Saturday, December 26, 2009

Notes From The Homeland

Happy Saturday morning to all...

I arrived safely in Cleveland on Thursday night, not for lack of the airlines messing with me a little bit. I had a connection in Chicago at Midway. My flight from Phoenix was delayed by about 45 minutes (something about air traffic control in San Fransisco), and my layover at Midway was to be about the same length of time. Uh-oh...

Needless to say, when we landed at Midway I was off the plane in no time and looking at the monitor (smart Soloman sat in the first row aisle seat, gotta love 'A' boarding group on Southwest). We arrived at gate C-something way up the concourse... maybe 11? and I had to get to gate A-9 where the monitor said flight 618 to Cleveland was already boarding. Crap.

Carl Lewis I am not, suffice it to say. It must be nearly half a mile from C-whatever I was at to A-9, or at least it sure felt like it. People were turning and looking at the crazy guy huffing and puffing his way through the airport, running somewhat flat-footed I'm sure as my shoes are more walking than running style. Of course none of the moving sidewalks were working, so I couldn't gain any headway by way of mechanical assistance.

I got to A-9 as they were still boarding, though - woohoo!! I asked which group was currently boarding, and a man responded "B-group." "Oh," I replied, "I have A-group, I wonder if they'll still let me on." (I can laugh at that question now). Needless to say, I was a bit out of sorts...

So I'm huffing and puffing as I walk down the ramp-thing onto the plane, as the same guy was nice enough to let me in line in front of him. He asked if I was coming from a connecting flight, I told my brief story and he said back to me "Well, you may be needing oxygen soon, but at least you made it!" Little did I know...

I laughed.. and then as the line stopped for a moment I grabbed the handrail and had a nice head-spin. He wasn't too far off.

I found a burning at the bottom of my lungs I have not felt in about ten years, and have decided that since yesterday was my official one year anniversary of quitting smoking, this year I'd add a new anniversary - exercise. I'm cutting myself some slack as I'm on vacation here, but I definitely will be starting a new routine when I get home.

Now - want to laugh at me? (That's easy!) There was a mom with her two teenage daughters on the same flight out of Phoenix, and they came walking on board flight 618 looking just as relaxed as could be. Oh well... I gained a lesson from the experience. I'm out of shape... I guess I needed to know that.

All the family's yet to arrive, but I'm enjoying my visit thus far, just as I would have expected. Uncle Soloman gets to become a guitar teacher over the holiday, as Santa brought one of my nieces a pretty purple guitar - just the color she wanted! Amazing, that Santa guy...

Our guitar player in waiting is determined that she'll be a pro by the time I go home. Oh, the life lesson she is in for. I love the concept of guitar playing, it taught me an unbelievable amount of patience, and honestly helped me grow as a person. Immensely.

We had three 'lessons' last night (a lesson lasts about 5 or 10 minutes before her fingertips start to hurt) and I have already been informed that we will be spending a great deal of time on more lessons.

I, of course, am more than happy to oblige. It will be great fun to impart some knowledge, and most important to share some time.

Things in life can certainly happen in interesting ways. Before I left Phoenix, I was debating whether or not to post a "Friday Night Video" ahead of schedule. I opted not. However, I did spend some time on YouTube in the process of the debate, and one of the songs I thought about posting was by U2.

As I came in to use my Mom's computer this morning, I looked at the top of her desk area, and she has a card - business-sized - in a little stand. It reads "He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."

So one day late - my Friday Night Video I might have posted. One of my all-time favorite U2 songs, taken from one of my all time favorite concert videos,"Live at Red Rocks."

'40.' Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

From Me To You...

I don't know how much more I'll be posting before Christmas and New Years Day, and even a few days after. Come Thursday morning, I'm leaving on a jet plane... lol... and my bags will fly free too!

I'm off to Cleveland, Ohio - home of my family, and a wonderful, relaxing time, I expect. While I have been following politics as of late there's no surprise in the leftists owning the destruction of America, so I've kinda kept quiet about it. Come next year, though... look out, world!!!

To all of you - in case I don't get to your place to say it, I hope you hear it here... Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

Enjoy family and friends, there's nothing more important in the world than those we love, and this year we all need to make our time with them extra special.

Until next time... I leave you with this image from my Christmas last year, and the knowledge that I'll be having many happy returns this year! God Bless..

Rudolph Rocks...

Courtesy of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, from the album Merry Axemas.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Videos: Hubert Sumlin and Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Hubert Sumlin is one of the Blues' all-time great guitarists. Most prominently known for his work with Howlin' Wolf, Sumlin has had a career that has influenced many modern greats including Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and many more - including his co-performer in this clip; Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Nearly twenty years ago at the age of thirteen, Kenny Wayne Shepherd was touted as "The next Stevie Ray Vaughan." He was signed to a professional recording contract shortly thereafter and has been making great music ever since. His album Trouble Is... had six singles and holds the record for the longest stay on the Billboard Blues chart. Additionally, Fender Musical Instruments Corp. has a signature Stratocaster designed by Shepherd.

