Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did Sarah Palin Mis-Speak? The Left Is "All We-Weed Up" Over "Our North Korean Allies"

The American political left, also known as the progs, are all "We-weed up" about what they believe was an incredible mis-statement by their nemesis.

It seems that during a discussion with Pat Gray on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, Sarah Palin accidentally said the sentence "Obviously, We've Got To Stand With Our North Korean Allies," but in typical liberal fashion they're taking the statement completely out of context and are only making themselves look more desperate than ever.

You can listen to the entire statement here.

Before the "mis-speak," she was discussing the current administration and whether or not they would have the cajones to sanction North Korea.

Said Palin:

And we're not having a lot of faith that The White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is that North Korea is going to do. So this speaks to a bigger picture here, that certainly scares me, in terms of our national security policies.

In the next sentence she accidentally made the "North Korean allies" statement.

Her policy statement was, while somewhat Neo-con and interventionist in direction, not a sign of stupidity or lack of understanding of world events. That's what the left is playing it up to be, but if you listen carefully you'll realize she just made a very understandable slip, one that anyone could make (except an elitist prog, of course).

At least that's how I see it.

This is, in my opinion, about on par with Obama's "My Muslim Faith" statement, and maybe not even that much of a slip. At least in that case there is at least some hint of conspiratorial evidence to validate the possibility that he is Of course that doesn't make it so, but we can at least point to his upbringing, his father, pictures...

Palin has never shown so much ineptitude that we should believe for one moment that this is worthy of discussion, yet here is the left giving me yet another chance to show off their hypocritical and delusional ways.

The "Africa is a country" thing was debunked, and so has nearly everything else the left has tried to spin. "See Russia from my house" much lately, Sarah? Yeah... that's about what this smear is worth. That one was purely B.S. too, although it sure kick-started the career of (at best) moderately talented Tina Fey.

Contrarily, Sarah Palin has been extremely worthy of praise regarding her position on Bernanke and QE2, Obama's dangerous (if not racist) position on the our immigration policy, and so much more. Funny how "Death Panels" are in the news again, isn't it?

Mrs. Palin may be Facebooking and Tweeting statements that she does not completely generate on her own, but I believe her thoughts and ideas are genuinely hers. Right now Palin is putting forward the thoughts that Americans can relate to and believe in, so much so that in "An exclusive interview with Barbara Walters from the White House," President Obama was asked (and not for the first time recently) about Sarah Palin.

Palin is clearly the antithesis of everything that has happened in The District of Criminals since 2008, and really since 2006 and before if we were to be honest and delve into some of the mistakes and violations of trust committed by the Republican Party over the past decade or so.

Fortunately we have some excellent representatives moving into key committee leadership positions come January. Speaker-to-be John Boehner has clearly received the message that was delivered on November 2nd, and with incumbents like Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Darrell Issa working with freshmen like Alan West, Kristi Noem, and others it appears real change may be on the horizon.

I don't care if Sarah Palin runs for president, but she's got the progs frothing and flailing, and they really just don't know what to do. That in itself is worth the cost of my cable and internet connections, many times over.

Sarah Palin is a huge money-maker for the predominately correct political positions in this nation - conservatism with a good strong streak of Libertarian-like independence and understanding of true individual sovereignty.

And lest we forget, Palin is also quite the thorn in the side of old-school Republicans. She truly is the "Maverick" that John McCain made her out to be. She is not at all McCain-like. He is notorious for "Reaching across the aisle" and comprimising princliple. McCain-Feingold, the failed McCain-Kennedy, the failed McCain-Leiberman; enough said. Contrarily, Palin appears to be grounded in principle, and every time she makes a statement it seems that we learn more about how different her behavior is than the insiders we see on camera from The Hill.

She may have stumped for John McCain as a way of paying him back for bringing her on to the national scene, but she's had next to nothing to do with him since he secured the Republican primary. The indignant behavior by McCain's closet prog daughter (who wants to be just like dear ol' dad, don't you know...) shows exactly how much love has not been lost between the two former running-mates.

If there is one thing Meghan McCain has always done, it's have her Dad's back, so to speak. If he really had much positive to say about Palin, I believe he'd have his daughter shut her trap, but she just keeps on feeding the leftist media's anti-Palin machine with "She's like, so not smart" type commentary, and he doesn't dispute those comments. Remember, John McCain admitted that economics were not his strong suit, just as America was in the beginning of a massive economic shift for the worse.

Remember, McCain was for TARP before he was against it.

McCain's closest associates in The Senate are Joe Leibermann, a hawkish yet rather liberal Democrat, and Lindsay Graham, a man who should declare his membership in the Democrat Party based upon some of the positions he's taken over the not-so-distant past.

Palin seems to learn more quickly than Barack Hussein Obama has (not). While Obama has been jet-setting around the world and playing more golf in the past year than Tiger Woods, Palin has been busy documenting and presenting evidence that she is less arugula and Ivy League, and really more of a fresh Halibut and mountain-climbing sort - and that she can reel in, club, and fillet that halibut herself.

The very idea that Bristol survived so many rounds of Dancing With the Stars and created such an uproar in doing so, speaks volumes about where the mindset of any leftist is these days.

