Monday, August 3, 2020

Nightly Reading for August 3, 2020

Every day while I'm at work as I listen to the radio or glance at social media during breaks, I inevitably find a couple or three articles I’m interested in reading. With some days being busier than others, I find myself on the busier days sending an email to myself at home in the effort to pick up on the reading later over dinner. Of course some days are more successful than others… you know that drill, I’m sure.

 But I thought to myself today, “Self, why don’t you just post those links to your blog? That way you’ll be inspired to check the blog later, which may lead you to write more. And even if you don’t write more, you’ll at least be sharing some interesting reading with others. After all, they may not have otherwise seen the articles you see, since the interwebs is a rather expansive place."

It's worth noting that not all the articles I read and will link here are exactly aligned with my thinking. For example, the NYT piece I'm linking today looks like it is rather critical of one of my favorite writer/pundit types - Mollie Hemmingway. But I'm openminded and willing to see what the author has to say in his piece. Maybe it'll show me a side of her I don't necessarily see, or maybe it'll inspire a rebuttal (even if it's no more than a thought exercise and nobody ever reads it).

 So with no further ado… here are tonight’s nightly reading selections. I honestly haven’t made it much further than the first paragraph in any of these at the time I’m posting them here.


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