Offered in the clip are two Howlin' Wolf classic songs performed by Hubert Sumlin and The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - blues standard Sittin' on Top of the World, and Highway 49. Taking the vocals for the end of the set is Noah Hunt, the vocalist for The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band.

Tiger Woods: Role Model

It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students have turned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All the
children are restless and the teacher decides to have an early

Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly can
leave early today."

Little Johnny says to himself "Good, I want to get outta here. I'm smart and will answer the question."

Teacher: "Who said 'Four Score and Seven Years Ago'?"

Before Johnny can open his mouth, Susie says, "Abraham Lincoln."

Teacher: "That's right Susie, you can go home."

Johnny is mad that Susie answered the question first.

Teacher: "Who said 'I Have a Dream'?"

Before Johnny can open his mouth, Mary says, "Martin Luther King."

Teacher: "That's right Mary, you can go."

Johnny is even madder than before.

Teacher: "Who said 'Ask not, what your country can do for you'?"

Before Johnny can open his mouth, Nancy says, "John F. Kennedy."

Teacher: "That's right Nancy , you may also leave."

Johnny is boiling mad that he has not been able to answer to any of the

When the teacher turns her back Johnny says, "I wish these bitches would
keep their mouths shut!"

The teacher turns around: "NOW WHO SAID THAT?"


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Muddy Water Turned To Wine...

From ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago.

A story about Chicago radio station WLS, which on a clear night could be heard all the way to Texas, and "all points in between."

Happy 60th Birthday, Billy Gibbons. You guys rock.

White House Plays Politics With National Security

The Weekly Standard today has reported that according to an aide to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, The White House has threatened the Senator in an effort to get him to "fall in line."

According to this  aide, the White House is threatening to put Nebraska's Offutt Air Force Base on the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) list if Nelson doesn't fall into line and vote yea on the Dingy Harry Reid Hates America Act of 2009. According to the source, this is a "naked effort by Rahm Emanuel and the White House to extort Nelson's vote." They are "threatening to close a base vital to national security for what?" asked the Senate staffer.

Offutt Air Force Base employs some 10,000 military and federal employees in Southeastern Nebraska. Additionally, Offutt is the headquarters for US Strategic Command, the successor to Strategic Air Command, and not by accident. STRATCOM was located in the middle of the country for strategic reasons.

The closure of Offutt Air Force Base would be a massive blow to the economy of the state of Nebraska, and it would also be another example of this administration playing politics with our national security.

Read the Weekly Standard piece here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Federal Employees Owe $3 Billion In Unpaid Taxes

Recently I pointed out that the federal government is paying people an exorbitant amount of money as compared to the private sector. Now I bring you the happy news that at a time when the White House is projecting the largest deficit in the nation's history, Uncle Sam is trying to recover billions of dollars in unpaid taxes from its own employees.

Federal workers owe more than $3 billion in income taxes they failed to pay in 2008. According to Internal Revenue Service documents, 276,300 federal employees and retirees owe $3,042,200,000.

The IRS tracks the voluntary compliance rate of federal employees and retirees each year, and each year feds come up short. The one bright spot in this year's report is that after several years of a steady increase, the amount owed by feds is down from the previous year.

Federal employees and retirees owed $3,586,784,725 in unpaid income taxes in 2007.

The IRS documents show delinquent employees from nearly every federal agency with more than 25 employees. Based on percentages, the Department of The Treasury, which includes the IRS, has the best compliance rate. Fewer than 1 percent of Treasury employees didn't pay their taxes in 2008.

The IRS is the only federal agency where employees can be fired for not paying their taxes. The non-compliance rate for IRS employees in 2008 was 0.76 percent -- down from 0.89 percent in 2007.

The agency with the most tax scofflaws is the U.S. Postal Service, with 28,913 employees who owe $297,933,756. But that is still a dramatic improvement from 2007 when more than 54,000 employees owed more than $407 million.

Feel free to read more about the government mismanagement of its own payroll and lack of ability to discipline its own employees here.

An Inconvenient Truth

There are many kinds of truth. Al Gore was poleaxed by an inconvenient one yesterday.

The former US Vice-President, who became an unlikely figurehead for the green movement after narrating the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, became entangled in a new climate change “spin” row.

Mr Gore, speaking at the Copenhagen climate change summit, stated the latest research showed that the Arctic could be completely ice-free in five years.

In his speech, Mr Gore told the conference: “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

However, the climatologist whose work Mr Gore was relying upon dropped the former Vice-President in the water with an icy blast.

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr Maslowski said. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

Mr Gore’s office later admitted that the 75 per cent figure was one used by Dr Maslowksi as a “ballpark figure” several years ago in a conversation with Mr Gore.

The embarrassing error cast another shadow over the conference after the controversy over the hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, which appeared to suggest that scientists had manipulated data to strengthen their argument that human activities were causing global warming.

Read more here...

Take A Message

I'm Busy.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Needs More Boob Belt!

I'm so much on board with this one...

Random Thoughts

My Aunt sent me these... I thought you'd enjoy them, I know I did.