The left is in full "Palin character assassination" mode and is striking out relentlessly. They're essentially throwing things at her and hoping something sticks, regardless of the audacity of the claims.

And this North Korea "misspeak" is a perfect example.

There's a ton of discussion about this at Memeorandum.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey, Government - Get Your Hands Off My Tea Bag!

I'd like to make this as simple as possible.

I typically fly once a year. I fly from Phoenix Sky Harbor to a final destination of Cleveland Hopkins. I fly Southwest Airlines. My flight is typically on Christmas Day, or within a day or two before at most. Southwest Airlines certainly has record of this flight history, and it's likely the government has this information as well.

I have one family member who flies for business. This family member uses one of two major carriers, and their flights can be to the same destination for weeks on end. This person flies out of their home city on Sunday, or perhaps Monday, and their return flight is close to the end of the week - Friday after business, or perhaps Thursday if work is done for the week.

Again - the carriers have this person's flight history on record, and I'd bet every penny I have to my name that our overreaching federal government knows full well about this person's pattern of flying as well.

These are just two simple examples of two Americans who should not be subjected to this ridiculous new governmental intrusion, courtesy of the TSA, which today Rush Limbaugh appropriately named "Tough S#!% America."

There is no reason that upon verification of ID, these two Americans should be subjected to any more than and a simple walk-through of a metal detector and a scan of our carry-on bag. We shouldn't even have to remove our shoes, in my humble opinion.

Blame it on Obama - it's his government now, and his DHS Secretary who is defending this asinine policy.

Blame it on Bush - it was his "progressive" side that allowed him to create this monstrosity of government intrusion called DHS after September 11, 2001.

Democrat, Republican - what's the difference. The bottom line is that this is embarrassing, and a prime example of why the Tea Party exists. Enough damned government, already.

Can't we find professionals who are trained to read patterns of behavior and profile accordingly? What are our former CIA operatives doing with their lives? How about retired police detectives who are trained in interrogation? Do I watch too much NCIS, to the point that I believe we have professionals who are trained to read "tells" in body language? Funny - I can "tell" when my co-workers are telling me a tall-tale, yet we can't competently screen

Profile based on nationality. Sorry - no, I'm not sorry, damn it. It's not the 63-year-old Grandma or the 7-year-old little boy who is going to blow up a plane, and if they are rigged with some device by a cretin who had the audacity to use another soul for their devious plot, their behavior will give them away.

Get real technology. Screw this full-body-image, see your "T&A" scanner crap. Get the type of technology that reads body temperature, and have people trained to understand how they indicate that there is a terrorist in line. With that technology, the people you're going to catch are those who are wired on meth or cocaine, or those who are trying (or being used to try) to blow up a plane. Either way, it's a win-win situation.

It's really simple, and our government is really stupid. And when I say stupid, I mean really, really stupid.

Hell, even I can figure this one out, and I'm just a high-school graduate with a handful of college credits, who makes less than the average government worker. Of course, since I'm not Harvard Law School educated, nobody will take me seriously...

Hey, government - get your hands off my Tea Bag.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Discussion Between George W. Bush And Barack Hussein Obama

From the world of comes a fascinating discussion about current events in Washington, between George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama:

Hat tip to Don Surber.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elections Have Consequences - How Hillary Clinton Represents America As Secretary of State

It is believed by many that President Barack Hussein Obama diminished The Office of The Presidency with his recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It was not just the appearance that was considered beneath The Office; also notorious was the demeanor with which Obama handled himself. At a time in which it was becoming more and more evident that his party was about to suffer great losses, President Obama carried himself with an air of hyper-partisanship. While acceptable within the confines of the left-leaning regular viewership of the Comedy Central hit TV show, his behavior at that time appeared in large part to be a snub to the nation which was about to soundly reject his policies at the polling place.

To be fair, President Obama is in a very stressful position. Not only did he inherit the financial ruin created by and then left behind by George W. Bush, but America is a terrible nation which only gives to "the rich" as it continues to diminish the plight of "the poor." President Obama is struggling in his communication with Americans; it seems we're just not getting the message that every single thing He wishes to do for us... to give to us, the little people... is in our best interests.

Sorry, I got swept up in the White House messaging there for a second.

In quite the contrast to President Obama's seemingly omnipresent cold and calculated demeanor is this recently recorded segment of Australian show The Hamish and Andy Show.

Seriously, President Obama holds what certainly must be the most difficult job in the world. I don't envy him for one second, and it is understandable that he takes issues very seriously these days.

Meanwhile, however, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is jet-setting around the world collecting bags of potato chips and making light of political correctness. Hillary gets to gloat about the strength of America and how powerful she is, while President Obama must stand before camera after camera and give appeasing explanations about America's relationship with the Muslim community.

I must say that I rather enjoyed this interview, and it certainly seems that many times recently as I've seen Mrs. Clinton interviewed, she seems quite at ease and in control of her situation. A woman many of us once thought rather robotic, calculated, and sometimes even callous, she now seems to have a new lease on life. (Maybe it has something to do with all the time on the road and away from Bill?)

