown and the impact it had on businesses.

Barry Young responded, "If some wild-eyed journalist is listening to this program and runs off and says John McCain announced on the air that he might run for another term in the Senate, that would not be wrong?”

McCain, who will be 80 years old when his current term expires in 2016, replied, "That would not be wrong."

There is no disputing that Senator McCain is a hero of the Vietnam War era, but his time has long since past. In the opinion of this blogger (who, by the way, President Obama says should be ignored), John McCain has become more of the problem in Washington than he has ever been part of the solution. In recent weeks, it has been the “go along to get along” attitude of those like McCain that has proven the Republican Party is in a state of failure and needs a complete overhaul. The Republican Party needs to stand for something besides bowing at the feet of President Obama and the entrenched political ruling class, or it is going to cease to exist.

Sadly because he has such deep pockets and is so entrenched in the Washington system, it will be nearly impossible to defeat McCain. But those of us in Arizona who know what's good for us will certainly make our best effort to remove McCain from the office we believe he no longer deserves to hold.

America is on life support due to many factors, but the largest concern that should be on the mind of every voting American is the out-of-control spending that has taken control of Washington, D.C. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, that and a need to eliminate the entrenched political ruling class on both sides of the aisle are the two largest issues currently facing this nation. Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz may be young and still learning their way, but Washington needs many more “wacko-birds” like them and a lot less John McCain if this nation is going to survive.


mCat said...

I kind of feel the same way about Hatch in Utah. Be done already dude. Your time is over!

Soloman said...

Generally I agree about Hatch. I don't pay quite as close attention since he's not representing me, but he seems to be of the same cloth.. go along to get along, and haven't you been there for like 50 years already, old man? I think we need term limits and age limits.. somewhere between 65-70 is the oldest they need to be, and 2 senate terms is PLENTY!!

Rational Nation USA said...

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