Random Thoughts

I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer's history when you die.

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was a child.

There is great need for a sarcasm font.

How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

Was learning cursive really necessary?

Map Quest needs to start their directions on line #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my own neighborhood.

Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.

I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.

Bad decisions make good stories.

You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again.

I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to the ten-page paper that I swear I did not make any changes to.

"Do not machine wash or tumble dry" means I will never wash this -- ever.

I hate it when I miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Damn it!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and then goes to voicemail. What did you do after I didn't answer? Drop the phone and run away?

I hate leaving my house confident and looking good and then not seeing anyone of importance the entire day. What a waste.

I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.

My 4-year old son asked me in the car the other day "Dad what would happen if you ran over a ninja?" How the heck do I respond to that?

I think the freezer deserves a light as well.

I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday night or Saturday night more kisses begin with Miller Lite than Kay.

The Breath Of Life

You would not hear this in Copenhagen or any leftist gathering where they're trying to tax us for having a lifestyle that is the reward of our nation's centuries of hard work and experimentation.

This is stuff I learned in high-school biology class. Why do the leftists think we're so damned stupid??

Hat tip to Odie at Woodsterman.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Night Videos: Adam Sandler

To all my Jewish friends and relatives - Happy Hanukkah!

Friday Night Videos: Mötley Crüe

Happy Birthday to Nikki Sixx, who turned 51 years young today. Glad you made it.

Recession-Proof Jobs!

It seems I am in the wrong industry. I work for a small private company that builds components (mostly gaskets) for the aerospace industry and our military.

I may have to consider my choice of workplace, however, if a recent USA Today story is any indication of where the lucrative work is to be found.

From the article:

Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession's first 18 months — and that's before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

[...] Key reasons for the boom in six-figure salaries:

•Pay hikes. Then-president Bush recommended — and Congress approved — across-the-board raises of 3% in January 2008 and 3.9% in January 2009. President Obama has recommended 2% pay raises in January 2010, the smallest since 1975. Most federal workers also get longevity pay hikes — called steps — that average 1.5% per year.

New pay system. Congress created a new National Security Personnel System for the Defense Department to reward merit, in addition to the across-the-board increases. The merit raises, which started in January 2008, were larger than expected and rewarded high-ranking employees. In October, Congress voted to end the new pay scale by 2012.

•Pay caps eased. Many top civil servants are prohibited from making more than an agency's leader. But if Congress lifts the boss' salary, others get raises, too. When the Federal Aviation Administration chief's salary rose, nearly 1,700 employees' had their salaries lifted above $170,000, too.

While this article clearly attempts to pin blame on Bush and make Obama appear to be the hero (see first key reason listed) there is no doubt Bush's recommendations were based on current economic conditions at the time. If Obama were to have used the same type of logic, he would have put a freeze on any raises.

In my opinion the most interesting point of fact is that the current recession began at the end of 2007, which indicates that the Democratically controlled Congress had the most impact on the decisions that were made leading to these results.

You can read the full USA Today article here.

Friday Night Videos: Happy Ramahanukwanzmas!

Since he played it today and reminded me of it...

From The Glenn Beck Program, circa 2003. Happy Ramahanukwanzmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HillBuzz Reviews Sarah Palin in "Historical Moments in Time"

The Boyz at HillBuzz have recently posted about a magazine called "Historical Moments in Time," which recently did an expose on Sarah Palin.

You may remember that HillBuzz recently thanked George W. and Laura Bush for their service to America, noting specifically the selflessness of the former First Couple as they gave hours of themselves to the families at Ft. Hood during the immediate aftermath of the terrorist shooting. In that same post they also thanked former Vice President Dick Cheney, and openly admitted that they railed against Bush and Cheney in 2000 and had come to realize the error of their ways.

In this post, they write start off letting us know:

"We’ve only seen this thing out three times so far: once for Dr. Utopia, once for Sarah Palin when she was made the VP nominee, and now for Palin as a presidential candidate for 2012."

Dr. Utopia, I've come to learn, is a pet name some on the left (and perhaps others?) have bestowed upon Barack Hussein Obama.

They go on to describe their impressions of the article, with statements such as:

"There are bits on the Tea Party movement, an article on Palin choosing to have her undercover angel Trig knowing he had Downs, Palin’s support for the troops, then an entire section showing Palin as a world leader, in very Margaret Thatcher-esque poses."

They close with respect and humor, stating:

"If you can, get a copy…we’re sure there’s one in the White House with the teeth all blacked in and making the circles as a joke. Probably the “intellectuals” there now are putting it on their chairs, farting on it, and laughing and laughing, high-fiving each other like frat animals. Let them keep doing that.

"Because there sure isn’t any magazine about Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist, Jon Huntsman, or Tim Pawlenty being passed around."

I found their review very intriguing and respectful. I can't say that I know any better, but if I were to guess I might be inclined to believe that the HillBuzz Boys are fans of Mrs. Sarah Palin.