One must wonder, in hindsight, if Hillary isn't maybe rather okay with the results of the 2008 Democrat Party primary, after all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Manic Monday - The Left Is Coming Unhinged, And Obama Gets Grilled

One full week, and the first Monday after the mid-term elections, I offer some examples of the manic state of the media, the American left, as well as an amazingly insightful question by a young lady in a "Town Hall" in India.

First, from "Inside Washington," guest Mark Shields of PBS said Sarah Palin's decision to resign as the governor of Alaska without completing her term is "like Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick."

I'm waiting to hear a report about the number of deceased Mrs. Palin left in her wake.

Next, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" admits his political leanings.

Unlike Glenn Beck, who for some reason takes issue with this, I'm glad O'Donnell has come clean and admitted his political leanings. I thought Beck wanted to "Have this debate" between traditional American values and policies versus progressive/liberal/socialist policies, so I don't understand why he takes issue with O'Donnell coming clean.

I think it would be best if all media personalities would step forward and tell us for whom they get tingles... so to speak, of course.

I will credit O'Donnell with his honest commentary regarding the chances of his desired policies being enacted. If only more on the far left would see that they really are the minority.

Next, this from a woman I usually consider at least somewhat rational. Mara Liasson of NPR, as part of the "Sunday Group" on Fox News Sunday, equates Nancy Pelosi to Winston Churchill:

Perhaps she's putting out the extra-firm leftist mantra now, in an effort not to be fired for saying the wrong thing during an appearance on Fox News Channel? Sheesh...

And Finally, a young Indian girl asks the question of our President that, sadly, our own "Fourth Estate" will not.

During a "Town Hall" style event at St. Xavier College, a student inquired:

"Why is Pakistan so important an ally to America, so far as America has never called it a terrorist state?"

President Obama said of the question that it was okay, he knew it was coming. Uh-huh. Sure you did.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post of Note

You gotta read this...

Is Our President In Danger?

I did a post last night, but for some reason nobody that is commenting on that post seems to get the point I was really trying to make.

I must consider the possibility that the reason for this is that I posted a clip of Rachel Maddow, in which she lies and tries to smear Republicans and anyone in the media she considers “Right Wing.” For Miss Maddow, that includes… well, just about everyone.

Unfortunately, media-on-media mud-wrestling seems to grab our attention more these days than the real issues of our time.

Or then again, maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I am a victim of Glenn Beck’s evil fear-mongering, and maybe I too have become a conspiracy theorist. Either way, I’m going to tell you how I feel, because I believe my feelings at this very moment are very worthy of consideration.

Of course, Rachel Maddow will not take interest in anything I have to say, and she’ll tell you that whatever I tell you can’t be true because you saw it “On the internet.”

It’s time to get past the media-on-media mud-wrestling match, that we watch day in and day out, and address an extremely serious and potentially dangerous situation.

I believe that President Obama may be in danger.

Again, to be clear: I believe that President Obama may be in danger. I did not say that our president is in danger, because there is no solid evidence of this whatsoever.

I don’t want to be hyperbolic. After all, I’m only discussing the safety of our president. You can choose to disagree with me completely, and that’s fine. Or, you can think I’m a genius. That’s all up to you.

What I would ask is that you read my words, check out the links I offer to what I consider reliable sources, and come to your own conclusion.

President Obama has just embarked on a ten-day Middle-East and Asian excursion. I don’t know for sure when he left, but I’m guessing Air Force One is in the air already, or has already landed in Mumbai, India? I’m wondering if the cables will break in with live video feeds, as they have done in the past for him and other presidents.

Our President is heading into a hornet’s nest of political and religious instability.

Pakistanis are reportedly upset that President Obama is traveling to India, yet not to their homeland. That’s something to think about. Pakistan seems to be one serious hangout for Jihadists.

Of course, there’s probably not much to worry about; most of them are in hiding on the other side of the nation, which also happens to be beyond a nearly impassable mountain range.

If you believe that, keep kidding yourself. I’m going to keep looking at reality.

Pakistani militants are reportedly upset because they feel President Obama is playing favorites. He is starting his trip in India, and the fact that he is specifically staying at the Taj Hotel is also troublesome to Pakistani government officials, given the fact that the bombing two years ago has been blamed largely on Pakistani militants.

Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons, and they don’t seem like each other much.

I am not a student of events that take place in that region, but I know there is a long-standing disagreement about the division of a territory called Kashmir. It also seems Pakistan's government would like President Obama to intervene in the discussions.

That’s just what we need; to intervene in another perpetual middle-eastern conflict, specifically between Muslims and people of another faith. I can’t imagine radical Jihadists would ever consider using that as motivation for their recruitment. And let's absolutely not look to Israel and the Palestinian Territory as an example of where America's intervention has failed miserably time and time again.

Sometimes America just needs to butt out and let people settle their own differences.

Of course, President Obama need not be in imminent danger. Former CIA agent Mike Baker said today on Glenn Beck’s radio program:

It wouldn't have to be a direct harm to the president. It could be the disruption of the trip. It could be an operation, you know, planned during the course of his visit. Anything like that creates the profile they're looking for.

