Sunday, October 27, 2013

More of the McSame

On 550 KFYI's “Nearly Famous Barry Young Show” on Tuesday, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain said he's "seriously considering" running for another term when his current one ends three years from now. McCain was responding to a caller who criticized him for breaking from party leadership to support an extension of the nation's debt ceiling and an end to the recent partial government shutdown.

"I would match my voting record against anyone's," McCain told the caller, and I'm seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me a few years from now. I'm seriously giving that a lot of thought. I'm certainly getting a lot of encouragement from our business community," which McCain said was angry at the shutdown and the impact it had on businesses.

Barry Young responded, "If some wild-eyed journalist is listening to this program and runs off and says John McCain announced on the air that he might run for another term in the Senate, that would not be wrong?”

McCain, who will be 80 years old when his current term expires in 2016, replied, "That would not be wrong."

There is no disputing that Senator McCain is a hero of the Vietnam War era, but his time has long since past. In the opinion of this blogger (who, by the way, President Obama says should be ignored), John McCain has become more of the problem in Washington than he has ever been part of the solution. In recent weeks, it has been the “go along to get along” attitude of those like McCain that has proven the Republican Party is in a state of failure and needs a complete overhaul. The Republican Party needs to stand for something besides bowing at the feet of President Obama and the entrenched political ruling class, or it is going to cease to exist.

Sadly because he has such deep pockets and is so entrenched in the Washington system, it will be nearly impossible to defeat McCain. But those of us in Arizona who know what's good for us will certainly make our best effort to remove McCain from the office we believe he no longer deserves to hold.

America is on life support due to many factors, but the largest concern that should be on the mind of every voting American is the out-of-control spending that has taken control of Washington, D.C. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, that and a need to eliminate the entrenched political ruling class on both sides of the aisle are the two largest issues currently facing this nation. Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz may be young and still learning their way, but Washington needs many more “wacko-birds” like them and a lot less John McCain if this nation is going to survive.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extortion, Senate Democrat Style

Tonight some news outlets are reporting that five or six “red state” Senate Democrats are considering breaking ranks with President Obama over the “individual mandate” in Democare. The rumor mill has it that they will ask for a delay of the mandate, at the least for six to eight weeks but possibly up to one year. This is shocking news.. some might even call it extortion on the part of these Senators... considering that just one week ago those who wished to delay the individual mandate were “extortionists,” “anarchists,” were “holding a gun to the head of America,” “had a bomb strapped to their chest.” At least according to President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many others on the left, that was the case... and my apologies to any liberals whose colorful descriptions of “teabaggers” I left out of this list. But I think we get the point.

If this rumor comes to fruition, I hope every news agency (Brian Williams at NBC) that railed against the “extremist right-wing faction” of the Republican Party runs some kind of story explaining how what the Democrats plan to do is EXACTLY what the “extremists” were asking to do just one week ago. After all it was those extremist Republicans all by themselves, with no help from President Obama and Harry Reid (who refused to negotiate on anything), who apparently managed to shut down the entire federal government (even though it was really only about 15%) and attempt to destroy America…

I also hope those networks cover in great detail the voting record of those who are shifting their position for political expediency. I’m not holding my breath, mind you, but I’m hopeful.

If they were in office when Democare was passed (which should include all but Joe Manchin, although I haven't checked each record), I hope the voters in those “red states” vote against each and every one of those shape-shifting Democrats. These Senators are not making this decision because they think it’s the right thing to do; they’re making this decision for political expediency. They’re afraid because the Democare roll-out has been a disaster so far, and at this moment there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They are fearful for their lavish ruling class lifestyle.

Even if a person disagrees with their policies, those Americans who truly want change in Washington should support Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio more than any of these entrenched hypocrites. The same goes for the likes of John McCain, Lindsay Graham and many on the political right. I feel similarly about Senator Bernie Sanders and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as I do about Cruz, Lee and Rubio; at least with those two men I know where they stand, and I know they vote their conscience. They’re respectful and they’re not rhetorical bomb-throwers like President Obama and his cronies. While I may have principled disagreement with their ideology, I respect that they know their values and they stand by them.

Clearly there are many on the right and the left about whom the same cannot be said, and it’s time to start naming names and holding those individuals accountable. The days of the “What difference at this point does it make” politician have come to an end; it’s time for We, The People to take back America.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Civil Discourse, Progressive Style

Remember in January 2011, after Gabriel Giffords was shot, and President Barack Obama urged Americans to tone down their rhetoric and debate “in a way that heals, not a way that wounds?” I wonder if this is what he had in mind...

See the full story here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Opinion From One Anarchist With a Bomb Strapped To My Chest, Or Something...