Please check out the HillBuzz post here, and a tip of the hat to five feet of fury for the link.

Leftist Lunacy Moment

Today's Leftist Lunacy moment is brought to you by one of my favorite dunderheads on the left - (Call me) Senator Barbara Boxer of California. Listen as she attempts to equate abortion privacy rights to the purchase of Viagra.

She's so scattered in her thinking she can't even get her story straight.. she's discussing private funds in an attempt to support a bill that is all about taxpayer dollars, and that's just the tip of the iceberg here.

Enjoy. Laugh. Repeat as desired. This one's sure to become a classic.

An interesting update - Cliff at Another Black Conservative has an audio clip up of Sen. Diane Feinstein (the other genius from California) posted, in which she describes why taxpayer dollars should be used to fund abortions.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Say Yes To This Health Care Proposal

Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana's Fourth Congressional District has a proposal about the health care debate that I believe we can all agree upon.

Fleming is asking anyone who will take just a couple of minutes (less if you use Google toolbar's AutoFill function) to "Express Your Opinion." After providing your name, address, and email address, you will be asked one simple question:

"Do you feel Members of Congress should be forced to enroll themselves in the health care plan they vote for?"

Your choices are a simple yes or no, and there is a check-box where you may choose to receive his ENewsletter.

Check it out here.

Let Freedom Ring!

Fellow blogger Steve the Lightning Man at Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity brings great news!

Last Friday, I posted a video clip and commented on a situation in Richmond, Virginia where Colonel Van T. Barfoot, a retired Army veteran of three wars received a request from his homeowners association to remove his 21-foot flagpole from his yard and was being threatened with litigation if he did not abide by their request.

It seems common sense has won a great victory, as Americans have rallied around this patriot and the homeowners association has dropped their request and backed away from threats.

For more information check out this Fox News story.

Congratulations, Colonel Barfoot!

Dingy Harry Doubles Down on Slavery Comments

The Hill's Blog Briefing Room is reporting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday defended his remarks from Monday comparing congressional Republican opposition to healthcare to the 19th-century debate over slavery, accusing his GOP critics of "distorting" his intent.

"At pivotal points in American history, the tactics of distortion and delay have certainly been present," Reid said. "They've certainly been used to stop progress. That's what we're talking about here. That's what's happening here. It's very clear. That's the point I made — no more, no less. Anyone who willingly distorts my comments is only proving my point."

Reid on Monday said Republicans were displaying the same mindset as those who defended slavery.

“If you think you’ve heard these same excuses before, you’re right,” Reid said. “When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.’ ”

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele suggested Democrats should strip Reid of his leadership position if he does not apologize for the comments, but Senate Democrats on Tuesday defended him. Democratic Conference Secretary Patty Murray (Wash.) said there was no discussion of the topic within the caucus and no talk of a Reid apology.

Senator Reid - the only one distorting things is you.

Those who do not support your massive Dingy Harry Reid Hates America Act of 2009 are fully aware that Americans will be enslaved by the government should your bill pass. Therefore it is you who wishes to reinvent slavery, 21st century style.

You and your "Progressive" comrades (and I say that Soviet-Style, you betcha!) should have the ability
to organize your Democrats and get your sixty votes you need to shove this thing down our throats, yet you are such an incompetent leader you couldn't sell diesel fuel to a trucker.

We Americans see right through your name-calling and understand that what you are trying to do is add to your already bloated bankroll so that you may pay more favors to the likes of SEIU and ACORN for "getting out the vote" for you.

We Americans understand that you wish to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and that if you have "free" health care to offer these illegals, they will instantly be persuaded en masse to vote for you and your ilk who wish to keep them and others sucking on the government teat.

And most of all, we Americans understand that it is completely illegal for the federal government to force us to purchase anything, and believe me when I tell you that if you somehow ram this bill down our throats, you will be voted out on your ass (which may very well happen anyway).

Senator Reid, we Americans will not stand for this Socialism you wish to impart on America.

The Silver Lining? Senate Rejects Anti-Abortion Amendment

The Senate on Tuesday rejected an effort by abortion opponents to tighten restrictions in the health care overhaul bill on taxpayer dollars for the procedure, but it was unlikely to be the last word on the divisive issue.

By a vote of 54-45, the Senate sidetracked an amendment by Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah that would ban any insurance plan getting taxpayer dollars from offering abortion coverage. The restrictions mirrored provisions in the House-passed health care bill.

The Senate bill currently allows insurance plans to cover abortions, but requires that they can only be paid for with private money. The legislation calls for insurance plans that would receive federal subsidies in a new insurance marketplace to strictly separate public funds from private dollars that would be used to pay for abortion.

"As our bill currently reads, no insurance plan in the new marketplace, whether private or public, would be allowed to use public funds for abortion," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

The Senate vote -- hailed as a victory by abortion rights supporters -- could complicate prospects for President Barack Obama's health overhaul.

It's unclear whether Reid can pass his bill without the votes of Democratic abortion opponents. Seven Democrats supported the stiffer restrictions, while two Republicans -- Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe-- voted with the Democrats. In the House, anti-abortion Democrats have threatened to vote against any final bill that dilutes the restrictions already approved in their bill.

