Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extortion, Senate Democrat Style

Tonight some news outlets are reporting that five or six “red state” Senate Democrats are considering breaking ranks with President Obama over the “individual mandate” in Democare. The rumor mill has it that they will ask for a delay of the mandate, at the least for six to eight weeks but possibly up to one year. This is shocking news.. some might even call it extortion on the part of these Senators... considering that just one week ago those who wished to delay the individual mandate were “extortionists,” “anarchists,” were “holding a gun to the head of America,” “had a bomb strapped to their chest.” At least according to President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many others on the left, that was the case... and my apologies to any liberals whose colorful descriptions of “teabaggers” I left out of this list. But I think we get the point.

If this rumor comes to fruition, I hope every news agency (Brian Williams at NBC) that railed against the “extremist right-wing faction” of the Republican Party runs some kind of story explaining how what the Democrats plan to do is EXACTLY what the “extremists” were asking to do just one week ago. After all it was those extremist Republicans all by themselves, with no help from President Obama and Harry Reid (who refused to negotiate on anything), who apparently managed to shut down the entire federal government (even though it was really only about 15%) and attempt to destroy America…

I also hope those networks cover in great detail the voting record of those who are shifting their position for political expediency. I’m not holding my breath, mind you, but I’m hopeful.

If they were in office when Democare was passed (which should include all but Joe Manchin, although I haven't checked each record), I hope the voters in those “red states” vote against each and every one of those shape-shifting Democrats. These Senators are not making this decision because they think it’s the right thing to do; they’re making this decision for political expediency. They’re afraid because the Democare roll-out has been a disaster so far, and at this moment there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They are fearful for their lavish ruling class lifestyle.

Even if a person disagrees with their policies, those Americans who truly want change in Washington should support Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio more than any of these entrenched hypocrites. The same goes for the likes of John McCain, Lindsay Graham and many on the political right. I feel similarly about Senator Bernie Sanders and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as I do about Cruz, Lee and Rubio; at least with those two men I know where they stand, and I know they vote their conscience. They’re respectful and they’re not rhetorical bomb-throwers like President Obama and his cronies. While I may have principled disagreement with their ideology, I respect that they know their values and they stand by them.

Clearly there are many on the right and the left about whom the same cannot be said, and it’s time to start naming names and holding those individuals accountable. The days of the “What difference at this point does it make” politician have come to an end; it’s time for We, The People to take back America.

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