I know, I know… it was said on Beck’s program, so it can’t be credible…

Speaking of Glenn Beck, did any of you see the 2nd segment of Beck's television show yesterday?

Again, I don't mean to be hyperbolic... but if you have not, you need to watch this episode. I recommend watching it in its entirety, so that you gain complete context. So much of the problem in the news and opinion business relates to context, and how easily it can be distorted by trained professionals.

Here’s Beck’s entire Thursday show, in case you missed it. There are three segments:

For the purpose of this discussion, I’d like to bring your attention to the second clip, beginning at the 6:10 mark.

Everyone is making a big deal about the cost of President Obama’s trip. In my post last night, I showed how Rachel Maddow used Media Matters as her source for information, and tried to make it look like the only discussion on Fox News Channel or from Republican politicians is the cost of President Obama’s India trip.

Not quite…

Watch Glenn’s facial expressions as he suggests that someone… anyone… from the MSM ask a Secret Service connection, “Off the record,” if they are comfortable that everything is buttoned-down and secure for this trip. In my opinion, Beck has clearly spoken with someone who is not comfortable with the arrangements of this trip.

Glenn appears to know at least one Secret Service member who does not believe President Obama will be as safe as he should be, but because the rest of these media types have completely discredited Glenn amongst the uninformed masses and leftist sheep, he knows his word alone is not sufficient to raise red flags.

In fact, there is an article on Media Matters that disparages Beck for exactly what I am discussing here. The piece is called, "Beck still stoking fears about Obama's safety in India: "Now he's taking his children".

It is astounding to me to read the headlines on Media Matters.

While Beck is simply expressing an opinion and offering what he considers sound advice regarding the economy, Media Matters is writing pieces about him entitled, "Beck still stoking fears about Obama's safety in India: "Beck touts investing in food commodities, the gold standard", as if stockpiling food or considering an investment in the most stable commodity on Earth is somehow a bad thing.

If you care to, check out Media Matters' entire page of "fact checks" on Glenn Beck. I think we should all know what the other side of the political aisle has to say, and if you really want to do an "apples / oranges" comparison of ideas, this is a great way to do so.

Knowledge is power.

I hope that Secret Service person I discussed earlier is incorrect, because as this article goes online President Obama has already landed in Germany. Next stop: Mumbai, India.

During Thursday's television show, Glenn told the entire world President Obama's itinerary – exactly as it is planned out.

He’s not giving away any top secret information; as Glenn points out, the President is traveling the same route that has already been planned and canceled two previous times.

Again, according to my interpretation of Glenn Beck’s words and facial expressions, at least one member of the Secret Service is not comfortable with the fact that they have not been allowed to change the itinerary.

You don't suppose al Qaeda knows his schedule??

God forbid President Obama were to be killed, I think Armageddon would ensue. Let's face it, this ain't 1963 anymore.

My friends, whether we like it or not, much of the world seems to believe President Obama is some sort of savior.He is extremely popular overseas, much more so than Stateside.

However, his popularity amongst Muslims is fading fast. As reported by

In an annual poll sponsored by US think tank the Brookings Institution, more than 60 per cent of respondents in half a dozen Arab countries said they had a negative view of Mr Obama and the US while only 20 per cent had a positive view. In April-May 2009, 45 per cent of those polled were positive about him and US policy in the region.

There are just a few Muslims living within the nations through which our president is about to journey.

Friends… regardless of our politics, I know you and I are good people, and we love our country.

We may disagree with President Obama regarding policy, and we may want more than anything in the world to vote him out of office in a fifty-state thumping come 2012, but I would never, ever wish for harm to come to our president.

That’s beneath anyone. I expect you all feel the same, and if you do not, than this blog is not for you.

I know there are a lot of people on the left who literally said they were disappointed when Dick Cheney was not killed in Afghanistan a few years back. I know there were all kinds of bad things said about George W. Bush, including calls for his execution as a war criminal, wishes that he be assassinated, and so on.

I don’t know the true heart of the people who said such evil things, but I know my heart and I know the type of people I associate with… people like you.

We are not that.

Thursday night, Glenn Beck literally begged for the help of the MSM.

Does anyone know... before the Obama family left this morning, did anyone ask exactly why this trip, to these dangerous places, at this time? Anyone?

Here’s a couple of things that are just a little more reason for concern. Just a little more reason, mind you… again, I am only discussing the safety of The President of The United States of America.

America just monetized our debt to the tune of $600 billion, as part of a larger $900 billion dollar plan. Actually, the correct term is “Quantitative Easing,” and the rest of the world is none to thrilled with America for putting the global economy at risk.
As reported by The Associated Press:

The head of China's central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, said on Friday that the U.S. policy should take the world economy into consideration. "If the domestic policy is optimal policy for the United States alone, but at the same time it is not an optimal policy for the world, it may bring a lot of negative impact to the world."

Go ahead. Call Glenn Beck a conspiracy theorist, or a person who uses fear-mongering and hyperbolic rhetoric for ratings.

Call me the same, because I believe everything Beck is putting out there for us to understand is well within the realm of possibility.