Abortion opponents say the restrictions simply extend current federal laws that prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. But abortion rights supporters said the restrictions would have the effect of denying women coverage for a legal medical procedure already covered by many insurance plans, even if they use their own money.

"This amendment would place an unprecedented restriction on a woman's right to use her own money to purchase insurance coverage that includes abortion," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

But Nelson called the separation of funds in the bill an accounting gimmick. "The reality is federal funds would help buy coverage that includes abortion," he said.

The vote came as Senate Democrats remained at odds on the issue of creating a new government insurance plan -- with time running out to pass Obama's health care remake by Christmas.


Picture credit to Bluegrass Pundit.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dingy Harry Reid Is At It Again

Mr. "This war is lost" has done it again.

This time he has declared that those who oppose health care reform are akin to those who opposed Women's Suffrage and the abolition of slavery, as seen in this clip:

Notice Dingy Harry discusses "There were those" and "Some Senators" when talking about Women's Suffrage and the abolition of slavery. What he does not want Americans to recall is that it was a conservative Lincoln of the Republican party who led the nation to end slavery, and the 66th Congress in 1920 was controlled by Republicans when Women's Suffrage was passed.

From The Hill Blog Briefing Room:

Three Republican senators on Monday condemned Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) comments that Republicans who oppose healthcare reform are akin to the opponents of abolition and women's suffrage.

"Folks tend to crack under pressure," said Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) at a press conference. "It is an indication of desperation."

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said he was "personally offended" by the remarks that were "beneath the dignity of the Majority Leader...and the Senate."

Senate Republican Policy Committee chairman John Thune (S.D.) called the comments "inflammatory and irresponsible."

Left Coast Rebel also expresses some opinions on the subject, including a link to The Other McCain that discusses how the raaaaacist (always five A's) card is always the first and last refuge of left-wing scoundrels, as well as some information about the anti-Reid sentiment growing in Nevada. The Conservative Lady also has a post on the subject, including an excellent video discussing the history of raaaaacism in America.

Robin Roberts Displays Journalistic Integrity

Notice in the following clip the extreme integrity of ABC host Robin Roberts as she toes the line for Barack Hussein Obama and his "historic" achievement of ruining America.

It is little wonder the American electorate is so uneducated, with morons like this woman getting a (very well paid) platform. Seems to me there's another former sports anchor on a cable network spewing the same crap.

I like sports, can I have a show? At least America might get the truth for a change, instead of talks about $1 trillion "historic" events that will be the demise of our personal sovereignty!!!


Ass-Hat Jailed For Throwing Tomatoes at Palin

Fox 9 in Bloomington, MN is reporting that man was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing on Monday at the Mall of America.

Jeremy Olson, 33, allegedly threw two tomatoes from the second balcony, however did not come close to hitting Palin.

Bloomington Police report that Bloomington Commander Mark Stehlik was struck in the face with one of the tomatoes and may face charges for assaulting a police officer. Olson was booked at the Bloomington jail. He was arrested for suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct.

More than 1,000 people turned out at the Mall of America Rotunda on Monday for Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" book signing.

Palin started signing books at noon for those brave enough to wait in a long line that started around 5 a.m.

Those hoping to get their copy of "Going Rogue" signed on Monday must come prepared. According to MOA organizers, you must have a mall-issued wristband, which requires a copy of the book purchased from Barnes and Noble or a Barnes and Noble receipt proving your purchase. "Going Rogue" sold more than 700,000 copies in its first week, outpacing President Barack Obama's 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope," which sold fewer than 100,000 first-week copies and Hilary Clinton's 2003 book "Living History," which sold roughly 600,000 copies. Palin recently passed the 1,000,000 book mark and has sat atop the New York Times bestseller list for two weeks.

Full story here.

Fringe left commentary here, courtesy of Huffington Post.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Rick Hendrick is an extremely wealthy man. He could retire today and go live on an island somewhere and never have to think about the rest of the world.

Instead, he maintains his position as the active owner of his chain of automobile dealerships, as well as his focus on a 25 year career as an owner of a NASCAR operation that currently fields four teams.

This year Hendrick Motorsports (HMS) took the first, second, and third positions in the Sprint Cup Series, which is NASCAR's top level of competition - an unprecedented achievement. Additionally, his team that operates the #48 won an unprecedented fourth straight championship, during an era that is statistically more competitive than any in NASCAR history.

HMS has won nine championships in its 25 year existence, for a total of 36 percent. There are four drivers in NASCAR history with four or more championships; HMS has had two of those four driving for it, and they have been with HMS for their entire Cup careers. One of these drivers, Jeff Gordon, is considered one of the all-time greatest in NASCAR history and is said to have singlehandedly taken NASCAR from a regional sport to a national phenomenon. The other, Jimmie Johnson, is Jeff Gordon's personal choice to drive a car of which Gordon owns a percentage, and while Johnson does not always receive the same respect from fans and media today, he is very respected amongst the ranks of current and past stars of the sport.