A friend from a long time ago with whom I’ve recently reconnected through Facebook, tonight posted a link from offering the opportunity to sign a petition. I have sat in front of my computer for the past two hours constructing, deleting and reconstructing a reply to her post, but I will not paste it into the comment box because it will open a can of worms I just don’t need to open. So I am here, to reopen my though process on politics at least on this night, in the forum I have where I know I will not offend even those with whom I might sometimes disagree, so that I may express my opinion on the ridiculousness of the government shutdown and how blame is being assessed.

“I demand that members of Congress NOT get paid during a self-inflicted government shutdown. It is morally reprehensible that hardworking federal employees will stop receiving the paychecks they need to feed their families and pay their mortgages, while Congress still gets paid for refusing to do the job they were elected to do,” said the “Petition Statement” inside a pretty looking box, with a background just a bit brighter and font just a bit larger than the rest of the page. All dressed up to make the good impression, I figure, because below that was the real message behind the madness:

Since October 1st, hundreds of thousands of middle-class federal employees have been furloughed due to irresponsible members of Congress who refuse to govern for the well-being of the American people. The GOP-controlled House of Representatives decided to shut down the government rather than pass a spending bill that funds the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare.” Not only has the President’s signature healthcare law been upheld by the Supreme Court, but it was a major issue in the last presidential election when Republicans were soundly defeated.

These Republican members of Congress -- including California’s own House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy -- are putting the extreme and ideological demands of a small minority over the health of the American economy. And now, federal employees, veterans, and hard-working families will be the ones that have to pay the price. That is unfair and morally reprehensible.

Congress should take responsibility for their own inaction and lose their paychecks until they come to a resolution. Every day this drags on, the more damage it does to everyday Americans and our nation’s fragile economy.

I don’t disagree with the premise that Congress could do better on both sides, but I disagree with's (and much of the lapdog media's) assertion that it’s entirely the GOP’s fault this is happening. The law (Democare/Obamacare) that is at the center of the controversy is not the same law that was passed in 2010. Although barely reported by the media but for a few rare exceptions (evil talk radio and "Faux Snooze"), Democare was the first major legislation in history passed without ANY opposition support. That is pure fact, not Fox spin. Since Democare was passed, President Obama has unilaterally (and therefore illegally) granted multiple special waivers and exemptions for political gain or as political favors. That is not how The Constitution states that laws are altered or amended, although we’re no longer living in a land governed by our own laws, I suppose.

Democare is also WAY over budget; three times what President Obama originally said it would cost to initiate, and ultimately so bad the CBO said it is going to bankrupt us if we don’t get it fixed. And since it is now the controlling set of instructions that regulate our healthcare, and healthcare controls/consumes approximately 1/6 of our economy, Democare is a large part of our budget and the Republicans are completely within their Constitutional authority by attempting to fix it while passing the continuing resolution, which is part of the budget process. Apparently Senator Reid and President Obama didn’t take a high school civics class or they’d stop denigrating the other side for following the law, but I digress…

Every national poll taken by a respectable organization (not MoveOn, TPM or HuffPo for example) has reported that a larger percentage dislike Democare than like it - Google “real clear politics Obamacare” and click the first link if you don’t believe me. In my opinion it’s actually Obama, Reid and the Democrats who are acting like bullies right now by not showing a willingness to at least sit down and discuss the differences; that’s called coming to conference, and again a high school civics class would help Senator Reid understand how that works. But that’s Obama’s America; point the finger at the Republicans and call them names (war on women, don’t want children to have healthcare, want dirty air and water, gun-toting bible thumping flat-earthers), knowing the majority of the media won’t report the truth, and that most Americans are (sadly) too uneducated about our own governmental system to know the difference and too busy being distracted by the Kardashians and American Idol to care.

In closing, if I may… we “teabaggers” as the leftists like Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper and others like to call us… we are not a small minority. We are not extortionists (Carney) or arsonists (Pelosi), we’re not anarchists (Reid) and we don’t have a friggin’ bomb strapped to our chests as senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said. Oh, and some Democrat Congressman said something about a jihad… and then there’s President Obama himself saying something about Republicans and someone having a gun to someone’s head…

That’s the rhetoric coming at American citizens from the liberal leadership in America, simply because we don’t appreciate having a bogus tax shoved down our throats through parliamentary tricks… again, passing major legislation through reconciliation in order to get it done with 59 instead of the usually required 60 votes in the Senate is unprecedented and should never have happened. Remember after Gabby Giffords got shot and Obama gave that speech in which he said we all needed to “tone down the rhetoric?” Where is our President’s criticism of the comments coming from his own side? I thought he was the leader of “All Americans?” Yeah, silly me…

For a more professional breakdown of the facts of this case, Charles Krauthammer has written this excellent piece.