Thankfully, America has never had our leader killed on foreign soil. But don't think for one minute that it couldn't happen. We are living in a different era than we have ever seen.

No longer is the question simply convertible top up or down; now the question must become, “Is it not better and safer for everyone if these meetings happen by teleconference?”

If, God forbid, President Obama were to be killed while visiting The Middle East or Muslim Asia, what do you think would happen??

Friday, November 5, 2010

Please Watch This - Glenn Beck Begs For President Obama's Safety And Asks The Mainstream Media For Help

I've got so much more to say about this, but i can't because it's late and I should be sleeping.

If you haven't already seen or heard the second segment of last night's Glenn Beck program, this is very important. Please watch this.

I have posted this at 2:15am because I can't sleep, and I think people need to know about this. This is important.

Our President's life may be at stake.

Share this information - especially Beck's clip - with anyone you can find when you have the chance. If you are connected to media types - watch Beck's clip and use your connections.

Left Coast Rebel I'm talking to you - this is why I sent you a 1-liner email earlier, at around 1:16am because I could not sleep anymore then, than I can now.

The mainstream media must be informed of this, and they must do their job. They must investigate this. Glenn wouldn't pull this for ratings, or he's the stupidest man in the world.

Anyone who watches this clip and has half a brain will get it.

I hate to be so harsh, but this is what it has come to.

Cable news is hyperbolic.

There are people who will say he's doing it for ratings. We know it to be true.

I don't think that's the case this time.

There's a whole other angle to this that I need to speak about also, and it pertains to Restoring Sanity and MSNBC. Take a look at what Rachel Maddow was talking about tonight, as Beck was begging for the safety of President Obama.

Tonight I'm not going to get into the politics of Cable news again... those of you who know, know. Restoring Honor, Restoring Sanity...

I like Jon Stewart, but I think even he'd make the call for Beck as sanity goes, this time around.

Media-on-media sniping, because that's what the left has come to at this moment in time. At least the left that is trying to get ratings, and thinks that Fox News is a bunch of lies.

But the rest of it?

Again, I think this Glenn Beck clip is that important.

Don't let this be about politics, let this be about America. There will be time for the mudslinging another day, as John Boehner implied, but as he also said, it is now time to take care of the business of America.

And I can't think about anything that would be more devastating to America than Our President coming to harm... not to mention the fact that even as we disagree with him politically, he is a family man who has a wife and two daughters.

Our President must be protected.

God help us, we need you right now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

California Dreaming, Or Left Coast Lunacy?

I can't believe California elected Jerry Brown. Again.

Congratulations are in order to Gloria Allred - I suspect her little "Meg Whitman hates brown people" game probably had a lot to do with Moonbeam's reinsertion into the Sacramento Governor's mansion. No need to pay attention to the facts, like that little issue of falsifying one's identity.

Or, in the words of South Park's Officer Barbrady, "Move along, nothing to see here!"

I don't know if Carly Fiorina was the best candidate for Republicans to put forward against Barbara "Call me Senator" Boxer. But had Fiorina been elected, she certainly could not have done any worse than Boxer has over her notorious career.

Boxer's career has seemingly existed for the sole purpose of creating an entire class of citizens, a class defined by their dependency on government and sense of entitlement.

Good, responsible, hard working Californians must be dying inside as they watch their beautiful home state being decimated by people who either don't understand, or just don't care.

These folks.. the entitlement class that is riding the ocean-side government express to nowhere, seem to expect the rest of America to keep supporting them as they live their lives of debauchery, or whatever, it is that they are doing.

California has become a disgrace. That far-off to the west, beautiful promised land that once offered an entire nation such inspiration and hope, has now become shell of its former self.

California is on the precipice of disaster, and is about to become a burden to the rest of America. And the choices made by its residents regarding representation at the State and Federal level indicate that it is about to tumble over the cliff and into the abyss, all the while attempting to pull America over the edge along with it.

Things in California are so bad that even a Black woman with an excellent and very traditional American message could not win, even though she ran for Congress in a district that includes predominately Black populated Compton, and Long Beach, which is populated largely by elitist liberals who likely voted in overwhelming numbers for President Obama almost exclusively due to the color of his skin.

Star Parker, a first-time candidate supported by the Tea Party and running as a Republican, ran against incumbent Liberal Democrat Laura Richardson.

Parker's story is one of self-reliance and perseverance; rising from poverty, drug use and several abortions to eventually find religion, reject welfare, earn a college degree and start her own non-profit organization.

Meanwhile, the incumbent leftist Richardson has been entrenched in scandal regarding multiple properties that she has "allegedly" defaulted on, after taking sub-prime, adjustable rate, no money down mortgages.

Richardson's story is everything that is wrong with America right now. "I want it all, and I want it now. I don't want to pay for it - put it on credit, I'll worry about it later. Uh-oh, I'm having problems... somebody better come fix this for me."

This is what Laura Richardson has done with her life, for at least as long as she has held public office.

Richardson is such a low-down politician that during her first campaign for Congress, she accused her opponent Jenny Oropeza of a poor attendance record in the California Assembly, implying irresponsibility. In fact, Oropeza was battling cancer, and has since succumbed to the disease.