Rick Hendrick is a NASCAR owner amongst names such as Joe Gibbs of NFL fame, Jack Rousch of Ford Mustang lore, Roger Penske who has had great success in Indy car racing as well as auto dealerships of his own, and the man NASCAR calls "The King" - Richard Petty. When a Roger Penske owned team won the Daytona 500 in 2008 - his first ever victory in "The Great American Race" - Rick Hendrick came down to victory lane and gave him an "H" hat... Penske said it was as much an honor to receive that hat as it was a thrill to win that race.

Yet for all the successes that Mr. H has enjoyed financially and on the race track, those are not the means by which he is recognized amongst his peers. Every team owner, driver, crew member, and NASCAR representative to a man will tell you that what they admire most about Rick Hendrick is his humility and his decency as a person, as well as his desire to help others succeed.

This clip is from the 2009 NASCAR awards banquet, at which Hendrick was given a ceremonial award named after the founder of NASCAR. What impressed me most was his humility throughout the speech, especially toward the end of the speech as he comments about our troops and his personal experiences in Israel.

Rick Hendrick exemplifies what all of NASCAR strives to represent, and his example is one from which we can all learn.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Night Videos: Mahna Mahna

I was in tears I laughed so hard when I watched this one the other day as it came up on YouTube in the "related videos" box. Talk about bringing back childhood memories!

There's quite a bit of history behind this clip... check out the Wikipedia entry here.

From The Muppet Show, Season 1 Episode 1... Mahna Mahna and his backup singers The Snowths. Enjoy!

Entry Level Socialism?

I'm not a homeowner, but I can assure you that if the day ever arrives that I purchase a home I will absolutely not but a house in a place where there is a homeowner's association.

Crap like what this video speaks of is (in my humble opinion) entry level socialism. Homeowners associations strive to create ultimate sameness amongst their residents. Everyone can only do what the organization says, individualism is not acceptable. Ruling from the top down. I could go on, but you get the point.

Those of you who live in such housing tracts, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Do I have it completely wrong? Is there some hidden benefit to living in a place that you pay so that they may tell you that you can not have a flagpole in your front yard?

I get it that you won't have neighbors with scraggly looking lawns, and that the redneck next door can't keep his old Chevy up on bricks.. so maybe I'm a redneck, because in my opinion, that's part of Americana...


Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Far We Have Come

This is a transcript (edited slightly for ease of reading) from The Glenn Beck Radio Show. Further down the post you will find an accompanying audio clip.

Any red text is part of the transcript that must have been clipped from the audio in order to meet the YouTube ten-minute limit. Additionally, after the audio clip is the continuation of the clip that was clipped due to time constraints.

I will add two points that I have submitted to Glenn's program, as he is asking for any additions we Americans can offer.

"If I told you millions of Americans would be referred to as a sexual slang term by a handful of celebrities who have made their entire living off the backs of those Americans, as well as members of the 'mainstream media' would you believe me?"

"That the Barack Obama would receive a Nobel Peace Prize during not just his term, but his first year in office."

If you have ideas to add and would like to participate, do so here.

If you are interested in more information about these and other items of national security concern, please see my sidebar to the right of this post, where you will find a wonderful list of blogs created by Patriots who for the past year have been documenting issues exactly like those you are about to read.

If I would have told you last year at this time that the government would own General Motors, Chrysler, and many of the banks and financial institutions and AIG, that they would fire the CEOs, that they would threaten the banks that they would shut them down unless they would take that (TARP) money, that they would hire good people for places like AIG and pay them a dollar to fix the problem - a dollar a year, these people would volunteer; but they would also promise them (the government would) bonuses if they would just work for that dollar a year to fix the problem...

When that year came up, they would not only not give them that bonus, they would vilify them, send their minions out to protest in front of their homes for even wanting the bonus that they were asked.. er.. that they were promised by the government and then people in Washington would then set out to have a specific tax drawn up just for those people, would you have believed it?

Not only would they take over GM and fire the first guy - the president (Obama) would fire a CEO - but then the second individual that they put in place of the first guy... he would be fired... and the guy they replaced, this is the third now person under Barack Obama's term, the third CEO of General Motors. No one in the media would report that that guy is the man who helped Rahm Emanuel make $16 million in one deal.

If I told you a year ago, which I did, you won't recognize the country, you will not recognize America a year from now, I said that a year ago; if I would have told you instead that there would be a 9/11 "Truther," a guy who said the United States government blew up those buildings, a self avowed communist, a guy who... a guy who is speaking in prison...anti-cop... who defended a guy who point blank shot a cop in the head, if I said he would be a high level advisor to the president of the United States, would you believe it?

If I said the president would come out in a speech and say I have absolutely no information but the cops acted stupidly because they caught a friend of the president appearing to break into his own home...

The cops didn't act stupidly, they just did their job - and the president would never apologize, instead he would invite them all for a beer summit and use it as a "learning experience about diversity," would you have believed it?