Meanwhile, Parker's story represents the traditional "American Dream." Parker proves that with hard work, persistence, and determination, anyone can elevate themselves from the worst of circumstances to achieve a comfortable living, all independent of government assistance and completely self-reliant.

California is becoming like that drug-addicted son or daughter, the one that keeps getting handouts from Mom or Dad - the parent that does not want to believe the truth and continues to enable their offspring in the belief that it is the loving and right thing to do.

The parent in this situation does not want to admit it, but the problematic child must be left to support itself, or it will never change its troublesome ways.

I believe it is time for America to cut off California. No. More. Bailouts. This really needs to be true for all fifty states; I am making an example of California because it is such a glaring and obvious situation that we face regarding The Golden State, but just as each individual person should be treated equally under the law, each of our sovereign State territories must be treated equally with respect to fiscal responsibility.

Every government entity within America needs to find a way within itself to be self-sufficient. This works both ways; not only should the feds not bail out cities and states, but the federal government must be reigned in and held accountable so that it is able to manage itself in a fiscally responsible manner, so as to not burden or overwhelm the individuals, cities, and states across the nation.

Otherwise, we will soon not be able to properly help the truly sick or otherwise incapable, those who truly need our help. This is truly one of the responsibilities of government - helping those individuals who are truly incapable of providing for themselves.

But when we have the federal government building turtle tunnels under highways, studying 1600's era Peruvian lawsuits, or doing research on the mating habits of cactus bugs, people's personal budgets become burdened to the point that they vote against school levies in local municipalities.

Children then are deprived of important opportunities, such as athletics or art classes. They are also likely to be packed into classrooms like sardines, and given instruction by teachers who can not properly attend to the number of students they are forced to teach.

These children - our future - deserve much better than what the future appears to offer, given our current circumstances. We must change our course, and I believe a perfect example of why we must do so is the once great State of California.

Special hat tip to Opus #6 at American Perspective for her post that links to JimmyZ's page. While none of this information is taken directly from either of these pages, this post was inspired in large part due to the thoughts offered therein.

Also, a shout-out to my long lost brother from Cleveburg...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quote Of The Day

If he (President Obama) would call call John Boehner tonight...

Given the wonderful statement John made last night {Regarding that the election is over, and now it is time to take care of the business of the American people}...

And simply say:

"Let's not negotiate, let's just have coffee and chat for three or four hours. Let's start to get to know each other. Let me tell you my concerns, you tell me your concerns. Let's start over."

And really mean it...

I think that John Boehner, as Speaker of The House...

As a patriot...

Would want to try to be helpful to a president who was open to being helped.

But if all he (President Obama) wants to try to do is what he exhibited today {during his press conference}, he's going to find it's a long, long two years before he leaves.

- Former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As The Night Comes To a Close...

Found the video of that discussion between Matthews and Bachmann that I linked in my previous post.

It's funny.. you may remember, she appeared on Hardball some time ago and made mention that some in Congress should be "investigated" for "Un-American beliefs." It was a classic moment; she got the bloggers on the left all riled up thinking she was off her rocker, and the right thought she was acting the role of a hero, because this aforementioned moment was around the time that all the self-proclaimed Mao worshipers in The White House were being discovered, and Obama "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones was a self-proclaimed Communist and "Truther."

Anyway - here's the embed video:

Tough luck in Nevada tonight... I honestly didn't expect Sharron Angle to win. She wasn't the sharpest candidate, but at least with her, Nevadans knew what they were getting into.

Reid has a powerful backing, and with all the SEIU support due to the casinos which cover most of that state's population, Nevada will forever be an incredibly difficult state for conservatism to break through.

I'm still watching and waiting on Arizona's 7th... according to KPNX Channel 12, Grijalva is up by 2 points with about 60% reporting. We're holding out hope.

Ben Quayle has won Arizona's 3rd. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) of Arizona's 1st has been retired. That's a pretty big deal.

Ed Pastor (D) from Arizona's 4th looks like he's cruising. In Arizona's 8th, it appears Democrat Gabrielle Giffords will maintain her seat. Republicans have picked up at least two in Arizona, as we await the results from the McClung / Grijalva contest, hoping for a third.

Good news from Arizona's 5th - Harry Mitchell (D) indeed got his wish and will be retired, courtesy of his voting record against the desires of Arizonans. I'll bet J. D. Hayworth has a smile on his face tonight...

I'm not surprised, but I am saddened by California's choices in Boxer and Brown. I don't understand why Californians want to go back to Jerry Brown - didn't he do enough damage to the state once before? I know Gloria Allred must be happy, her little trick probably did just enough damage.

And Barbara Boxer... I guess we'll be calling you Senator for six more years, Ma'am.

Congrats to Ohio - I hope John Kasich is all I believe him to be. He seems to be a very decent man, and his passion for his home state is admirable.

Christine O'Donnell.. ah, we hardly knew ya... yet I suspect we'll be hearing from you again. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Just like they suggested for Palin, I'd offer Ms. O'Donnell the advice of some time spent studying, brushing up on her Constitution, and fixing her personal issues so they can't bite her in the backside.