If I would have told you instead of saying you won't recognize this country a year from now, if I instead told you I'm (Glenn Beck) going to be on the cover of Time magazine, would you have believed it? That I'm going to be one of the ten most fascinating people in 2009, you've got to ask yourself what the hell happened to this country.

If I would have told you instead that the most frequent visitor of the White House, over the Secretary of State and everybody else, is a labor union president who has repeatedly said "Workers of the world unite,"

and "We know we've got a lot of illegal members, illegal aliens in our membership," and who chief guy said, "Yeah, but we also represent American workers," that he would be the most frequent visitor at the White House, would you have believed it?

That the president of the EU would say that 2009 was the year of establishing a global government through the EU and that the climate change treaty would be the next step in one world government, that there would be a call for the end of the dollar as the world's reserve currency by several massive countries, and that the leader of Russia would hold up a coin in front of the cameras and say "Here's a prototype of the new global currency;" that in government‑structured bailouts, bondholders would lose their legal status and their investments in favor of labor union payoffs and the courts would say, "Hmmm, yeah, okay."

That you could lose your home and property through eminent domain, and eminent domain would expand in staggering ways.

That California would decide to levy a 10% tax on its people and insist it's not a tax; it's just a "forced loan." That they would issue IOU's instead of tax refunds.

That New York would say by the end of the year they would be broke. That New York would issue retroactive taxes; that a tax fund for the poorest of Americans would not really be a tax refund. Instead those poorest of Americans would find out many months later that they had to pay income tax on that tax refund.

If I told you that the symbol of capitalism, the Empire State building, would be lit in colors of communist China, would you have believed me?

That the (AlGore) hockey stick chart would be discredited as would its founder along with another leader of the global climate change movement who manipulated data, that they deleted e-mails and information to avoid Freedom of Information Act.

That these same scientists would do everything they could to discredit the peer review process to make sure it remained pure for their ideological purposes, and yet the media wouldn't report on it - and we'd still be headed to Copenhagen with a president who was going to present a 17% reduction in carbon for our country...

That our science czar, John Holdren, our science czar would be someone who called for forced abortions and sterilization through the drinking water, who said that the redistribution of wealth would be necessary and it would happen through the environmental movement.

That the diversity czar at the FCC... if I just told you a year ago there would be a diversity czar at the FCC, would you have believed me?

That the diversity czar at the FCC would say Americans have to decide soon which Americans would have to step down from their positions in order to give others a chance, that this same man said the revolution in Venezuela was incredible and that we should model our FCC and our programs after Venezuela and the revolution.

That the U.S. would have a two-day summit to discuss the role of government in journalism and be discussing a government takeover of journalism - and that no journalist would actually report on that.

That they would hold a job summit and not invite the Chamber of Commerce.

That two uninvited people could get into the White House state dinner, chat with the president, be near the prime minister of the largest democracy on the planet (India) and that the response from the White House would be, "Yeah, we need to do a better job with security."

That a U.S. congressman would tell the American people that it's unreasonable to expect people in congress to read bills, and he would say that because our Congress would pass two bills over 1,000 pages, that no one in Congress had read. One of them was over 2,000 pages.

That a job creating stimulus bill would be written, not read by Congress but not even written by Congress. It would be co-written by the Apollo Alliance, a special interest group whose New York chief was a co-founder of the Weather Underground and no one would care!

That people in Congress would openly be praising Castro, Chavez, that the president would receive an... if I said to you a year ago, "You know what's going to happen next year: The president is going to receive an anti-American book and a photo op from Hugo Chavez and then he would have a one-hour private meeting with Vladimir Putin where Vladimir Putin, quoting, "would teach the president the history of the Cold War."

That our president would give an iPod of his speeches to the queen of England.

That he would send the bust of Winston Churchill, which was a gift from the people of England... when the prime minister came over that our president would say to him, hey, by the way thanks, but you can take this back to him now... and the prime minister would say to him, no, no, no, that was a gift from the people of England to you and you can keep it in one of your museums; we gave it to you on September 11th.

"No, no, that's okay..." and box it up and ship it back!

If I told you that there would be hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in a true grassroots event in a National Mall in D.C. and the media would not only dismiss them but the government, the president and the media would deem them a danger to the United States...

That health care would be at 36% approval rating, which is lower than Hillary Care but that those in Congress and the White House would still be jamming it down your throats.

That the chief of the treasury who oversees the IRS cheated on his taxes as would almost everyone else in the cabinet.

If I told you a year ago when gold was about $800 an ounce that it would be at $1200 an ounce, would you have believed it?

That Dubai, which a year ago was bailing out our banks - would be on the edge of bankruptcy.

If I told you we're going to lose 4 million jobs and the media would report that the White House has created or saved a million jobs even though in their evidence you have to find their evidence on a $20 million redesigned website where it would show that a good portion of these jobs were in about 400 districts that don't even exist.

If I told you that, would you have believed it? Looking at that list, do you recognize the country that you live in? Is this the same country that you lived in a year ago today? I don't think so. I don't recognize it.