Marco.. Mr. Rubio sure seems like the real deal. If his acceptance speech tonight says anything about the man Florida has just elected, we've certainly got one solid Senator fighting the good fight...

Ladies' Night?

Congratulations to Nikki Haley, the first female Governor of South Carolina!

Michele Bachmann tonight was on MSNBC, discussing the issues while he tries to deal in off-topic, ad hominem nonsense.

I can't find the embed video, but here's a link worth clicking.

And if early returns are any indicator, this is going to be a fantastic night in Arizona's 7th... information courtesy of

U.S. Rep. - Dist. 7
3.1% of Precincts Reporting (8 of 261 Precincts)
Total Number of Votes Percent
14568 61.8
7715 32.8
690 2.9
582 2.5


And in another key race in Arizona, incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick (D) is facing possible retribution for her votes against the American people:

U.S. Rep. - Dist. 1
49.7% of Precincts Reporting (195 of 392 Precincts)
Total Number of Votes Percent
79593 52.8
61219 40.6
10001 6.6


And FNC has just reported New Mexico's new Governor is to be Susana Martinez, the nation's first Latina Governor.

There go those darned Tea Partiers again...

Stay tuned...

Just Some Thoughts... Checking My Sanity

I've done quite a bit of thinking during the recent periods of time I've spent away from the keyboard.

Amongst those thoughts has been the truth of the fact that I don't want to be an ideologue. I do not wish to attach a permanent and unbending "R" to my political ideas, because I believe it is that myopic perspective that hinders growth and real progress in America.

We all should be open to the ideas of those with whom we typically disagree, and we should always be respectful of others, even when they can not behave in the same manner towards us.

Anyone who has read the comments section here on this blog knows I make every effort to uphold this standard; I have had more than one left-leaning commenter here who was less than cordial, yet I've always made the effort to treat them in a way that I believe would make my parents proud.

With this in mind, I came home and watched about 30 minutes of coverage on MSNBC tonight, just to see what type of coverage they would offer.

With their bombastic, immature commentary by the people who are their pundits on a nightly basis, I'm in shock, but sadly not surprised.

This is the same network, mind you, that is praised by the left-leaners who inhabit blogs like Huffington Post and others. I wouldn't care too much about this, except that some people actually take what these "News Anchors" say, and take it seriously.

While the left may disagree with the opinions expressed by the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly, certainly they must see the truth in the fact that when Fox News covers news, they do so with Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Shepherd Smith, and other hosts who are news anchors.

Fox News Channel then adds commentary from the pundits - the commentators, if you will. However, Fox News Channel would never allow Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity to anchor news coverage, and just tonight Bill O'Reilly has already made his appearance - as a guest commenter, not as an anchor.

None of what I have witnessed tonight will make me think any more about locking that "R" in place aside my political identity. Mind you, I said I am shocked, but not surprised. But it certainly does remind me to be very weary of anyone who is proud to attach a "D" next to their own politics, given the source from where it is possible that they gather their information.

And with that said... here's some fresh hot commentary from MSNBC, witnessed within the first 15-30 minutes I turned on the tube...

Chris Matthews, in discussing the Democrat Party's position through the evening?

"Alamo Stance."

And in discussion about the idea that Tea Party candidates like Christine O'Donnell won primaries:

"It's a joke, losing Mike Castle from the Republican Party. It's a joke."

Here, I must disagree. I'd rather know the face of my political opposition, than wonder who is my political opposition and if he exists within our own ranks.

About the Tea Party:

"The Tea Party has clearly been co-opted by the Republican Party."

Actually, this is nothing new - but on Election Night, to have this statement made by your "Anchors?"

Keith Olbermann, describing Rand Paul's margin at approximately 7:30pm EDT:

"Only a six percent plurality for Rand Paul"

Only six percent, mind you. Remember, Rand Paul is the guy MSNBC long ago declared a fringe lunatic, and these same people hosting tonight's election coverage as "news" have pounded the "Aqua-Buddha" theme repeatedly for weeks in an effort to disparage him.

Rachel Maddow:

"The Republicans are the ones who are purging, from the edge. There are plenty of moderate Democrats out there. It's a purge, from the right, and the same thing is not happening on the left."

You know... I see her point, and this fact actually makes me happy. It was stated last night on some show I watched, "That Tail is going to wag the Dog," when it comes to the Freshmen Tea Party candidates being the people who will likely tell the "establishment" what is up in Congress.

I believe that's a good thing. Washington needs to be shaken up. I would rather have a bunch of fresh faces elected every cycle than to have happen what we've witnessed over the past 20 or so years.

And back to Chris Matthews;

"If, growing up, your name was Richard Armey, would you say, 'Call me Dick'"

Very mature, Mr. Matthews. This is the prime-time, full-scale election coverage on the NBC cable news network, the very same that will not have itself compared to Fox News Channel, and you're making "Dick" jokes?

And they're blasting Christine O'Donnell, making fun of Rand Paul, calling Dr. Paul "A genius compared to O'Donnell."

And of course... everybody on the Right who wins tonight is a "Republican, Tea Party candidate."

It's gonna be a long, long night at the Cable version of the Peacock News Network.