If I would have told you that there would be a Muslim terrorist and that he would shoot and kill soldiers at Fort Hood, would you have believed it? If I told you then that, yes, the president will make a statement but he will spend two minutes prior to giving a shoutout and talking about the conference he had with the American Indian, would you have believed it? If I then told you after that two minutes he would then say then, oh, and also there's been a shooting of our military but let's not jump to conclusions. And then his Homeland Security director would be over in the Middle East and she would say, don't worry, we're working on things to stop the violence against Muslims in America, would you have believed it?

I can be wrong on an awful lot of things and I have been wrong on an awful lot of things. But when will people in this country, when will the media at least say, gosh, it looks like the direction of our country and the one this guy keeps laying out, gee, some of those things seem to be happening.

When will anyone in the media even notice how far we have come?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Time For Choosing

Why can't we have more of this...

Instead of this?

In one sentence he tells 30K including those in this photo opportunity that they will be sent off to Afghanistan, and in the very next sentence he tells these very same brave people that they only have 18 months to get it right, because come Hell or High Water, they're coming home.

We have sold our souls to the Devil in a blue suit and a teleprompter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bush Shoe Thrower Gets Taste Of Own Medicine

NPR is reporting that Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi television reporter who became infamous for throwing his shoes at former President George W. Bush last December, was himself the target of a copycat shoe-thrower during an appearance in Paris.

As reported by Agence France Presse:

Television reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi was in Paris to promote his campaign for the "victims of the US occupation in Iraq" when a fellow Iraqi critic turned the tables on him, shouting: "Here's another shoe for you."
The thickset man with an Iraqi accent made a brief speech in Arabic during the question and answer session, defending US policy and accusing Zaidi of "working for dictatorship in Iraq," before throwing his shoe.
The missile was thrown hard at Zaidi's head, but he managed to dodge it and it bounced harmlessly off a curtain erected behind the speakers by the event's hosts, the Foreign Press Welcome Centre in Paris.
Zaidi's brother grappled with and slapped the man, whom witnesses later described as an asylum-seeker they know only as "Khayat", before venue staff and bystanders separated them and the aggressor was hustled away.
"When I used this method, it was against the occupation. I did not use it against a compatriot," Zaidi complained. "I always knew the occupier and his lackeys would stop at nothing to get to me."

Stand Up Guy Huckabee Explains Clemmons Pardon

I don't know if he's the right person to be our next president, although I know he would be an excellent and thoughtful Commander-in-Chief for our Armed Forces and he does generally believe in free market principles and Capitalism.

Some believe he "pandered" a bit during the 2008 Republican primary regarding smoking legislation and immigration reform; I think his position on smoking is fine where it is, and regarding illegal immigration, he's generally been correct since he left the State House in Arkansas. If he pandered, that's in the past.

However, since we're not holding elections anytime soon those are not the hot topics surrounding Governor Huckabee; cop killer Maurice Clemmons is.

Clemmons was convicted of burglary and theft in Arkansas, and had his sentence commuted by Huckabee. Sometime after that he was paroled. He violated his parole and was supposed to be re-incarcerated, but the prosecutors in the case failed to file paperwork in a proper fashion and Clemmon's case was dismissed.

Just like that, a future cop-killer was allowed out on the streets, and now Mike Huckabee is the target of blame from both sides of the political aisle.

I for one am here to call B.S. on those who wish to pin this on Huckabee.

There are, as reported by Bill O'Reilly in the attached video clip, two judges in Washington state who should have held Clemmons without bail at a recent hearing, especially had they considered the facts that they were to consider: Clemmons was charged with (and bail was being set for) eight felonies, including the rape of a 12 year-old child, and they chose to set bail at $150K, and Clemmons arranged bail through a bail bondsman which required securities of a mere $15K.

Eight felonies. Clemmons was facing charges that would have led to life imprisonment, and somehow two judges managed to set and approve bail that ultimately cost him less than the price of most new cars.

Do you think perhaps at the moment he posted bail Clemmons might have begun thinking about what to do with his few remaining days of freedom?

Political know-it-all types from the left and right are now blaming Huckabee for the end result of his commuting the sentence of a man who was a teenager at the time he was charged for much more simple crimes. Mind you I do not believe any crime is simple, but Huckabee had absolutely no way of knowing that a man guilty of burglary and theft would eventually slaughter four police officers in cold blood.

Thankfully Clemmons was shot dead Tuesday morning by an officer who was investigating reports of a stolen vehicle. Two judges in the state of Washington, however, should have had the foresight to understand the consequences of their lack of responsibility, for if they had four police officers might be home for Christmas.

Obama Over Charlie Brown? The End is Near

There are few things in life that are certain: the proverbial "death and taxes," the Yankees in the World Series, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The idea that Barack Hussein Obama has ousted "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on ABC's schedule for tonight indicates to me that the end of the world must be near.

Actually, there is reason to give thanks - until Obama plans his next narcissism presentation, ABC has slotted Charlie Brown in for next week.