Proud To Say...

The Witch, The Bitch, And The Worst Person In The World

So here I am, very late on the night before the big election… throwing in my two cents as if it’s going to make a difference, right?


In fact, by the time I finish this rant and post it, the time will be well past Midnight on the East Coast (in fact, it’s past midnight on the West Coast as I’m wrapping and posting). Most of you probably won’t even read these thoughts until after you’ve cast your ballot; fulfilling your personal effort and civic duty to restore common-sense conservative values across this great land.

But here I am anyway, because while I can freely admit that I've not been the best or most consistent "down the home stretch" political blogger – heck, I’ve pretty much been missing in action - there are some things I’ve witnessed in the media and politics over the past couple of months that I simply must comment on, because if I don’t… well, I guess I wouldn’t comment on them. Duh.

But since I wish to comment on these issues, and since I have a computer and a working internet connection…here I am, commenting.

As an example; ABC News is being blasted with complaint emails for the fact that they plan to have Andrew Breitbart as a guest commenter on an on-line.


I never even knew this was happening until I got an email in my Inbox this morning - from Breitbart's own email blast. Who has the time to pay attention to what guests ABC News plans to have on its online election coverage?

These same people who take issue with Breitbart being on a website panel of pundits believe MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is fair and unbiased and should be the anchor of Meet the Press.

George Soros has a network larger than we may ever understand, and it is a well-oiled and disciplined machine that will take years, if not decades, to dismantle.

But wait... Stop the insanity! Or, restore sanity!

Whatever the message, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert’s attempted mockery of Glenn Beck apparently reached MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann loud and clear.

Like Beck, I don’t honestly believe that Stewart intended to have this rally come across as partisan as his crowd clearly behaved. But then, what are we to expect from a crowd that was, in large part, transported to our nation’s capital at little to no cost by the likes of Arianna Huffington and SEIU?

Due to the words of a comedian, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has officially “suspended” the “Worst Persons in the World” segment of his show “Countdown,” pending review and analysis of what he called “Institutionalized Anger” on his “News Hour.” This comes just one day after Olbermann blasted Stewart for daring to make the comparison between his punditry on MSNBC and similar shows on other networks, specifically Fox News Channel.

In defense of his own program, Olbermann said, “Sticking up for the powerless is not the moral equivalent of sticking up for the powerful.”

Interestingly, standing a hard line of defense for George Soros and all of his interests is now known in some circles as “Sticking up for the powerless.” Duly noted.

There are so many media-on-media stories within just this one story it’s dizzying.

From my point of view, the most concerning should be the fact that the “Mainstream Media” types are all a-flutter over the Comedy Central Clown-Show on the Mall, boasting about what a wonderful message was put forth by our nation’s favorite Cable TV faux pundits.

What the all-knowing journalist-types clearly failed to do back in late August was to look past their own partisan agenda. For had they made even the slightest effort to see the truth beyond their own little myopic worldview, they’d have seen that Beck’s message was just as much (if not more) one of getting past the partisanship and doing what is best for America.

The fact that Olbermann believes he is doing something good by “suspending” this particular segment of his “News Hour” (his description, not mine) is laughable at best. In recent commercials on MSNBC, Olbermann has defended the segment with the claim that its intent is not harmful; it is really put forward with the intent to give a laugh in the midst of all of the turmoil of the news day.

This, of course, is why Olbermann and his staff have felt completely comfortable putting forward (at best) clips for the aforementioned “Worst Persons” segment that have been edited and taken completely out-of-context by the left-wing, George Soros funded Media Matters, in an effort to fuel hatred and distrust of a news agency that has repeatedly been proven to be the most honest and most equally balanced with regards to party representation.

But aside from the clown-show and a bunch of paid phone callers whining about a conservative being granted a voice in the mainstream, perhaps the most unreported yet important story of this election season comes from Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.

Progressive Raul Grijalva, the wonderful Congressman who made a name for himself by calling for a boycott of his own constituents, is in the political fight of his life, which I pray with all my might that he shall lose.

Grijalva’s challenger, a 28-year-old physicist named Ruth McClung, just may be the most principled person to enter the political fray since sometime around the birth of America.

Cast aside as a certain loser by the Republican establishment, McClung fought hard to get her message out. Supported locally and then nationally by Tea Party Patriots, McClung has brought herself to a virtual dead-heat in what appeared to be an un-winnable contest.

And while I have not yet been able to independently verify this, today Glenn Beck stated that McClung refused funds from the GOP establishment. Whether or not that statement by Beck is true, what is undeniable is that this election is indeed the beginning of a new age in American politics.

Well I’ve hardly scraped the surface, but it’s late and I must sleep.

So as you watch the election results come in Tuesday evening, or as you wake up on Wednesday to the shocking news that a “witch” is a Senator-elect in Delaware (hey, anything’s possible!) and a “bitch” (according to Joy Behar) is Senator-elect in Nevada, just remember…

No matter what the injury, Brett Favre will play on Sunday. And when the World Series is on the line, take it from a long-time Cleveland Indians fan - do not, under any circumstances, pitch to Edgar Renteria!